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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Apprenticeships Mark Bennington Operations Director Employer Based Training

Rathbone Training • National Youth Organisation and Third Sector Provider • Part of the Newcastle College Group of Companies • 700 staff working throughout the UK • 70+ Centres • Service streams: – – – –

Youth Engagement Pre 16 Foundation Learning Work Based Learning (Apprenticeships)

Rathbone – Work Based Learning • Apprenticeships, England, Scotland and Wales Employer Training Division • • •

£6 million national delivery contract (England) 425 apprenticeships 16-18 1200 apprenticeships 19+

95 FTE Staff • Management Team • Employer Engagement Officers • Field based delivery Staff; Tutor/Assessor/Verifiers • Pastoral Support

Apprenticeships • The government’s main skills funding offer to employers, young people and adults • Deliver work skills and transferable skills • Apprentices: – Earn more over their lifetime – Are less likely to be out of work – Are more likely to find another job following unemployment

Rathbone – Work Based Learning •

9 Strategic partners; extending geographical boundaries and providing specialist and niche frameworks

Strong presence in the North West – – – – – – – – – –

Business Administration Customer Service Team Leading Childcare Health and Social Care Motor Vehicle Hospitality and catering Youth Work Managing Volunteers Fundraising

Founding Member of the Fair Train Group Training Association

Fair Train The Group Training Association of Third Sector Employers and Providers

What is Fair Train? • A Members’ Association for the Third Sector – Employer Forum, – Training Providers Forum

• Working to help its members get the benefits from the apprenticeship programme and other government funding opportunities.

What Does Fair Train do? • Promote the interests of Third Sector Employers in apprenticeships • Contract with funding agencies on behalf of TS employers • Select and oversee Fair Train Providers • Work with employers to recruit, train and receive funding for apprentices – and later other funding streams

Practical Help • Help employers access and benefit from apprenticeship programmes • Support in the recruitment of an apprentice • Provide access to a ‘preferred provider’ • Manage the administration, quality assurance and audit requirements of government funding In an open, fair and transparent relationship

The Fair Train Principles • To: – Place employers’ long term training needs first – Be open and transparent about government funding we draw down – Devote as much of the funding as possible to training, minimising administration costs as far as possible – Act and report upon any complaint received by Fair Train from an employer.

Employers’ Forum – Why Join • To benefit directly from: – Apprenticeship Funding – Advice and guidance on Apprenticeships – Regular ebulletin • To Steer Fair Train • To influence policy on Apprenticeships – e.g. volunteers and apprenticeships; programme led apprenticeships; pre-apprenticeships; new frameworks www.fairtrain.org

Progress To Date • 320+ apprentices in 100+ Third Sector organisations • 240 Fair Train Employer members • Developed (in conjunction with Skills Third Sector) of 3 new Sector Specific Advanced level Frameworks Fundraising/Managing Volunteers/Campaigning

Provider Development • One of the targets was the development of an additional 5 Third Sector providers to become preferred providers – ‘For the Sector by the Sector’ • All have been subject to due diligence checks and rigorous vetting • Existing providers are: – – – –

Rathbone London Learning Consortium Enable The Via Partnership (June 2012)

Contact Details: Mark Bennington – Operations Director [email protected] 07793 837536 Candice Langley – Regional Operations Manager [email protected] 07824 692564 Tom Watson – Fair Train Membership Secretary [email protected] www.rathboneuk.org www.fairtrain.org

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