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Ashland Univer sity Greek Life Nichelle Shuck , Emily Yoder, and Eric Young


Nichelle Shuck – Alpha Phi (Ashland University)

Emily Yoder – Alpha Delta Pi (University of Mount Union)

Eric Young - Alpha Tau Omega (Bowling Green)

PRESENTATION GOALS To help AU Greek students have a better understanding of:  Gender roles, stereotypes, and expectations played out in society  How the media helps support these stereotypes  How Greek Life (fraternities and sororities) can create “hyper masculine” and “hyper feminine” environments that can perpetuate gender stereotypes.  Why Greek member should care and take action (individually, chapter-wide, and campus wide) to break down these gender stereotypes


• Suicide is currently the second most common cause of death among college students • Males account for 5 to 10 percent of bulimia and anorexia cases. • 40% of college students admit to knowing about hazing activities • 29% of Greek leaders are concerned with the overuse of alcohol during pledge activities • About 3% of American men — or 1 in 33 — have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

DEFINING GENDER  a set of two or more grammatical categories into which the nouns of certain languages are divided, sometimes but not necessarily corresponding to the sex of the referent when animate.  any of the categories, such as masculine, feminine, neuter, or common, within such a set

 informal: the state of being male, female, or neuter  informal: all the member of one sex – the female gender.

C o l l i n s E n g l i s h D i c t io n a r y – C o m p l ete a n d u n a b r i d g e d 1 0 t h e d i t i o n . ( 2 01 2 , M a r c h 1 1 ) . R et r i eve d f r o m h t t p : / / d i c t io n a r y.r e fe r e n c e .c o m / b r ows e / G e n d e r.

DEFINING GENDER - MEDICALLY  The sex of an individual, male or female, based on reproductive anatomy.  Sexual identity, especially in relation to society or culture.

T h e A m e r i c a n H e r i t a g e – S te d m a n ’s M e d i c a l D i c t i o n a r y. ( 2 01 2 , M a r c h 1 1 ) . Ret r i ev e d f r o m h t t p : / / d ic t i o n ar y. r efe r e n c e .c o m / b row s e / G en d er.

DEFINING GENDER - CULTURALLY  A grammatical category indicating the sex, or lack of sex, of nouns and pronouns.  The three genders are masculine, feminine, and neuter. He is a masculine pronoun; She is a feminine pronoun; it is a neuter pronoun.  Nouns are classified by gender according to the gender of the pronoun that can substitute for them.  In English, gender is directly indicated only by pronouns.

T h e A m e r i c a n H e r i t a g e – N ew D i c t io n a r y o f C u l t ur a l L i te r a c y, 3 r d E d i t i o n . ( 2 01 2 , M a r c h 1 1 ) . Ret r i ev e d f r o m h t t p : / / d i ct i o n a r y. r e fe r e n c e .c o m/ b row s e / G e n d e r.


Evans, N. J., Forney, D. S., Guido, F. M., Patton, L. D., & Renn, K. A. (2010). Student development in college: theory, research, and practice. (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass A Wiley Imprint.


Evans, N. J., Forney, D. S., Guido, F. M., Patton, L. D., & Renn, K. A. (2010). Student development in college: theory, research, and practice. (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass A Wiley Imprint.






 MissRepresentation

GREEK GENDER IN THE MEDIA  Male focus – Beta House

 Female focus – Sorority Row

GREEK GENDER ROLES  Each group will get “What People Think I Do” Stereotype

 Your Group has and have 5 -8 minutes to fill-out the each square  Discuss the following questions:  How does what society think about Greek Life support gender stereotypes?  How does what society think about Greek Life and gender roles affect you, your chapter, and the AU Greek community?

Stereotypes – What People Think I Do Activity

RESEARCH BASED RESULTS OF STEREOT YPES PLAYED OUT IN GREEK LIFE COMMUNITIES  Drout and Corsoro - Greek organization members were more likely to put the blame of hazing incidents on the system rather than to look at it as individual choices (2003).  “Research shows that members of college fraternities and sororities drink more heavily and typically suf fer more alcohol related consequences than other students…” (Fairlie, DeJong, Stevenson, Lavigne, & Wood, 2010, p. 87)  Students who joined Greek organizations their first semester of college had a lower grade point average than those who did not (Debard, Lake, & Binder, 2006).

TAKE ACTION – OPENING SKIT A brother of an AU fraternity recently chose to deactivate due to the harsh words that brothers would use to describe other brothers and women, specifically sorority women. His brothers could not understand why this mattered so much to him but that’s because they didn’t know his past. When he would bring this up to his brothers, the bullying would only intensify and he would be harassed even more. The brothers didn’t understand what the big deal was and figured he knew they were only joking. However, If only the bothers would of understood how close the ex -member was to taking his own life because he couldn’t take the words they used to address him and the way they treated him.

TAKE ACTION - GROUP SCENARIO How would you address YOUR SPECIFIC AUDIENCE How would you respond to the situation when addressing the specific audience ? What resources (campus and community) do you know of ? How would this affect your chapter ? How would this affect the AU Greek community?

LET’S GO BACK TO OUR SHARED VALUES D e l t a Z et a - To t h e wo rl d, I pro m i se te m pe ra nc e a n d insight a n d courage , To crusade for justice , To s e e k t h e t rut h a n d de fe n d i t a l way s; To t h o s e w h o m my l i fe m ay to uc h i n s l ig ht m e a sure… P h i M u - To ke e p o ur l i ves g e n t le, m e rc i ful a n d j us t , Thus being true to the womanhood of love . To wa l k i n t h e way o f h o n o r, g ua rdi n g t h e puri t y o f o ur t h o ug h t s a n d de e ds . Being steadfast in ever y duty small or large … Al ph a P h i - I be l i eve i n i t a s a s h rin e o f i n te rn at ion al s i ste rh ood w h e re in I m ay fi n d l ove a n d l oya lt y, s y m pat hy a n d un de r s t an din g, i n s pirat ion a n d o ppo r t un i t y. I be l i eve i n i t a s a creator of good citizenship , h e l ping m e to do my wo rk we l l , to live in harmony with others … Al ph a D e l t a P i - I B E LIE V E t h a t o ur m ot to , “ We Live For Each Other , ” ex pre s ses t h e t rue s pi rit o f fra te rn i t y … I B E LIE V E t h a t t h e pri v ilege o f m e m ber ship i n Al ph a D e l t a P i bri n g s t h e re s po n sibilit y to do my be s t i n w h a tever I un de r t a ke , a l way s re m e m bering t h a t leadership requires confidence tempered with humility and courage blended with tolerance . . .

LET’S GO BACK TO OUR SHARED VALUES Tau Kappa Epsilon- To Believe in the life based upon integrity, justice, sincerity, patience, moderation, culture, and challenge in order to serve as a responsible, mature member of society… Phi Delta Theta – Phi Delta Theta was organized with three principle objectives: The cultivation of friendship among its members, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture, and the attainment personally of a high standard of morality. Phi Kappa Psi - I believe that I am honor bound to strengthen my character and deepen my integrity; to counsel and guide my Brothers who stray from their obligations; to respect and emulate my Brothers who practice moderation in their manners and morals


REFERENCES D e B a r d , R . , L a k e , T. , & B i n d e r, R . S . ( 2 0 0 6 ) . G r e e k s a n d g r a d e s : T h e F i r s t - Ye a r E x p e r i e n c e . N A S PA J o u r n a l , 4 3 ( 1 ) , 5 6 - 6 8 . R e t r i e v e d f r o m : h t t p : / / w w w. n a s p a . o r g Drout, C. E., & Corsoro, C. L. (2003). Attitudes toward fraternity hazing among fraternity members, sorority members, and non-Greek students. Social Behavior & Personality: An I n t e r n a t i o n a l J o u r n a l , 3 1 , 5 3 5 - 5 4 3 . R e t r i e v e d f r o m : h t t p : / / w w w. s b p - j o u r n a l . c o m / F a i r l i e , A . M . , D e J o h n g , W. , S t e v e n s o n , J , F. , L a v i g n e , A . M . , & Wo o d , M . D . ( 2 0 1 0 ) . F r a t e r n i t y a n d sorority leaders and members: A comparison of alcohol use, attitudes, and policy awareness. American

Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 36, 187-193. doi:


CONTACT INFORMATION Nichelle Shuck, CWRU Greek Life Assistant for Leadership [email protected]

Emily Yoder, CWRU Greek Life Assistant for Ritual [email protected]

Eric Young, Resident Director; Graduate Assistant in the Of fice of Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education [email protected] @EricRYoung

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