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You Say, We Play • One person will come to the front. • You (the callers), will try to get the person at the front to say the key term that appears behind their backs. You are not allowed to use the key term. • DWUmVFGRY

Arthur Birling


Gerald Croft


Objectives By the end of today’s lesson you will be able to:

Recap the main characters and themes in An Inspector Calls.

ATTITUDES TO THE LOWER CLASS: To this character, Eva was...


At the start of the play, this character was:

cheap labour

keen to be knighted to cement his hard-fought rise to the upper class

someone who could be fired out of spite

happy spending a lot of time in expensive shops

a mistress who could be discarded at will

prepared to marry Sheila, despite her lower social position

easy sex at the end of a drunken night out

awkward about his 'publicschool-and-Varsity' life

a presumptuous upstart

socially superior to her husband, and embarrassed at his gaffes

April 1912

Sept 1910

Remember Mapping the Plot?

R.I.P Eva Smith





Action Motivation

Mar 1912


Arthur Sybil Sheila Eric Gerald





Jan 1911 Motivation Consequence Motivation


Dec 1911

Sept 1911


Eva Smith’s Diary • Inspector Goole tells the Birling family that he has found Eva Smith’s diary. Write diary entries for the critical periods of Eva’s life between 1910 and 1912. Take into account not only the events that are revealed during the play but also Eva’s state of mind and her changing moods.

What’s her role in the play? Eva Smith/Daisy Renton represents the lower class, in the same way the Birlings represent the upper-middle class. Their treatment of her is a comment on the whole of society at the time.

Eva Smith/Daisy Renton • As we never ever see this character in the play itself, can she be described as a character at all? • Is she even the same girl? • Why doesn’t Priestly give rher a voice? • Why does the inspector hide the photo?

Eva Smith’s Diary • • • • • • • • •

Choose a date from the list below, and create a diary entry. August 1910: Birling’s employees return from the summer holidays and ask for a pay rise. End of September 1910: Eva Smith sacked – along with four or five others. December, 1910: Eva Smith started at Milwards. End of January, 1911: Customer complained about Eva. Beginning February, 1911: Eva Smith sacked from Millwards. Eva changed her name to Daisy Renton. March 1911: Gerald meets Daisy Renton. They meet again two nights later. The affair begins. September 1911: The affair with Gerald ends first week of September. Daisy Renton went away to a seaside place for about two months. November 1911: Eric meets Daisy Renton. Meets her a second time two weeks later. Their relationship begins. Spring 1912: Meeting of the interviewing committee of the Brumley Women’s Charity Organisation two weeks before the play opens.

Review – Just a minute – – – – – –

Gerald Arthur Sheila Sybil Eric Society

• You need to talk for as long as you can about how each is responsible for the death of Eva Smith without repeating or hesitating. When you run out of things to say, repeat or hesitate, next speaker goes. The challenge is to talk for one minute solidly. You get a ten Positive Points for quotations.

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