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May 9, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Europe (1815-1915), Industrial Revolution
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Honors World History Final Review Guide – Semester 2 Late Middle Ages Changes to society Commercial Revolution Three-Field System Guilds Vernacular Burghers

Scholastics Thomas Aquinas Battle of Hastings Evolution of gov’t in England Evolution of gov’t in France Mongols

Great Schism John Wycliffe and Jan Hus Black Death Hundred Years War Joan of Arc

Renaissance Birthplace of Renaissance Medici Family Humanism Secularism Patron of the arts

Renaissance Man v. Woman Renaissance v. Medieval Art Artists of the Renaissance Niccoló Machiavelli Shakespeare

Christian Humanism Erasmus and Thomas More Printing Press

Reformation Problems in the Church Causes of the Reformation Martin Luther Political consequences of Luther’s actions

Peace of Augsburg Henry VIII Anglican Church Spanish Armada Calvinism/Presbyterianism

Predestination Anabaptists Catholic Reformation Council of Trent Jesuits

Exploration Reasons for exploration Technology Prince Henry Dias/De Gama Treaty of Tordesillas Trans-Atlantic Slavery

East India Companies Trading empires in Asia Christopher Columbus Aztecs and Incas Cortes and Pizarro Joint-Stock Company

Mestizo Encomienda System North American colonies Triangle Trade Columbian Exchange Mercantilism

Absolutism Characteristics of absolutism Causes of absolutism Philip II of Spain Cardinal Richelieu Louis XIV Intendants Edict of Nantes

Thirty Years War English Civil War Oliver Cromwell Constitutional Monarchy Habeas Corpus Restoration Glorious Revolution

English Bill of Rights Frederick the Great Maria Theresa Ivan the Terrible Peter the Great

Scientific Method Philosophes & their core beliefs Salons Social Contract Hobbes/Locke/Rousseau Montesquieu

Voltaire Beccaria Wollstonecraft Diderot Baroque v. Neoclassical art Enlightened Despots

Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment Heliocentric v. Geocentric Medieval v. New ways of thinking Copernicus/Galileo/Kepler Newton/Boyle Descartes/Bacon Vesalius Areas of discovery/inventions

French Revolution Causes of the Revolution Old Regime (including social order) Estates-General Legislative bodies and forms of government Political Spectrum

Tennis Court Oath Storming of the Bastille Great Fear Declaration of Rights of Man Émigrés/Sans-culottes Jacobins

Reign of Terror Rise of Napoleon Reforms made by Napoleon Napoleon’s empire Three Costly Mistakes Congress of Vienna

Industrial Revolution Definition Enclosures Crop Rotation Why Great Britain? Factors of Production Improvements in transportation Textile industry

Effects of railroads Urbanization & its effects Class tensions Positive/negative effects Adam Smith Laissez Faire Karl Marx/Engels

Socialism Communism Utilitarianism Utopianism Collective bargaining Spread of IR to other countries Reform movement

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