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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: N/A
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Math 51 – Pre-Algebra First Day … MrV (David Vandewater) Enrollment details Volunteer Note-Taker Needed: Take lecture notes for DSPS students to use.  Overview of the Syllabus Responsibilities: 1. clearly written lecture notes during class meetings, then Take MrV’s Website and Blackboard 2. Scan the notes as a PDF, send the notes to me for distribution.  What will it take to pass this course? Rewards: Upon successful completion of this semester-long activity, you will… - Get Priority Class Registration privilege next semester  Testing Rules and Homework Teams - Receive up to 20 extra credit points in this class - Feel great that you were able to help others succeed in this class  In-class exercise: your first Some note-takers claim that their Start own grade improved duehomework to this commitment. If more than one student volunteers, I will review the notes after class and select  Homework Format the note-taker; a backup volunteer may also be selected. 

(notes can be scanned in the DSPS Office; they need to be distributed the same day that they are taken)

I will ask for volunteers in a few minutes…

Overview of the Syllabus  

Tonight: Read it carefully, take it seriously Details the class objectives, resources, behavior, drop criteria, grading, schedule & assignments Acts as a contract between teacher & student 

Your grade: 

What I plan to give you What you have to do to get it 10% Homework/Quizzes 70% Tests 20% Final Exam

Absent for a test? Take it in the LRC before next class.

Class Webpages and Blackboard 

My Website gives you access to the updated Syllabus, which has links to Assignments, PowerPoints, Handouts and Current Grades. Blackboard will only have links to my website Activate your student My MSJC e-mail so that I can contact you if class needs to be cancelled A look at My Website:

What will it take to pass this course? It’s a 3 credit class with a lot of homework   

     

Be willing to CHANGE: Use new work habits and study skills Focus – work hard starting TODAY Don’t miss classes – Absence is a killer Do daily written homework on time – Practice is key Arrive in class a few minutes before it starts; I take roll at 3:30 sharp Take notes on my presentation – mostly I use textbook examples Work class exercises with me… and put them in your notes If you “don’t get it”, Ask Questions If you failed 051 before or your basic arithmetic skills are rusty:  

Try walk-in help in the Learning Resource Center, Building 800 ground floor: Student ID Required! Hours Mon-Thurs 9am-2pm, 4pm-7pm and Fri 9am-Noon Ask the LRC for individual tutoring, or consider hiring a paid tutor

Insist that disruptions by other students be stopped

Get a Textbook Right Away !

(New textbook for Fall ‘12)

Your textbook is PreAlgebra 6th edition by Bittinger/Ellenbogen/Johnson ISBN13: 978-0-321-73154-8. The MSJC MVC bookstore has a specially priced value package containing the textbook and a MathXL access code (which we will not use). Cost new: $137 +tax. If you use an outside vendor to buy a new or used book: - It MUST BE the 6th edition with the above ISBN. - Make sure you receive it by the 3rd day of class. An E-Text version can be rented for 180 days for $72, but you need to have a suitable PC or tablet to use it. Classroom WI-FI access is not guaranteed. Free trial: (does not have access to all exercises)

Why you need your own textbook   

Those who don’t buy their own textbook usually fail/drop The Library and the LRC do not have copies Homework:  

Easier Note-taking: 

Less writing. Board Examples are from the text (but DO the exercises)

In Case of Absence: 

42 different assignments (one or two almost every day) All are handed in for grading (part of your grade)

Self-study the Textbook Examples before doing the homework

When Having Difficulty:  

Review any topics at any time at home/school Bring to the LRC in support of your questions

Instructor Absence and Optional Activities 

Instructor Absence… (when I’m sick or otherwise unavailable)  

You can get together with one or two other students to form your own Homework Team.   

If a test is scheduled (and I can’t get a proctor), it will be postponed one class day. Instead, self-study the next day’s text sections and do its assignments. Not a test day? Self-study the day’s text sections, do its assignments. Use the classroom as study room / workshop. Volunteer leaders can do some problems on the board. Sign a roster before you leave.

Optimal size: 3 students Try to have a range of skill levels Take turns explaining how to do HW problems

Trouble with a difficult concept or with homework?  

Re-read the textbook section and look at the examples in your notes. Go to the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and get walk-in help from an Assistant (they call them “Tutors”)

Highlights - from your Syllabus

Important Student Responsibilities

Get the right edition (6th) of the text before the 1st HW Pack submission Hand in Homework Packages on time; otherwise receive reduced or no credit. Follow class rules concerning phone or other distractions.

All Tests count toward your grade.

When absent for a Test: Take the test in the LRC before class meets again, or get a 0 grade. Only one makeup Test can be taken in the LRC, without penalty. Each additional LRC Test will have a 10% penalty. If no longer attending, Drop this class yourself. (otherwise an F or D is certain) I would appreciate a courtesy e-mail when long absences occur. Read the entire Syllabus.

 

 

Now for some Math… 

Before today’s lesson, we’ll discuss your first homework assignment 1A, and look at formatting and scoring it. Making The Most Of Your HW After that, we’ll review some of Chapter 1, which covers most Math50 Concepts & Skills. You can earn a little extra credit… We will complete the review in our next class session. I am assuming that you already understand most Whole Number arithmetic rules. If not, you will find it useful to review sections 1.1-1.9 before our next class.

Plan on two columns of exercises

Your Score is the number of completely correct exercises


In the upper-right corner: Put your name, and the complete assignment

Put in descriptions that appear for groups of exercises

Show borrows and carries and work steps, even if you can do it in your head.

Always include the original exercises that are in the textbook

Check answers in the back of the text, then circle correct answers. Correct any wrong work and answers.


Mark incomplete or uncorrected exercises with a big X on the number.

Homework Highlights – Package 2 example from your Syllabus 

Make your Homework layout look like this:

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