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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Leadership Shadowing Initiative Presented By Mariya Kim Region IV Membership Chair


Agenda • • • • •

Purpose Benefits Goals Requirements Meet your match! REB Panel –Q&A

Purpose • To gain exposure to the Regional Executive Board (REB) and National Executive Board (NEB) • Develop leadership skills • Understand of the importance of leadership and the role it plays in NSBE • To stimulate interest in running for any position on the Regional Executive Board (REB) or National Executive Board (NEB) • Prepare prospective candidates for election process • Identify and mentor those members who have the potential to excel in a leadership position

Goals • 100% Chapter representation in the Regional Shadowing Initiative (especially interested in participation by the Chapter Executive Officers) • To have 50% of those who participate to apply for Regional or National office • Attend at least three (3) Regional Webinar Sessions

Benefits • Leadership skill set development • Enhanced networking skills • Increased understanding of NSBE operations and leadership positions • Participant recognition at NSBE’s Annual Convention • Exclusive Behind-The-Scene Action

Administrative Zone Chairperson

Victoria Hills [email protected]

Vice Chairperson

Jeseekia Vaughn [email protected]


Krystal McDoom [email protected]

Programs Chair

Solomon Mason [email protected]


AnnDrea Butler [email protected]


Alanna Tremble [email protected]

Alumni Extension Chair

Frenae Smith [email protected]

Communications Zone Telecommunications Chair

Dominique Hightower [email protected]

Publications/Public Relations Vacant [email protected]

Finance Zone Finance Chairperson

Brian Alls [email protected]

Conference Planning Chairperson

Amanda Cooper [email protected]

Programs Zone PCI Chairperson

Harry Kennedy [email protected]

RLC Chair Business Diversity Chair

Ryan Snelling [email protected]

Academic Excellence

Rachel Montoute [email protected]

Membership Zone Membership Chair

Mariya Kim [email protected]

International Chair

Courtney Regis [email protected]

Requirements • Eligibility: • NSBE members in good standing

• Participants should: • • • • •

Have a vested interest in NSBE Commit from November 30, 2012 to March 1, 2013 Fill out self evaluation and return it to me Interview 3 Regional leaders Attend Webinar Sessions (minimum 2) and conference calls • Fall Regional Conference and the Annual Convention • Complete the mid-term and final evaluation for the Shadowing Initiative

Apply Online! • Application is LIVE on ImPak – Name – Address – School


SI Contacts • Contact your Regional Coordinators – Region 4 Membership Chair • Mariya Kim: [email protected]

• Other key contacts: – NLI Director of Leadership Development • Jeremy Magruder: [email protected]

– NLI Chair • Yael Monereau: [email protected]

Tips • • • •

Initiate contact Maintain communication Ask Questions! If for some reason, your executive board member is not responsive after two weeks, contact me ASAP. • Prepare a summary of what you have learned and include it in your application if you chose to run for a position for the next academic year

Region IV Executive Board • Administrative Zone • Communications Zone • Finance Zone • Membership Zone • Programs Zone

Questions • What does your position entail? • Describe a current project that you are working on. • How much time do you spend a week doing NSBE related activities? • What are some of your challenges you face in your position? • What do you enjoy most about your position? • How has being on the Region IV Executive Board impacted your professional life?

[email protected]

Mariya Kim


Tips for REB Members • Mentor up to 3 members who express interest in shadowing • Set the schedule and facilitate all meetings or conference calls with the participant • Maintain communication with the participant at a rate of every two weeks, excluding major holidays • Engage in discussion about your position and work with the participant in preparation for elections • If the participant isn’t responsive after a period of two weeks, contact the Regional Chair • Review participant’s election materials prior to National Convention if they’ve decided to run for a position on the REB

Hi Stephen, I received your Leadership Shadowing Initiative application. Attached is the toolkit that explains the program and contain scenarios that are to be completed by March 8, 2013. Contact your interested positions if you have any questions or need help with the scenarios. You and the REB Member that you are shadowing are expected to talk about your position of interest. You are responsible to make contact, so feel free to ask any questions you may have. REB Officer, please inform our member of what goes into being in your position and any tips and advice that you may have. Good luck and have fun! =)

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