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January 18, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Genre Project By : Brandy Satterfield

Looks Madeleine George

Brandy Satterfield

What is it? Takes place in a recent time (08) in a little town and at the school “Valley Regional High School”. Meghan and Aimee get bullied everyday and plans for revenge.

Title: Looks What is your book’s genre? Write it here: Realistic Fiction

"The Hundred Dresses" by Eleanor Estes and Louis Slobodkin

"Freckle Juice" by Judy Blume "Because of Winn-Dixie" by Kate DiCamillo

Attribute: Setting makes this book a Realistic Fiction novel.

Attribute: Things happen in the novel that actually happen in real life today. It’s actually a big issue that people are looking to try and find a end to.

Attribute: The characters

explained in this novel are very realistic people and the descriptions are just like people now a days, how they look, feel and think.

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Attribute: Setting makes my novel a realistic fiction novel. “Start in the sky. Look down at the valley. Green, plush, peaceful landscape. Drop down a little, toward the town, then skim over it, past the low beige buildings of the university, the clean white spires of the Congregational churches, the flat green welcome mat of the town common, out toward Valley Regional High School, a rambling, one-story brick building surrounded by soccer fields, field hockey fields, football fields, parking lots. ” (1)

“A white farmhouse sitting flat on a wide green lawn, no visible foundation, with a low, open porch wrapping all the way around it, and on the porch thirty forest-green plastic chairs lined up one right next to other with their backs against the house, facing out as if waiting for thirty strangers to come sit in them and stare out, not speaking to each other, at the road.” (124125)

“First real cold morning of fall. Silvery coating of frost over the whole town, the whole school. Kids still in their skimpy early fall clothes, chattering on their hurried way between the bushes and the front doors. The drop-off road billowing with smoky bus exhaust and the frozen breath of teenagers. Meghan is shivering inside her windbreaker on her bench, on the lookout for bus 12.” (223)

Things that happen like bullying occur in real life citations today and a problem many people are trying to stop. “Freedoms chiseled face burns, little muscles jumping along his jaw like plucked strings, his eyes boring deep into the carpet. Then he lifts his head and looks directly at Mr. Handlsey. “I said faggot”. “out of here”, Mr. Handsley hisses. Then he roars: “Go!” with one rugby-shirted swipe of his arm Freedom sweeps up the floppy folder and battered book from the top of his desk, crosses the back of the temporary classroom in the three strides, yanks open the door, ducks his curly head to clear the transom, and slams the door behind him with muffled thud. “ (59)

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“ Her mother waits for more, then asks, “what did they serve you over there ?” “Danish,” Aimee says dreamily. “Pancakes. Eggs.” “and no reactions?” Aimee shrugs and shakes her head no. she doesn’t mention being served Danish and actually eating Danish aren’t the same thing. “Well that is just wonderful news,” Aimee's mother says, a tiny bit tearful. “Honey, that’s just the best news I’ve heard all week.” (112)

“This student claims that you manhandled him-” “Manhandled !” Mr.Handsley cries, aghast. “Manhandled, that is a ridiculous allegation! I have never manhandled a student in my thirty-eight years of teaching, nor do I intend to manhandle a single student in however many years I may have left. That is a preposterous allegation. I barely touched the boy. “But you did touch him.” A pause. Meghan feels her heart sick. No , Mr. Handsley, she thinks, say no !” (206-207)

The Characters in this novel are explained to be just like real people now a days. By their looks, feelings and things they do /say.

“Red Sox caps, their Abercrombie shirts, the spiky bangs jutting out over their grinning, Cape Codtanned faces.” (6)

“The girl is extremely thin. She looks like a refuge from a faminestricken nation whose American host family just bought her new clothes at the mall. Her shoulders, round and knobby, stand out like newel posts inside her black turtleneck. Her legs are thin as arms in her jeans, and her arms are folded squarely across the empty space of her chest: the anorexic’s classic posture of self-defense. On her head is a floppy back velvet hat- kind of like a cross between an Abraham Lincoln stovepipe hat and a beret- and between two beige wedges of hair. The narrow line of her lipsticked mouth is so dark it looks black. Her pointy chin juts out at a go-ahead-makemy-day angle.” (16)

“Creamy girl, a sweet concoction of freckled skin and pink haltered top and red, curly hair. The girl blazes in Meghan’s vision like a burn spot on a frame of film. She unfurls a creamy, freckled forearm onto Aimee Zorn’s desk- pink leather watchband, pink beaded braceletsand lets her rosy fingertips brush Aimee’s black spider arm. “ (42)

Evaluation My book “Looks” is a very good example of Realistic Fiction. One good reason for why I think this is because now a days there is so much trying to be done to prevent bullying against people. Specially in school and this book’s main conflict is all about bullying, so it’s definitely a realistic book. Another good reason for why this book is a good example of this genre is it’s not only a drama and kind of sad book, but also funny and sort of helpful, or inspirational to help deal with getting bullied or being over weight or too skinny.

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