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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Human Resource Management
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Disability Rights UK

London Apprenticeship Project Helping young disabled adults pursue their goals, ambitions and aspirations for work

Making a Difference • Securing a better future through Education, Employment, Income, Health & Wellbeing, Social Inclusion, Choice and Control • Strengthen the social foundations of your company through inclusion & diversity


• Employing disabled young adults is easier than most companies perceive with most cases requiring small workplace adjustments • An opportunity to provide young disabled adults with freedom of choice enabling greater control over their career ambitions and life aspirations



A Case for Apprenticeships • An opportunity to establish an ‘employer-led’ scheme to develop talent based on organisational needs • 80% of companies who invest in apprenticeships have reported a significant increase in employee retention - NAS • Government funding is now likely to cover full training costs for disabled young adults aged 16-24 • 83% of employers who employ apprentices rely on their apprenticeships programme to provide skilled workers - NAS

How does it work? Employer introduces DRUK to training provider

Employer with existing scheme

Employer new to apprenticeships

DRUK links employer to partner training provider

DRUK promotes opportunity amongst partner charities + other key partners

Disabled applicants are referred to DRUK

DRUK identifies key Support needs & provides guidance on reasonable adjustments

Training provider/college supports Employer with funding & AGE grant applications

DRUK provides ad hoc in-work support to employers drawing on expertise of partner charities where needed to support success

DRUK supports apprentice & employer with AtW application

Disabled apprentice is recruited successfully

DRUK introduces suitable candidates to employers & training providers along with guidance

Changing Lives • Apprenticeships offer a significant pathway for disabled people to achieve independence, social inclusion and dignity • The benefits of paid work far outstretch beyond financial gain – they can positively influence employees and work cultures • An opportunity to demonstrate good practice through case studies and leading by example • Work is a key pillar of wellbeing

Support Our Initiative • Informal pledge based on trust • Commitment to setting up an apprenticeship programme or grant access to existing ones


• Explore the prospect of work placements, internships and traineeships • Duly consider applicants submitted by the project allocating interview slots for those who meet criterion • Be willing to consider alternative means for applicants to demonstrate ability and skill-set within agreed frameworks • Take part in (free) disability related workshops aimed at developing staff’s disability awareness to proactively encourage social inclusion



Our Pledge to You • First point of contact for applicants to facilitate information advice & guidance around reasonable adjustments and individual support needs • Provide a direct link to training providers & charities for expertise and support around disability • Help manage the recruitment process • Support Access to Work applications • Provide Ad Hoc in-work support to promote sustainability and success • Increase disability awareness among workforce through workshops & training

How can I get involved? It’s easy!! Simply get in touch for an initial discussion to ascertain the organisational needs and agree on a course of action that’ll suit your business. For a further discussion on how we can work in partnership contact project coordinator Danny Estrada on [email protected] or call 020 7566 0118

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