How does your body defend itself against microbes?

January 29, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Immunology
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How does your body defend itself against microbes? Today we are learning: • About the natural barriers we have to fight infection • That we make antibodies and specialised cells in the blood to fight microbes

Keywords: Hygiene, immunity, vaccination, antibodies. Starter: Complete your wordsearch of keywords Extension: What happens to your body when you catch a cold? Discuss in pairs.

Edward Jenner Many years ago there was a disease called SMALLPOX, people living in the countryside noticed that milkmaids never seemed to catch the deadly disease. This was because they were subjected to another similar infection caught from the cows they milked (cowpox).

Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner

In 1796 a doctor called Edward Jenner carried out a famous experiment on an eight year old boy called James Phipps.

Edward Jenner

Jenner took pus from someone with mild cowpox and put it into a cut in the eight year olds arm. He never caught smallpox, for many years after that Jenner conducted lots of experiments to prove that our bodies can become IMMUNE.

How does your body defend itself?

How does your body defend itself? Our bodies have many defence mechanisms against invading microbes: Tears contain an enzyme that kills The skin acts bacteria as a barrier

Stomach produces stomach acid If our skin is cut platelets seal the wound by clotting

The breathing organs produce mucus to cover the lining of these organs and trap the microbes

How does your body defend itself? Ear wax traps them

On your outline of the human body, label how we stop microorganisms getting into our bodies. Here is an example for you.

Next lesson… We are going to look at how we can kill bacterial. We need to grow some bacteria to look at next lesson. Listen carefully to your instructions and make sure you wear goggles!

End of lesson quiz Turn to the back of your book and put 1 to 10 in the margin.

The questions will pop up, answer them as quickly as possible.

Quiz questions 1. Name the 3 main types of microbes


Which organ uses acid to kill microbes?


What do white blood cells make to fight microbes?


Name the doctor that experimented with smallpox


What does engulf mean? 5 correct


4 correct


2-3 correct LEVEL 3 0-1 correct LEVEL 2

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