How to manage counselling services in pre entry phase? IAEVG

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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How to manage counselling services in pre entry phase? IAEVG Jyväskylä 2009

The Career path (student´s future) The Future

Student's dreams Student´s career

Knowledge for career planning

Study path The University of Applied Sciences

The working life competences Time needed to make Choices and decisions for the future Arto Saloranta

Reality 2

The pre entry phase • What kind of future will I expect? • How can I achieve my dreams?

• What kind of competences do I need to realise my

dreams? • Who can help me in my career path?

• Can I rely on the information available? • The application process is a big decision for me.

Arto Saloranta


What is a good web site like? • Visually attractive, inspiring and innovative


• Community with fellowship • New creating, developing and testing

interactive learning environment

• Offers services for users and the whole


• Support for creative developing work and

team work as some kind of borderline for different fields Arto Saloranta


The idea of Port of LaureaSID • Web site for Leppävaara campus • Who we are? What do we do? What happens at Leppävaara

Campus • Community of Leppävaara is more than students,

teachers and other staff • We like to invite part of our community also potential

students and from Leppävaara graduated experts (present working life experts) • Port of Laurea (named www.laureaSID,com) is more than

web site, it will become the meeting point for Leppävaara community Arto Saloranta


Interactive web site • LaureaSID includes different parts • News, articles, information

• Blogs (everyone can be blog writer) • Career planning

• Discussion • Sell and buy • Pictures, groups, events • ?? Arto Saloranta


Career planning program by Port of LaureaSID Area of how the experts have answered

Skills you need in the working life the number address my opinion

Arto Saloranta


The conclusions • Before planning studies you have plan your life

• For career planning you need tools and support

• Pre entry connection with potential students is

useful for HE and for applicant

Arto Saloranta


Thank You for Your Attention Arto Saloranta


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