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UNIT #5: Lesson #1 Teaching Allusion

Warm-up • Answer the following question on your warm-up sheet: Can you decipher what the following sentences are saying? – “Trust the Midas Touch” (reference to the Midas commercial for automobiles) – “Jared is trying to play Cupid between Mary and Paul.” – “I know we had a fight, but I was trying to extend an olive branch to her.” – “Batman told Robin that the Joker was his nemesis.” – “All I did was ask a simple question, but somehow I opened Pandora’s Box.”

Define Allusion • Allusion is when a writer references a place, person, or something that happened • This can be real or imaginary, and may refer to anything including mythology, history (event or well-known person), other pieces of writing (the Bible, Shakespeare, fairy tales) or even movies or pop culture

Define Allusion • An allusion is like déjà vu- if you notice it, it will seem like something you’ve heard about before. • When you can interpret the meaning of a word or phrase, based on prior knowledge (reference to a story) that’s allusion!

Define Allusion • An allusion is a type of metaphor • The purpose of an allusion is to allow the reader/viewer to understand new information, characters, plot, setting, or other elements by connecting it to something already known.

Understanding Allusions • Allusions are not to be confused with Illusions • In order to understand allusions, the reader must have prior knowledge of literature, art, music, pop culture, etc. So being wellread is important to understanding allusions

Understanding Allusions • Allusions are not references to someone/something only a small group of people know. • EXAMPLE: “His smile is similar to my dad’s smile” is not something well-known; although, it is a comparison.

Example #1 • “When dad lost his job, mom became a Scrooge, and we almost never got to buy anything we didn’t absolutely need.” • Interpret (where does it come from?) • Explain (what does it mean?)

Example #1 Answer • It comes from Charles’ Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and it means that mom didn’t like to spend money

Example #2 • “He was so angry I expected him to turn green and tear his shirt to bits by flexing his bulging muscles.” • Interpret (where does it come from?) • Explain (what does it mean?)

Example #2 Answer • It comes from Marvel Comic’s “The Hulk” and it means that he was extremely angry.

Example #3 • She was a Good Samaritan yesterday when she helped the old man weed his garden. • Interpret (where does it come from?) • Explain (what does it mean?)

Example #3 Answer • It comes from a story in the Bible and it means that she chose to be very kind.

Example #4 • “All Joseph does is talk about himself. What a narcissist.” • Interpret (where does it come from?) • Explain (what does it mean?)

Example #4 Answer • It comes from the Greek Myth about Narcissus, who drowned himself trying to capture the image of what he loved, himself. This means that Joseph is full of himself and loves only himself.

Modern Day Examples of Allusion • Allusion can be found in: – – – – – –

Books Comic Strips TV Shows Music (yes, even Rap Music) Clothing Advertisements

Allusion in TV • TV Examples: – The Simpsons • Episode about “The Raven” (reference to Edgar Allan Poe) • Episode about “The Monkey’s Paw” (reference to short story by W.W. Jacobs)

– Southpark – Family Guy • h?v=ljmCNLKtjMs

Allusion in Rap Music • Allusion is EXTREMELY common in rap music • Rappers allude to just about everything in their lyrics, but there are several common sources of allusion within rap

Allusion in Rap Music • Slavery: – “They treat you like a slave / put chains up on your soul and put whips up on your back / they be lying through their teeth, hope you slip up off your path” – Lupe Fiasco, “Show Goes On” – “Pyramids to cotton fields to Wrigley Field / forgotten men who did get killed” – Nas “Can’t Stop Us Now” – “Maybe one day I’ll ride back to Georgia on a train / folks round there call me Peaches, I guess that’s my name” – Talib Kweli, “For Women”

Allusion in Rap • The Civil Rights Movement: – “Stuntin’ on Martin Luther, feelin’ just like a King / guess this is what he meant when he said that he had a dream” – Young Jeezy, “My President” – “Everybody wanna be the king then shots ring /you laying on your balcony with holes in your dream / or you Malcolm X'd out, get distracted by screams / everybody get your hand out my jeans” -- Jay-Z, “Most Kingz”

Allusion in Rap

• Film: – “Career on stilts – Braveheart, no kilt / you can hear it screaming ‘freedom’ as the beat gets killed” – Lupe Fiasco, “Joaquin Phoenix” Reference to film Braveheart. • Literature – “Mom, I love you but this trailer’s got to go / I cannot grow old in Salem’s Lot” – Eminem, “Lose Yourself” • Reference to Steven King’s vampire novel Salem’s Lot • Sports – “Hood phenomenon, the LeBron of rhyme / hard to be humble when you stuntin’ on the Jumbo-Tron” – Kanye West, “Devil in a New Dress” • Reference to LeBron James, NBA player

Can you match these Allusions to their true meanings? • Word Sort Activity: – Get in your Group – Match the Allusion (word or phrase) to the story that explains the Allusion’s history/background

Can you use your understanding of Allusions to write your own sentences? • Use your Independent Practice side of your handout • Choose ten words/phrases used in Allusions to write your own sentences • Look at the directions and example BEFORE starting!

Can you find examples of Allusion in the Real World? • Homework: – Find examples of Allusion in comic strips, your textbooks/novels, tv shows, music lyrics, etc. – Bring in three different examples to class tomorrow – Use your resources! • iPod • Internet (comics/lyrics) • Newspapers/Books

Works Cited Page • Created by: Laura Van Leer Richardson (03/04/2013)

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