Imperialism in the Philippines

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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American Imperialism in the Philippines

The U.S. became involved in the Philippines almost by accident. • In the ‘yellow journalism’ and ‘Remember the Maine’ rush to get the Spanish out of Cuba, the U.S. launched a naval attack against the Spanish fleet in the Philippines • After destroying the Spanish fleet, American soldiers landed in the Philippines

Americans and Filipinos Fighting Together • Filipinos, who had been fighting the Spanish for years, saw an opportunity after the defeat of the Spanish navy • Led by a freedom fighter named Aguinaldo (who was living in exile and was actually returned to the Philippines by the U.S. navy) the Filipinos attacked the Spanish imperial government

• The U.S., eager to continue its defeat of Spain, joined the freedom fighters and kicked Spain out

After the Spanish? • Spain surrendered to America (Treaty of Paris) • McKinley faced a choice- what to do with the Philippines? – Give them back to Spain? Yuck! – Leave them alone? But they have no government! – Hmmm…

Whispers in McKinley’s Ears • “Think of the $ to be made from a trading base in Asia,” whispered the businessmen. • “Think of the advantage as a military outpost,” whispered the military. • “Think of your chance to civilize and uplift this poor race,” whispered the religious leaders, white supremacists, and advocates of spreading democracy.

“I’ll Take It,” Says McKinley!

Aguinaldo Felt Betrayed • Said that the U.S. had promised freedom for the Philippines • He rose up against the U.S. military in the Philippines • A brutal war resulted – The U.S. placed Filipinos in concentration camps to defeat guerrilla forces – 20,000 Filipinos died – War cost U.S. $400 million – U.S. eventually won

Many of the American Soldiers Sent to fight in the Philippines were black • Do we see the irony here?

• Some black soldiers were so offended that they defected to the Filipino cause and fought against America

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