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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management
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Taking Your Business to the next Level

Presented by Business Mentors


Goals • • • • • •

Take a new look at your company Provide a vision for the future Define tips for success Understand foundation building Get the ball rolling Tips and tools to improve the process


Business Mentors Expectations • Listen Intently and Actively • Create Action Plan notes • Make friendships and form accountability teams • Implementation is hard when schedule is already full

• Use workshop time wisely - next week is too late • Ask Questions and get clarification


Introductions • In order of appearance • Me • Ken Tucker • Dan Murray


Times Are a Changin’ “A competitive world has two possibilities for you. You can lose. Or, if you want to win, you can change.” Lester C. Thurow Educator

• • • •

Competition Consolidation Pricing pressures Expectations • Companies • Clients


Discussion • Your expectations from today


Review of Agenda • Foundation for success - Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR • Modeling Your Company - Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR • Leadership - Ken Tucker, BSc MBA • Marketing - Ken Tucker BSc MBA • Customer Service - Dan Murray CR • Financials and Measurements - Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR • Implementing change and wrap up - Phillip Rosebrook JR, CR


Next Up • Putting in perspective and definitions of success…


Taking Your Business to the Next Level - Overview and getting Started Phillip Rosebrook, JR Certified Restorer


Why Are We Here? • Business Owners • Responsibilities • • • •

You Family Employees Employees families

• Only work 1/2 days - Which 12 Hrs? • How are you going to spend your time


More… People of Character do the right thing not because they think it will change the world, but because they refuse to be changed by the world Michael Josephson

• • • •

Pursuit of Excellence What mark are you making? Are you running in place? What is the difference between you and those that “made it” in this industry?


What does it take? • • • • • • •

Opportunity Attitude Aptitude Great Staff Vision Market opportunities Cash


Reality “Opportunity is frequently over looked because it is typically dressed in overalls and looks like hard work”

• • • • • • •

Strong leadership Desire to succeed Commitment to excellence Clear vision Focus Reinforcement and recognition Proactive measurements and information


The Opposite of Success • • • •

Top line revenue Profits at the expense of cash flow Profits without quality life Being tied to your business with little free time • Reactive business


Success Defined • • • • • •

Working on your business Being in control of your time Doing what you want when you want Cash freedom Living within your means Proactive business that works synergistically to achieve goals • Empower your staff and upward mobility


Your Business • • • •

A tool to fulfill your life’s ambitions Livelihood for your family Livelihood for employees family A service to your community


How Big Do You Want to Be? • Why? • Retirement - what does it take • Do you want to work again? • General financial freedom • What will you do?

• Income • Relevance • Pride or the challenge


Are You Ready? • You are discontent with current situation • You have a strong staff • You are willing to invest financially and with time • You have market opportunities


Your Options • Grow • Necessity • Fits your opportunity, staff and expectations

• Stay the same • Desire • Goals • Fits your opportunity, staff and expectations

• Get out and work for someone else


Success in Restoration • • • • • • • • •

A realistic schedule Solid performing team Effective cash management Profitable operations A proactive business working toward shared goals Motivated team working for mutual success Consistent performance Strong & positive company culture Examples…


Resources • • • • •

Cash Staff Facilities Contacts A plan


If You Are Not Ready • Create an action plan to get where you want • Get out • Sell • Joint venture • Close it down and take a job


Really? • What is the cost of your business and what is the price? • What is your value in the market? • Take a critical look and be honest


Where To Start? “Begin with the end in mind” Thomas Watson - IBM

• Create a saleable business • Network and gain a vision of what it can be • Write down in great detail what your company will be Identify your team • Create and action plan and start to implement EXECUTION! • Build on quality, service, excellence and value


Business Mentors Strategy The principle is simple: (1) create a dream that is so big that it will keep you excited, (2) define the dream in minute detail, (3) live in the dream so that it becomes real to you on the inside, (4) and then hold on to it so tightly that no one can take it away from you. James Allen

• • • • • •

Partnership Issues, leadership and responsibilities Where are you going? Build it on paper first Measurements and information Positions and responsibilities People on the bus Define vision Create strategy


First Step • • • • •

Who is going to run your company? Honest personal assessment Review your staff Look outside Know your personal strengths and weaknesses


Characteristics of an Effective Leader "America is too great for small dreams." Ronald Reagan

• • • • • •

Positive Proactive Good planner Able to see the big picture Good communicator Leadership traits


Partnership Issues • • • • • •

Clear Job descriptions and responsibilities Exit plan - contractually Positions based on abilities - Focus on “fit” Titles are important Compensation based on position Goal alignment


Execution • • • • •

Long term vision with short term victories Action plan Assigned duties and expectation Quantifiable measurements Annual review


What to Expect • Change is dynamic - things happen • Make take several years - focus on the big picture • Go as far as you can see… • Cost will be high but… • Some staff may not make it • Maintain focus


Summary • • • • • • •

Decide what you will do Create a plan for your company Assemble your staff Communicate your plan Create a strategy Obtain resources Assess your plan


Thank You • Next up - Modeling your company


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