Introduction to Registered Apprenticeship

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Human Resource Management
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Introduction to Registered Apprenticeship: A Workforce Strategy for Health Care

ON-THE-JOB LEARNING: Subject content and time requirements depend on occupation and employer needs Responsibilities ensure increased job competency over time

RELATED INSTRUCTION  Apprentices receive technical training through a variety of methods

MENTORING Apprentices work and learn under qualified personnel


Registered Apprentices receive incremental wage increases based on skills attainment and job proficiency


Apprenticeships include at least 2,000 hours of supervised and structured on-the-job learning. Apprenticeships involve a minimum of 144 hours of instruction in technical subjects related to the occupation. Healthcare Apprenticeships can take between 1 to 2 years to complete, depending on the occupation.


Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors Apprentices/ Job Seekers

Workforce System/Education/ other partners 4

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Need to Strengthen entry- and mid-level Healthcare Workforce High Turnover; burnout One of the fastest growing areas over the next decade Individuals are not recognized as professionals Wages Insuffient training for most entry-level professions ◦ Despite complex and demanding nature of the position, training requirements are minimal ◦ Training is typically pre-service and on-the-job training


advancement into nursing, pharmacy, dental, Health IT and other growing occupations Creates a pipeline of skilled workers Increases retention Decreases recruitment costs Improves employee skills, confidence and quality of patient care Increases diversity


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Highly skilled employees Recruitment Strategy Systematic Training Relevant classroom instruction linked to actual work experience Recognition for long-term employees Employees increasingly capable of advancement Creation of career pathways

The RA program offers many benefits to apprentices, including:     

A paycheck Hands-on career training An Education A Career National Certification


          

Certified Nursing Assistant Community Health Worker EMT and Paramedic Dental Assistant Home Health Aide Medical Assistant Medical Transcriptionist Medical Coder Pharmacy Tech Surgical Technologist Laboratory Technician

   

 

Health Unit Coordinator Direct Support Professional MRI Tech Mammography Tech Licensed Practical Nurse (military) Medical Secretary

CVS Pharmacy

◦ Pharmacy Tech Career Ladder ◦ Competency-based model 3 tiers

Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

◦ CNA competency-based model-4 tiers: Level 1, Advanced, and at least 2 specialties ◦ Integrated into career lattice ◦ On-the-job skills developed through a mentoring structure

East Texas AHEC/Texas Workforce Commission

◦ Community Health Worker—just beginning ◦ OA and AHEC are promoting the program to hospitals and clinics ◦ AHEC will provide the instruction ◦ Texas Workforce Commission supports

    

Joint evaluation Currently 40 employers in 20 states with RA programs covering 4 occupations (CNA, DSS, HSS, HHA) Examine recruitment & retention, wage gains and possibly other quality of care issues Phase 1: Feasibility Study—this year Phase 2: Evaluation Design to be determined by Feasibility Study

In Health Information Technology, RA is an effective training model that: Develops

high-quality technicians and managers Ensures employer needs are met Increases productivity Helps attract and retain high quality workers at lower costs


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   

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Health Unit Coordinator Medical Coder Medical Transcriptionist Information Assurance Specialist Information Management IT Project Manager IT Generalist Programmer Analyst Web Systems Support Programmer Network Support Technician

Blue Cross/Blue Shield—South Carolina ◦ Partnership with Midlands Technical College and Alpha Training Services ◦ Must already have associates degree ◦ 3-year program

Contact your State Director and/or Apprenticeship Training Representative You can locate the appropriate contact for your state here:


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Provide technical assistance to develop a program Work with you to identify potential employers Register programs Provide technical assistance on training protocols in collaboration with employers

Laura Ginsburg USDOL/Office of Apprenticeship 202/693-2803 [email protected]

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