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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Biology, Neuroscience
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Giorgio  Brunelli  Founda/on  for  the  Research  on  Spinal  Cord  Injuries  NGO  

Dr.  Luisa  Monini

University  of  Brescia  

President,   Giorgio  Brunelli  Founda/on  

Why  Brescia?


Last  not  least,  it  is  worth  menFoning  the  cultural  and   historical   reasons   which   have   allowed   Brescia   to  


become  in  2011  a  Unesco  World  Heritage  Site,  thanks   There   are   numberless   reasons   for   coming   to   Brescia   in  

to   archeological   famous   sites   like   Santa   Giulia,   a  

December  2015.  Numberless  for  us  and  numberless  for  

former   monastery   tradiFonally   considered   the   place  


where   Desiderata,   wife   of   Charlemagne   and   daughter  


For   us   because   Brescia   is   our   city,   the   place   where   we  

of  the  Longobard  King  Desiderius,  spent  her  exile  aWer  

like   to   live   and   where   we   worked   for   more   than   60  

the  annulment  of  her  marriage  in  771.    

years.   Brescia   is   also   the   place   where   our   FoundaFon  

There   are   several   other   stories   to   be   told   and   places  

was   founded   a   long   Fme   ago   and   where   it   sFll  

to  be  visited.  So  come  and  enjoy  our  Science,  History  

flourishes  today.

and  Culture.  (l.m.)  



Numberless  reasons  for  you:  

Brescia  is  the  place  where  the  eight  previous  successful   Symposia  were  held  with  the  scienFfic  contribuFon  and   parFcipaFon   of   Rita   Levi   Montalcini,   Nobel   Prize   for   Medicine  and  our  past  Honorary  President.     Brescia   is   the   place   where   the   FoundaFon   started   the   basic   research   on   spinal   cord   lesions   which   allowed   us   to   take   the   first   steps   in   successful   surgical   procedures   to   make   paraplegics   walk   again.   This   was   possible   thanks   to   an   outstanding   interdisciplinary   work   carried   out   by   a   number   of   professors   of   the   School   of   Medicine-­‐University  of  Brescia.  

Organising  Secretariat



Giorgio  Brunelli  Founda/on Località  Campiani  77  –  25060  Cella/ca  (BS) Phone  +39  030  3385141 Fax  +39  030  3387595 E-­‐mail:  [email protected]     Website:  




Studio  Progress  S.N.C. Via  C.  CaTaneo  51  –  25121  Brescia Phone  +39  030  290326 E-­‐mail:  [email protected]     Website:  



BRESCIA   3  -­‐5  DECEMBER  2015   ITALY


Nobel  Laureate  in  Medicine  1986


Past  Honorary  President,

  Founder  and  Scien/fic  Director,   Prof.  Giorgio  Brunelli

Prof.  Rita  Levi  Montalcini  †    

Prof.  Ada  E.  Yonath   Nobel  Laureate  in  Chemistry  2009  

Giorgio  Brunelli  Founda/on  

Giorgio  Brunelli  Founda/on  

Dear Colleague, Rita  Levi  Montalcini  had  no  doubts  when  she  said  that  the   most   important   thing   to   occur   in   Neuroscience   in   the   last   40  years  is  the  fall  of  the  barriers  that  isolated  researchers  

I am glad to announce the 9th International Symposium of Experimental Spinal Cord Repair and Regeneration, on the multidisciplinary approaches to the research and treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries.


of  the  Central  Nervous  System  from  the  other  scien/sts.

«Once  upon  a  /me  anatomists,  physiologists,  neurologists,   all   considered   the   Nervous   System   as   something   that   was   to   a   certain   point   their   own   exclusively   property.   Luckily   nowdays   this   has   changed,   and   now   that   the   barriers   are   not  there  any  more,  each  expert  has  the  chance  to  access   this   field.   In   most   recent   years   computer   scien/sts,  


Brescia on 3 - 5 December 2015

contribu/ons   to   the   understanding   of   the   Brain   and   of   its   many  func/ons.  I  hope  that  in  the  future  decades  we  will   be  able  to  pass  in  real  /me  from  the  field  of  basic  research   to   the   field   of   applied   research,   with   immediate  


consequences  in  the  clinical  field»

(Rita  Levi  Montalcini)  

ribosomes   are   the   factories   that   produce   them.   They   are   large,   complex   par/cles   within   each   cell   that   translate   the   gene/c   informa/on   into   tens   of  

The Symposium, organized as the previous editions by the Giorgio Brunelli Foundation, will be dedicated to the memory of Nobel Laureate Prof. Rita Levi Montalcini, our Honorary President.


thousands   of   proteins,   each   with   a   specific   task   to   perform  within  the  body.   Owing   to   the   fundamental   role   of   ribosomes,   many   an/bio/cs  target  them.  Therefore,  understanding  their  

H.R.H, Princess Fay Jahan Ara, our current Honorary President, will attend the Symposium.

structure   and   func/on   can   help   biochemists   develop  

We will have the honor and the pleasure of having with us Ada E. Yonath, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009 for her studies on the structure and function of the ribosome.

fight  the  growing  problem  of  bacterial  drug  resistance.  



physicists,   mathema/cians,   immunologists,   clinicians   and   surgeons   from   different   fields   have   been   giving   decisive  


If   proteins   are   the   ‘building   blocks’   of   life,   then  

Many outstanding scientific personalities have assured their participation. They will present their latest research in the field of molecular biology, normal and electronic histology, neurotransmitters and receptors, pharmacology, immunology, stem cells, electrophysiology, neurorehabilitation and functional electrical stimulation. New imaging techniques for spinal cord injuries as well as new surgical attempts to cure paraplegia will be presented. A special session will be dedicated to young researchers and their discoveries. We would be really pleased if you would come. Hoping to see you in Brescia, best regards


Giorgio Brunelli

new   an/bio/cs   to   disrupt   bacterial   ribosomes   and   so  

Symposium  2015  Main  Topics  and  Events:     • Honorary  Lecture  by  Nobel  Laureate  A.  Yonath   • Basic   and   applied   research   in   experimental   Spinal  Cord  repair  and  regenera/on   • Experimental   studies   and   clinical   use   of   stem   cells  and  neurotrophic  factors   • Robo/cs  and  Telemedicine   • Young   Neuroscien/st   supported  by  Dompè  



• The   4th   “Brunelli   Club   Mee/ng”   dedicated   to   the   most   advanced   surgical   and   neuro-­‐ rehabilita/on  techniques  in  the  treatment  of  the   flaccid   and   spas/c   palsies   of   upper   limbs,   including  case  reports.    

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