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Committed to Connecting the World

IMO Distributor Meeting London October 29, 2013

International Telecommunication Union

Committed to Connecting the World

International Telecommunication Union  ITU is the oldest UN organization incorporated in  

 

1865 in Paris, France ITU is the World Authority and leading Publisher of Telecom Technology, Policy and Standards Mission: Bring governments and industry together to coordinate the establishment and operation of global telecommunication networks and services. In addition: Standardization, coordination and development of international telecommunications Current Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland Over 900 staff members 2

Committed to Connecting the World

ITU Sales & Marketing Division  Based in Geneva HQ. Staff of 14  Sales & Marketing Division completely re-organized in 2011-2012 with new Job Descriptions  All Jobs focused on providing excellent support to direct customers and Distributor/Reseller network  Division carries following functions: Sales/Sales Development, Customer Service, Marketing (DM/Partnerships), Market Knowledge, Marketing Services, SAP support, Warehousing/Inventory, Shipping


Committed to Connecting the World

ITU Distributor Sales  74 ITU Distributors/Resellers currently operating globally

 Sales through Distributors/Resellers expanding  Return Policy instituted in 2013 to facilitate ordering processes and sales development

 Major Distributors focus in Europe and Asia


Committed to Connecting the World



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Committed to Connecting the World

Promotional Activities  Promotional activities non-existent in the past but    

ITU is now focusing this area Initiating presence on Trade shows (Gdansk: Sep 2013, Frankfurt Bookfair Oct 2013) Shall explore possibility of similar ITU annual Distributor/Reseller event in Geneva Usage of customized ITU logo by Distributors/Resellers being finalized Promotional items like ITU-branded pens, key rings, stickers are now being produced to be shared with our Resellers/Distributors 6

Committed to Connecting the World

Future focus  Strengthening ties with our Distributors:

Starting 2014, visiting Distributor/Reseller offices discussing one-on-one how we can help each other in building business  Product Offer: Developing new salable contemporary-topic ITU publications to widen product offer and outreach  Market Needs: Open to developing new products in collaboration with Distributors based on local market needs 7

Committed to Connecting the World


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