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January 21, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Dear Audience, on the Drama Festival we used to act out others life.

Now we want to show you ours. You may disagree, but

Though this be madness, yet there is method in't. Today we won’t say a word, because we are not here. AND

There’s no need to talk We just want you to feel and know what we do.

Albi Dániel

The One. The Only, (Billy Flynn)

Adamek Viktória


Bóza Dorina

She moved to Markotabödöge from Makkoshotyka. Now she is planning to move to Ökörítófülpös.

Béni Zsuzsanna

Buchmayer Erika

She says that she is from Komárom… …but everybody knows that she is from Stockholm

Csabina Ildikó Melinda

She uses ME-LIN-DA

Csizmár Rita

Maybe there’s a hippo in her hypothalamus, she’s crazy about hippos.

Erő Dorina

She doesn’t look well on pictures, but she makes idiotic jokes.

(Steffi Graf)

Erős Magdolna

People, entertainment, fun (She works in Palace cinemas.)

Esék Ágnes


Fábián Ágnes

She is good at combinatorica. In Maths and in stringing of beads.

Michalik Tímea

Agressive Smurf girl

Puss in Boots

ex: Migalya István

Prekopa Zita (Zizi)

Colourful and sweet.

Rudan Erzsébet

Zita says she looks like Abu the Monkey from Aladdin

Surányi Bernadett

Mrs Smith

Szabó Kinga

The Last Boy Scout. She’s on the alert.

Turnhauser Ágnes

Miss T.

Ujfalussy Dóra

She looks like but doesn’t behave like a real hedgehog. And never carries an apple on her back.

Vámos Zsófia


Teachers say that we learn for ourselves. So now we have knowledge. (Ha-ha-ha)

And something else.


All we need is a pen and paper…


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