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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Criminal Justice
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By Diego Murga

When it came time for Bird to say his final words, he said;“I’m putting the Jake Bird hex on all of you who had anything to do with my being punished. Mark my words you will die before I do”. Within a year, six men connected with Bird’s trial died.

1. The judge died of a heart attack a month after handing down the sentence. 2. One of Bird’s lawyers died a year later

3. A police officer who recorded Bird’s second confession died in January 1948. 4. The officer who took Bird’s first confession also died of a heart attack

5.One of Bird’s prison guards died shortly after that 6.The court’s chief clerk died shortly afterwards

Jake Bird was buried in an unmarked grave in the prison cemetery, identified only as convict No.

At his confession Bird would claim a body-count approaching one victim for each year of his life. •Even Bird confessed he had killed about 44 •Orlando, Florida; victims, 11 cases where solved thanks to his •Portage, Wisconsin. declaration. •Police in Houston suspected Bird murdering •Starting with the ax murders of two women at Mrs. Harry Richardson there, •Chicago authorities found a body retrieved Evanston, Illinois, in 1942. • Other victims were confirmed in Louisville, from lake Michigan, five miles south of Kenosha. Kentucky; •Los Angeles detectives suspected of Bird from •Omaha, Nebraska; killing black youth and a •Kansas city, Kansas; • Jewish grocer, •Sioux falls, south Dakota; •New York city he was linked to the robbery • Cleveland, Ohio; and murder of a deli owner.

Psychiatrists examined bird in jail and labeled him a , developing from the sight of women in terror.

In the tested cases by the police, most of Bird’s victims were , most were , and the majority had been killed with or in their . Bird wasn’t stranger to a life of crime. His criminal record included , assaults, attempted murder, and murder. He had already served about in various prisons for his crimes


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There is not much known about Jake Bird’s early childhood, but he left home at the age of 19,creating an unstable environment for Jake. At some point He might have felt isolated and might have cause him to have certain resentment towards society.

His economy also played a very important role in his serial killer mind. As he needed money to travel from city to city. Most of his assassinations where robberies that turned complicated.


•Psychotic •Hedonistic, as he felt pleasure by killing his victims. •Economic Gain •Sexual In Nature Bird’s victims where almost all white female, and the majority showed signs of sexual abuse. He also killed to satisfy himself as he became addicted to murder.

Fin ILLNESS anc ial Jake had metal illness, he was declared a Psychopath , but he did show remorse on a letter he wrote before his death. Bird, eventually became addicted to killing and started killing for pleasure.




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