Jerry and Joe Kane were completely innocent!

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Criminal Justice
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The despicable monumental West Memphis, AR murders & cover up in the Jerry and Joe Kane case! Facts the West Memphis, AR, Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas State Police and media did NOT want you to find out….they willfully and maliciously kept this information from us.

This info will blow your mind! WARNING – GRAPHIC – WARNING - GRAPHIC

Jerry and Joe Kane were completely innocent! 

The following pages is the proof you’ve been waiting that proves 1000% that the Kanes were never involved in a traffic stop. You will see proof that the ‘dash cam’ was nothing but a fabricated video (shot 5 hundred and 15 feet further down the one way off ramp road from the real traffic stop) then put out into the public as genuine 41 days later. You will see the range of spent shell casings encompassed a huge rectangle of 128 feet by 82 feet. You will see that the officers were killed in a strategic strike configuration which took at least three (3) shooters to accomplish. You will see all the facts that the homicidal police and complicit media tried to withhold from us for the past 15 months!

Fast Facts: Two officers are killed right off Interstate 40 exit #275 on the south side of I-40, on the off ramp road. The two cops are killed at approximately 11:50am CST. Here is the APB/BOLO…

*********************************************************************  (West Memphis, AR 5/20/2010) Two West Memphis police officers have been shot at I-40 and Airport Road in West Memphis, AR. 

We have confirmed Brandon Paudert, son of West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert, was killed.

Police are looking for two hispanic males in a white Dodge Caravan white with an orange roof and *Ohio* plates. [My emphasis: Two (2) different 911 operators asked the Sole eyewitness if the killers van had Ohio tags, he said “No."]

A third suspect is being sought. The van was last seen headed east on I-40.

 

Both the I-40 and I-55 eastbound bridges are closed at this time due to the shooting. *********************************************************************

90 minutes later, only one exit further east and only 5 miles from a completely

different State (State of Tennessee) a white father and son in a white Plymouth Voyager with a WHITE ROOF are killed in a Walmart parking lot in a hail of over 150 bullets… 

  

 

This can’t be a case of mistaken identity because NOT ONE SINGLE ASPECT OF THE APB/BOLO MATCHED THE KANES ie. Race, complection, number of killers, vehicle roof color, make and model of vehicle, multiple AK-47’s, etc. The Father and son (Jerry and Joe Kane) helped people all over the United States, helping people with Foreclosures. If people didn’t have money or were down on their luck, the Kanes selflessly helped them for absolutely no compensation whatsoever. Neither Jerry or Joe had ever been in a fight in their lives, they were peaceful people and were all for government. They were anti-corruptgovernment. The following pages will prove conclusively that the police faked the traffic stop they said involved the Kanes. This is where the monumental cover up begins. The next page will show you a google earth map and the 3 pages of photos after that will show you the REAL traffic stop. Then compare the Real traffic stop photos with their faked traffic stop reenactment photos/video!

REAL TRAFFIC STOP SCENE: Here is a May 20, 2010 (photo facing North) taken by The Commercial Appeal newspaper photographer Alan Spearman. This photo shows the downed officer’s Tahoe and back up WM police cruiser. 

  

Notice how huge the semi cabs and semi trailer are in the background, some people actually thought they were buildings! Notice how close the police cars are to the Interstate and Semis Notice how high the cement divider is. Notice the white canopy evidence tent set off to the far right of the photo. Notice the yellow crime scene tape. Notice how the fronts of the vehicles and the wheels are turned toward us, not toward I-40 as they showed in the reenactment!

REAL TRAFFIC STOP SCENE: Photo (also facing North) taken by Alan Spearman of The Commercial Appeal Newspaper on May 20, 2010. There are two cement dividers in back of the two men. Notice one of the cement dividers comes up behind the finger pointing detectives shoulder, the I-40 center cement divider is taller than his head. Notice how close the white vehicle (driving East on I-40 this way ----) on the other side of the 1st cement divider is.

REAL TRAFFIC STOP SCENE: Taken May 20, 2010 (photo facing North) so close to I-40 that the diamond shaped placards on the side of the semi trailer (Semi heading East on I-40 ) measure taller than the Mayor’s head, top to bottom! 

Mayor ‘William Johnson’ knew the ‘dash cam’ put out 41 days later was completely faked. Mayor Johnson is almost as complicit in the cover up as the racist, brutal soon to be ex ‘Chief’ Paudert is.

FAKED! Compare the previous 3 REAL TRAFFIC STOP photos to this faked reenactment location and the following photos. They moved the reenactment to a different location!! This is the ‘dash cam’ (photo facing East) put out 41 days later. Look for a time/date stamp or any other identifier showing it’s a ‘dash cam’. It doesn’t exist! The instant the reenactment showed this minivan veering past the cement dividers, went around the curve to the big red X to the right and parked, we knew it was a faked reenactment. Where’s the shoulder high cement divider or the other cement divider? They are not there! Look at the sheer span of space from the big red X to I-40!

This is a video still of Pauderts dash cam (photo facing West up the off ramp road). To the left is purportedly the Kanes minivan and Evans (driver door open) Tahoe. Look how far away the semi trailer is. And where’s the shoulder high cement divider or other divider? THEY’RE NOT THERE! This is part of the faked reenactment. These photos do NOT match the photos and videos taken on the day of the shootings of May 20, 2010!!

This video of the Real traffic stop (facing North) was taken by Associated Press (AP) on May 20, 2010, the day of the shootings. Look at the trees on the other side of I-40 at the REAL traffic stop. Compare these trees to the trees in the next frame. It is obviously a different location. And look for these shoulder high and taller cement dividers in the next photo, they don’t exist!! Why? Because they did the reenactment in a different location!!

Even the trees prove that the dash cam WMPD put out as genuine, was hopelessly faked! Imagine being so dumb that trees can show you to be a liar! The first responder is parked in front of the sign to the left of the downed officers cars. Look at the trees in the distance off to the right. Go back to the previous photo & compare these trees to the last photo. It’s the same trees but obviously a different FAKED location 515 feet further down the off ramp road! (Refer back to Google Earth page, slide #5).

First Responder parked in front of sign. Photo facing West. Notice how far away the Semi is off to the right. No shoulder high or taller than head cement dividers to the cop cars right side! First responder car #219 is purportedly parked to the right of Pauderts backup car. Notice how the front of car #219 is facing toward the off ramp road. Look how far away this scene is from I-40. Look how far the semi trailer is to the right! Compare the front of car #219 with the following photo taken by AP on May 20, 2010…

This is the real video taken on May 20, 2010 by AP. Note how the front of the first responder car parked in front of the sign is facing toward the Interstate, not the off ramp road! Again, notice how high the cement dividers are here at the real traffic stop, notice how big and close the trees are. The First Responder video put out into the public as genuine (previous photo #10) was also faked!

Here is the what and the why of what happened:

The police fully realized that they had just murdered two completely innocent people that matched NOTHING of the killers, on the APB. The killers were Hispanic (the Kanes were white). There were 3 killers (it was just Jerry and Joe). The killers were all dark complected, Jerry was medium complected and Joe was light complected. The killers vehicle was a white Dodge Caravan with an Orange roof, the Kanes had a white Plymouth Voyager with a WHITE ROOF. Further, the eyewitness said that the killers were all armed with automatic weapons. The Kanes only carried a long rifle and a revolver with them on long trips. The police panicked. After decades of West Memphis, AR police department being under the spotlight and scrutiny for horrible racism and brutal policing, murdering unarmed people and killing children, not to mention the West Memphis 3 debacle and shambles, they knew they wouldn’t survive this final nail in the coffin for them. So they had to try to place the Kanes at the traffic stop they were never at! They had no dash cam, no audio with the Kanes because the Kanes were never involved in the traffic stop. If they had been, the police would have had real dash cam of them. But they didn’t. So the cops commence a (very badly) faked a dash cam…

Look how they photoshopped Jerry on the left photo! We can most assuredly certify that Jerry had dimples and ears. They photoshopped out his EARS! And his dimples. They photoshopped his entire face as evidenced by the yellow smudges, purple lines and weird bulges, and made him look very strange and very fat!

The video the police put out into the public as a genuine dash cam, was faked so badly, it was pathetic. Jerry Kane had lost massive weight. The Arkansas State Police Crime Lab Coroner verifies this on Jerry’s autopsy report. The day after the shootings on May 21, 2010 is when Jerry Kanes autopsy took place. The ASP Crime Lab Coroner describes Jerry Kane as having a slightly obese abdomen. Yet on the faked dash cam put out 41 days later they show a man with a morbidly obese abdomen. Why?  After the incident, the media immediately began showing a photo of Jerry and Joe at a seminar. This photo showed Jerry as pretty heavy. The media kept stating that the Kanes had dozens of videos downloaded on youtube, the last one just 6 days earlier. So the perception was, that the photo of Jerry and Joe was as recent as 6 days prior. It wasn’t. The photo the media kept using of Jerry and Joe was from a seminar Jerry did on August 2, 2009.  As I said, Jerry had lost massive weight since then, he lost almost 70 pounds, and this was verified by the ASP Crime Lab Coroner the day after he was killed by the police. 

They made Joe utterly translucent in certain parts of the reenactment video. You can actually see the reflection of the mirror on the outside passenger rear view mirror, right through his ‘body’.

Now, does anybody really believe that two murdered innocent dead people can just stand right up and star in a faked reenactment that attempts to make them look guilty, long after they are dead? They actually showed fake Joe with 3 hands!

This is the same photo on the last slide, just color inverted. Look at the 3 hands! Look at the squares and rectangles. There is one rectangle that goes from the inside of the van all the way to the boys left hand. This was the worst alteration of photos/video we’d ever seen! People kept contacting us stating that if they had done such a bad job of video/photo alteration in their 1st year of graphics art school, their Professor would have given them F’s!

Joe never cared about himself, he only cared about other people and helping them.

Joe would work very hard and save up his money. What did he mostly do with the money he saved up? His greatest joy was to give $100 bills to people down on their luck, and to homeless people. He said he hoped that the small act of kindness would be the tipping point to help them get back on their feet again. And give them faith again.  Joe never shot at anyone, despite being shot himself in the face with a BB gun by a teenager when he was only 9 years old. He told his dad and his dad went to talk to the teenager about it. The teenager said Joe was lying and called the police and said Jerry was harassing him. Jerry was arrested even though he never touched the teenager. Talk about restraint. The charges were dropped against Jerry.  But Joe didn’t lie. The Arkansas State Police Crime Lab Coroner, on May 21, 2010 on the date of the autopsy, removed an old BB from Joes face, and preserved it in formalin….  Joe was a sweet, loving, wonderful kid. Joe never shot anyone. Ever. 

Vincent Brown, the Fedex driver eyewitness, in his 911 call when he said two white men, one fat, he was describing the two police officers. Here’s why:

Approximately 1 minute 45 seconds into the 911 call:

FEDEX Driver Vincent Brown says: “It’s a Tahoe and it’s a West Memphis Police Officer. Two white men, one fat. TWO COPS ARE DEAD! The other one’s in the ditch! They’re both dead ma’am”.  The two officers were: Two white men and one of them was fat. He is obviously describing the scene as he saw it.  Now using common sense and logic, IF Vincent Brown meant that the Killers were two white men, one fat, then WHY was the APB out for THREE Hispanics???  The 911 call was obviously edited, parts were switched around, there was deliberate noise and talkovers on key parts. This is another item that they refuse to provide the original on, despite a Federal Subpoena! 

On May 20, 2010, two different 911 operators asked Vincent Brown if the killers had Ohio Tags… Vincent Browns response: “No, they took them off”.

  

So according to the eyewitness, we know the killers didn’t have Ohio tags and according to the eyewitness the killers took their plates off at the traffic stop. Either of these two facts alone exonerated Jerry and Joe Kane. Yet when they put the ‘dash cam’ out into the public 41 days later, showing Ohio plates and leaving the scene with Ohio plates, that was in direct conflict with what the eyewitness said. Either they think we are stupid, think we have a short memory, will swallow any BS they hand us, or all three. Bottom line is, for 15 months the police have been *(very badly) trying to cover their homicidal butts for committing murder on an innocent family. Which brings us to our next point……

Why did they show Walmart video from such a far away camera? There were several cameras that were much closer, they would have shown everything! There are several problems with this picture. Not to mention the fact that Walmart refuses to provide to us the original videos they roll 24/7/365, despite a Federal Subpoena…And why is there a white translucent square starting halfway down the back of the minivan window that goes all the way down to the license plate tray?

One of the problems with the previous Walmart photo is the white translucent square that runs starting halfway down the back of the minivan window all the way down to the license plate tray. Why did they alter the video? We believe they altered the Walmart video with the white translucent square on the back of the Kanes minivan to make it appear that the Kanes didn’t have license plates on their minivan. The Arkansas State Police Case Summary Report even states that the Kanes minivan had license plates on it when the Kanes entered the Walmart parking lot. This excluded the Kanes from being the people spotted at the apartment complex parking lot and left the apartment complex in a white van with no license plates!  Furthermore, these cops had just killed two innocent people who didn’t match the race of the killers (Hispanic), the complection of the killers (Dark) the number of killers (3) and their vehicle didn’t match the eyewitness description of the killers vehicle of a white Dodge Caravan with an Orange roof. The Kanes had a white Plymouth Voyager with a white roof!  We believe the cops couldn’t go against the eyewitness statement when he said the killers took their license plates off at the traffic stop. This was their only justification to kill the Kanes, their last ditch Hail Mary was to (Say AND edit the video) making it appear the Kanes didn’t have license plates. When they absolutely had license plates on, according to photoshop experts! 

More info:

 

It was reported in the ASP – Case Summary report that they believe Jerry Kane took his license plates off at Walmart which is in direct conflict with their own report and what is stated previously. Why have they never shown any footage of plates being removed at Walmart which has video rolling 24/7/365? BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST, that’s why. Why have they never shown any dash cam from the dozens of ‘Law enforcement’ vehicles at Walmart? Why did WA Wren state that ‘the Kanes marched toward him in the Walmart parking lot’? Why haven’t we seen this so called footage? How much more ridiculous and utterly outlandish do these stories have to get? Why did the soon to be ex ‘Chief’ Paudert keep talking about the father and son being killers? He knew the Kanes only had one long rifle and a revolver. This was confirmed by the Arkansas State Police on the evening of May 20, 2010 during their Public Press Conference. The Kanes had only one long rifle which is yet another point that completely exonerated them! There were there several different types of automatic weapons rounds that would only fit different types of automatic weapons, found at the traffic stop scene? Because the Kanes were never involved and the killers remain at large, including the WMPD, SWAT, etc.

Why did the brutal, racist soon to be ex ‘Chief’ Paudert keep stating the ‘Kanes had unusual license plates’?

    

The Kanes had a regular official Ohio license plate, number EDE 8396. The Kanes registration is STILL valid until June 2012! ‘Chief’ had to try to keep attempting to cement in people’s minds that the Kanes were involved in a traffic stop, when that was an outright lie. So, what was unusual about the Kanes license plates or registration? Nothing at all. ‘Chief’ Paudert had to keep the lie going, because if he stopped, his whole butt covering as big as Texas lie would unravel proving he (and the others who carried out his order to kill the Kanes) are guilty of multiple homicides on an innocent family and pets. ‘Chief’ Paudert knowingly, willfully and maliciously withheld information in his possession proving that the Kanes were NOT Sovereign citizens, namely Jerry’s A-1 priority notice that clearly defined him as a National. ‘Chief’ Paudert is being forced to leave the WMPD as of September 1, 2011. Why? Because his faked reenactment that he starred in, has now been blown wide out in the open. The City of West Memphis, AR had no choice but to kick this racist, brutal policing murderer off the force, due to liability.

What most people constantly bring up as a completely unexplainable event is how did the officer that ended up in the road possibly get past a supposed cold blooded 16 year old boy they allege was a murderer? 

Excellent observation. Remember, in the fabricated ‘dash cam’ it portrays Mr. Kane and Bill Evans leaving the right of the frame. Then Brandon Paudert follows them, also running off the screen at our 3 o’ clock position. Then the boy running off behind the other three. With an AK-47. If we are to believe their story that the boy was a cold blooded murderer, how are we to believe that the boy managed to let Paudert run from in front of him to behind him, all without being shot himself?

What the West Memphis Police Department has done from Day 1 is conceal facts, withhold exculpatory evidence and lied through their teeth about the real killers. Remember, the eyewitnesses and APB of that day stated the killers were Hispanics (dark complected) The Kanes were caucasian. There were three killers (It was just Jerry and Joe). The killers were “all with automatic weapons” according to the eyewitness. (The Kanes only had one long rifle and a revolver) and the killers vehicle, white Dodge Caravan with an orange roof did not match the Kanes vehicle, white Plymouth Voyager with a white roof! If they admit they killed the wrong people, they admit they are guilty of committing homicides on an innocent family. Sucks to be them right now. They will be found guilty of homicides same as the cops and Sergeant from the Danziger bridge incident were found not only guilty of murder but also guilty of the monumental 5 year long cover up they attempted!

The shell casings were found in a huge rectangle measuring 128 feet by 82 feet. Some of these shell casings were found behind a barbed wire fenced in a pasture. The killers knew the cops habits in pulling people over, and laid in wait for them. How do we know this? 

Because we obtained copies of the officers autopsy reports.

The ‘Official’ story was, the boy was on the ditch side of the vehicles and the other officer ran around the cars on the road side of the vehicles and the boy timed it just right and got off a lucky shot, hitting the officer in the front of his head, thereby the officer fell back, dead. But his autopsy report tells a completely different story. He was never shot in the front of his head. He was shot from the right side of his head out the left side, twice. Also shot from the back of his head out through the front! (This would explain part of his skull fragment being found on the ditch side of the vehicles. His body was shot 14 more times from the left side out through the right, the right side out through the left, from the front out through the back and from the back out through the front, in upward and downward angles, and level.

The special Prosecutor Mike Walden had the downed officers autopsy reports in his hands. We know this because of the fax stamp on the officers reports that were faxed from Craighead County prosecutors officer to The Commercial Appeal!  

 

Mike Walden cleared the officers/people who killed the Kanes with the ridiculous statement of “Well, since everybody is dead”…Huh?? Mike Walden had the evidence in his hands (officers autopsy reports) that conclusively proved 1000% that it was an impossibility for the Kanes to have been the killers, yet Mike Walden remained complicit in the cover up. Mike Waldens clearing of the officers and others who were party to the Homicides of the Kanes, while holding exculpatory & completely exonerating evidence in his hands, is completely NULL AND VOID. Mike Walden DBA and on behalf of the Craighead County Prosecutors Office was complicit in covering up the officers and others misdeeds and murders. Mike Walden was just FINE with innocents being murdered and being portrayed as guilty, as long as it didn’t put more of a black eye on the already black eye of the already low IQ mentality of Arkansas. Mike Walden will be charged as well, for his conspiracy under Color of Law to deprive guaranteed Rights.

The officer that ended up in the ditch was shot from his left side through his right side, from his right side through his left side and from his back out through the front, also in upward, downward and level configurations. 

This explains why they showed the faked dash cam showing the boy firing at the ditch. It might still have been explained away if we’d only gotten Bill Evans autopsy report. But Pauderts autopsy report proves conclusively that this was a strategic surgical strike by professionals. And they were definitely sending a message. Most likely a message sent to the despised Chief of Police. One Bob Paudert. This Chief was the focus of the City of West Memphis, AR and NAACP having three (3) Public Press Conferences in effort to force this Chief to resign. Resign why? For his hypocrisy, racism and brutal policing activities. The City of West Memphis, AR was furious that one of the Chiefs nephews had shot and killed a 12 year old boy and almost killed the boys cousin. Two weeks exactly after the third Public Press Conference to get this racist brutal Chief removed, the Kanes are killed. The same nephew of the Chiefs who killed the little boy, DeAunta Farrow, says he waited until Jerry Kane looked at him and then he blew his brains out.

The Chief is leaving the force on September 1, 2011. Forced to leave due to his homicides on innocents and monumental cover up efforts. This is an enormous liability for the same City of West Memphis, AR that repeatedly attempted to get rid of him 3 times in the past, unsuccessfully.

There has been a lot of speculation that the Hispanic killers were armed with weapons from Operation Gunrunner or Operation Fast and Furious, which was started up in April 2009. Why? 

Because on the officers memorial pages it stated the officers were killed with AK-47’s.

The officers memorial pages stated “The officers had the vehicle occupants exit the vehicle. The vehicle occupants exited the vehicle armed with AK47’s. The officers were killed with AK-47’s. Notice it doesn’t say how many vehicle occupants…  Then, they went to change the memorial pages to reflect the officers were killed with a long rifle and a revolver.  We reminded them that changing the memorial pages to make it appear the Kanes did the killings now made it in direct conflict with what the eyewitness said. Not to mention in direct conflict with the officers autopsy reports and the ASP – Case Summary report which proved the officers were killed with more than one automatic weapon!  So they changed the memorial pages back, to reflect the officers were killed with AK-47’s!  They altered facts, then changed them back when they were caught! 

To further add to the Operation Fast and Furious theory…

Officer Brandon Pauderts autopsy report coroner notated that on Pauderts left hand, written in blue ink, was the following letters and numbers: AZ Do 0428750. This is either an Arizona Drivers license number, license tag number or Green Card number. When Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot and some killed in Arizona, the ATF panicked, as reflected by their internal emails that were obtained. They panicked, hoping that the weapons used in Arizona were not weapons they had let walk over the border, one of which was used to kill the Border Guard! The U.S DOJ refuses to look into the Kane matter. We call and fax, they don’t respond. We call again, they tell us to email. So we email and they don’t respond. We call again and we’re told to email again. Eric Holder actions (or lack thereof we should say) has earned him a spot as one of the DEFENDANT JOHN DOES 1-500.

These police, Game & Fish and others responsible for murdering the innocent Kanes will be put in prison for the rest of their lives. 

The police can NEVER be allowed to be 100% or even 0% in charge of investigations again. They were given too much power and unimaginably, unthinkably abused it. In order to cover themselves for their Homicides on innocents, they (very badly) tried to fake their way out of it. By making their victims innocent appear to be guilty. And by assuming and hoping that we the people, would be complete fools. Newsflash, we are not! There needs to be citizen committees to conduct Internal Investigations. How absurd is it that the police can police themselves with Internal Affairs. Can you imagine if you killed someone and you and your peers were put in charge to see if you (and they by extension) are guilty? Let’s see…I think I would find myself innocent, wouldn’t you?

The expose’ and complicit participation re: the cover up on part of the SPLC, ADL and the Media is coming very soon! 

If you have any questions, comments, or information regarding this cover up and Power Point Presentation, please feel free to email or call us at:

[email protected] or (727) 449-9419 Thank you very much for watching!

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