Kory Gilbert North and South

April 2, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Europe (1815-1915), Industrial Revolution
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Kory Gilbert Similarities between North and South: Both had a Railroad Both had hot summers River Transportation Majority of people were middle class Both dealt with slavery Most people were hardworking African Americans were poorly looked upon

North Society: 

Although the African Americans were free in the north they were still not treated equally to the whites. Most African Americans worked as laborers or servants

Most people were not wealthy or powerful. The North had a strong belief that this is acquired through hard work

Between 1845 and 1860 4 million immigrants entered the North. Most of these people were from Ireland or Germany. Most immigrants worked in factories, while they settled in cities.


Roads in the North were built more smoothly in an attempt to create a smoother path for transportation

Steamboats and clipper ships were created for faster transport along the rivers

Canals were built for areas that were not near a source of water for boat transport

Steam powered locomotives were much faster than the boats, and the tracks could be laid anywhere, which was very useful

Economy: 

Agriculture played a big role in the Northern economy

Poorly paid factory workers replaced skilled craftsmen, because machines became more efficient

Machine labor started to take place during the industrial revolution

Farming became more efficient and advanced

Geography: 

The Bays of the north were very good for harbors to be built

Frozen winters, Hot humid Summers

Narrow flat plains were not good for farming and caused people to move west or turn to trade and crafts

The Appalachian Mountains were covered with forests. The soil was good for farming, and trees were good for lumber

South Society: 

African Americans were brought into slavery, and were treated very poorly

Wealth was based on property of land owned, as well as slaves

The very few free African Americans were treated much poorer than a white southerner. They paid higher taxes, and worked much harder.

White southerners went to many social gatherings and parties

Transportation: 

Most of the south were built along waterways

Ships were the easiest and least expensive way for transportation

There were many railways for trains

The South used steam powered boats to ship their cotton

Economy: 

Many Southerners were proud of the fact that there economy was based on agriculture

The south had to find a solution to prevent the decline of agriculture

Cotton was a very important crop once the Cotton Gin invented by Eli Whitney in 1793. Sales of cotton produced a lot of money

Slavery was important in the economy, because they could work large amounts of land


Mild Winters, and long, hot, humid summers, and rainfall was plentiful

Many Broad, flat rivers good for receiving transported goods

The Appalachian Mountains were good for orchards and farms, and supplied a good amount of lumber. Oysters, crab, and fish were caught in the Chesapeake Bay

Wide coastal plains spanned the Atlantic coast for about 300 miles. This land was good for farming.

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