Leadership Intervention Project – analysis

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Economics
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Leadership Intervention Project – analysis Presented by Olivia Spencer V2R Ltd on behalf of Denise Lavis, CyMAL for the meeting of ALMA UK 4 November 2011

Leadership Project - origins • • • • •

Workforce development group, a snapshot To provide information for decision makers Sponsor - Helen Osborn of Libraries NI Managed by - MLA & Katrina Thomson SLIC; Museums & Galleries Scotland; CyMAL; Libraries NI; MLA and LLUK

Leadership Project: Findings • • • • • •

A varied picture of leadership development More ‘reported’ examples in England May be higher provision in other 3 nations Very little evidence of provision in Archives Larger organisations have better access Smaller organisations are disadvantaged

Leadership Interventions - Findings • Some have embedded leadership qualities into their performance & HR frameworks • Focus on innovation helps to create more dynamic environment for new leaders • Leadership development support is being cut back as part of budget constraints

Leadership Intervention Challenges • Formulating a strategy & framework • Sufficient time, planning & resources • Recognition that leadership development improves effectiveness • Ensuring that learning can be applied • Co-ordinate external courses with internal working practices and learning plans • Offer flexibility in delivery and accreditation

LLUK – skills assessment Library, archive & information employers identified the following five key skills: • Partnership working • Community engagement and development • Managing change, literacy and ICT skills • Promoting and marketing the organisation • Fund raising and bid writing

Four Nations – key information overview snapshot • Scotland – quality improvement tools • England – MLA funded programmes (10yrs), Clore Foundation, CLP • Wales/CyMAL – accreditation, directory Clore, WCVS, CyMAL & PSMW plus more • N. Ireland – EFQM, managing people – PRONI – civil service leadership development

Leadership development interventions – analysis • Hierarchical orgs holding back talent • Strategy to support innovative leadership • Diversify the talent base, where are current leaders coming from & are they? • Support smaller organisations • Leadership qualifications and academia • Private sector experience, work exchange

Leadership development interventions – analysis • Clear policy on succession planning • Awareness, communication, collaboration • Collaboration between organisations, providers and staff to embed in work place • Mixed menu of provision & online directory • Political, professional & corporate context • EFQM as a tool – development & quality • Public Service Management Wales (PSMW)

Leadership development interventions – analysis • • • • •

Key leaders database for mentoring Link to accreditation & support SMEs Reward innovation & share knowledge Identify a common evaluation process Encourage linking learning to appraisal and performance framework in context • Ensure pre-course diagnostic/follow up

Leadership development interventions – analysis • • • • •

Look to the wider sector and examples Help with funding initiatives and applying Explore ways to support smaller orgs Allow for constraints and flexible working Learn from ten years of leadership intervention and development research

Leadership development interventions – current practice • External leadership courses – national or regional • Internal leadership courses – bespoke • Innovations – new approaches

External Programmes • • • • • •

Clore Leadership Programme Leading Archives and Museums Leading Modern Public Libraries Take the Lead Corporate Change Fund Leadership Wales – competency framework, courses, PSMW, Executive leadership, postgraduate certificate, living library etc

External Programmes • Collection Skills Initiative – NI • Innovators – East of England Museums

• Leading Change – W. Midlands Museums • Next generation Leadership – Yorkshire • V & A Leadership Development Courses

Internal Programmes • • • • •

Mentoring and coaching Management approaches Graduate traineeships Bespoke leadership development courses Whole organisation approach to leadership development • Examples of good practice

Benefits • • • • • • • •

Gaining confidence and perspective Making a link between learning & practice Using leadership dev as an integrated tool Weaving leadership dev in all aspects of working at all levels Developing a combination of approach Bespoke opportunities Broaden skills and experience Developing new qualities e.g. philanthropy, slimming down and financial sustainability

Framework for discussion How might ALMA UK identify needs & the future? • Agree a UK wide strategy for development • Set out a process and criteria • Identify key analytical tools e.g. 360 • Link to quality improvement & accreditation • Encourage mentoring, coaching, shared learning • Establish a collaborative agreement • Offer support in accessing funding

Framework for discussion • • • • • •

Link to career development Encourage on the job placements Ensure consistent coverage & approach Commission innovative work Support for business case and evaluation CLP work on economic outcomes

Questions and action • What leadership skills will be needed in the next 3-5 years? • How will succession planning develop? • How can leadership development be taken forward in times of economic constraint? • How can learning be integrated in work? • What potential is there to work across borders? • What next ?– action building on this report

Thank You Olivia Spencer V2R Ltd for CyMAL November 2011 [email protected]

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