lecture Eight and Nine

January 17, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Sports Medicine
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Sport markets and social division Social injustice Social inequality Gender inequality Ethnic misrepresentation

Social Inequalities • Inequality of condition – income , education, occupation, participation • Inequality of opportunity – the individual and concerned with degree of freedoms that people have –

Democracy in sport a myth • In many respects there is NOT a widening degree of opportunity and a diminishing degree of separatism – rather the opposite • Jarvie argues that in Britain there is an obsession with class and privilege unlike the USA and this is reflected in sports democracy and opportunity • Sport reproduces prestige, status and power

Ethnic representation in Sport • Varying degrees of racism with contemporary examples (CITE) • Worth examining that dominant white countries and continents dominate sport governance and decision making • Ethnic groups amongst lowest participation levels in UK

Examples • Sportscoacing in the UK – Most coaching Volunteers tend to be white middle class and a misrepresentation of other societal groups – young, ethnic, older. The structure and social capital needed is exclusive • Funding of elite sports – at the expense of participation sport levels. Global identity is favoured more (curling, cycling, swimming) • Sports Governing bodies do not work hard enough to involve socially excluded groups • Minority sports find funding and opportunity harder to come by – the processes involved can be prohibitive and off putting

Examples • Perceived sport success stories (Collins) should be critically analysed... • Lack of long term evaluation, monitoring or funding • Notion of short termitis (Coulter) • More long term strategic planning is called for

Sport and Gender Inequality Contemporary studies and evidence suggest that more equity is developing between the genders However we must look at historical backdrop to inform us Women's sports/activities very different from men –perceived as less serious, frivolous, recreational, opposed to male sports brave, courageous, more attractive Most majority sports governed by men Females are misrepresented in media, commerce and in the public perception Female sports receive less funding and opportunity Cite examples – bbc sfa etc etc

Take home messages • Sport and gender remain a very clear example of social division • Sport can and must do better to create more equity across all aspects of society

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