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Computer Aided Thermal Fluid Analysis Lecture 1 Dr. Ming-Jyh Chern

Road Map for Today • Welcome to Computer Aided Thermal Fluid Analysis! • Administrative Issues

– How to find me, Text Books, Exams, Office Hours, Homework, Grading etc.

• Course Description • Fundamentals of LINUX

Administrative Issues

How to find me? • Office: T3 708 • Tel: 02-27376496 • E-mail:[email protected]

Discussion Forum • http://smetana.me.ntust.edu.tw • Who is Smetana? Bedřich Smetana (2 March 1824 - 12 May 1884) was a Czech composer. He is best known for his symphonic poem Vltava (better known as The Moldau from the German), the second in a cycle of six which he entitled Má vlast ("My Country"), and for his opera The Bartered Bride.

The Vltava, Prague, Czech

Discussion Forum

Textbooks • Versteeg, H.K. and Malalasekera, W. 1995 An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics – The Finite Volume Method,

Addison Wesley Longman, Edinburgh, UK. • User Guide – STAR-CD version 3.1, 1999 Computational Dynamics Limited. • Methodology – STAR-CD version 3.1, 1999 Computational Dynamcs Limited.

Exams and Grading • About the assignments – We will have about 6-8 assignments for the semester. – If you hand in homework one week late, you will get a 10% deduction taken off. After one week, the homework will not be accepted.

• There will be an oral examination in the end of the semester.

Course Description

What will we learn from this course? • This course mainly gives you fundamental

concepts of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and the finite volume method. • The commercial package, STAR-CD, is the main tool utilized in this course. • The most important in this course to you is not listening carefully in the lecture but practicing tutorials!

Fundamentals of LINUX

Access the account in IBM-SPP • We need to access the workstation

( at the CFDLAB to use STAR-CD. • Exceed is required as the interface of your window and the workstation. • You’d better to access the workstation using putty.

Basic Commands of LINUX


cd and pwd

Download PDF files • URL:

smetana.me.ntust.edu.tw/download/starc d • You will find files including manuals of STAR-CD and PowerPoint files.

Fundamentals of CAE • CAE – Computational Aided Engineering • For an engineering problem, designs must

be validated before they are manufactured. CAD can help engineers work out their ideas and establish models, but CAD cannot help engineers to know if their ideas workable or not.

Fundamentals of CFD • CFD-Computational Fluid Dynamics • The main purpose of CFD is to simulate

flow phenomena using numerical methods. • Finite difference method, finite element method and finite volume method are commonly used in CFD. • This course is based on the finite volume method.

STAR-CD • STAR-CD is a product of Computational

Dynamic Limited. The current version is 3.24. • STAR-CD uses the finite volume method. • There are three parts in STAR-CD: PROSTAR, STAR-GUI, COMMAND WINDOW

How can we access STAR-CD? • You do not need to purchase a copy of

STAR-CD. The way for you to use STARCD is to access • STAR-CD at is installed at a PC, an LINUX machine. We need a software to access the machine first. Currently, we use exceed as the interface between the local host and the workstation.

What can STAR-CD do for us? • General fluid problems • Conjugate heat and fluid problems • Heat conduction problems • Heat convection problems

Mesh from ICEM

Moving Mesh

Four Major Modeling Process • Phase 1 – Working out a modeling

strategy • Phase 2 – Setting up the flow model using


• Phase 3 – Performing the flow analysis using STAR • Phase 4 – Post-processing the results using PROSTAR

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