Live Blood Analysis Final - MEDI OZONE CENTRE by Dr. Francis Low

January 25, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Immunology
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Live Blood Analysis

Dr Francis Low Alternative Medicine & Nutritionist

Feeling tired and restless ?

Sick Of Getting Colds?

Skin And Body Aging Quickly

Struggling To Lose Weight

When The Balance Is More Alkaline

It’s Busting With Energy. It Has A “Bullet Proof Immune System “ But There Is A Problem Most Of Us Are Too Acidic

Why Are We Too Acidic? Because Our Lifestyle Consist Of:Stress, Pesticides, Drugs, Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, Processed Foods, Artificial Sweeteners Air Pollution, Imitation, Fried Foods, Foods, Sugar, Chemicals, Alcohol, Tobacco, Burgers, Radiations Your Body Fight To Keep You Balanced

Stay Alkaline by taking more fruits and vegetables

A Quick Fact It Takes Around 33 Glasses Of Water To Neutralize :

I Glass Of Cola

It hits your weakest organ that are already prone to diseases or inheritory cancer Cancer cells become dormant if your ph is at 7.4

On the top of all that, It contaminates something else

Your Blood

Your Body Is Like A Car

Your Body Is Like A Car Running A Car With Dirty Oil Would: Causes the engine parts to wear off quickly, Could not operate as it was designed to,

Becomes not reliable Lose it’s power

Your Red Blood Cells Deliver Oxygen To The Tissues Collect Carbon Dioxide Convey Vitamins,sugar, and Amino Acids

Each Red Blood Cell Is Surrounded By Negative charge

So they frantically repel and bounce off each other

Each Red Blood Cells:

Delivering their goodness at high speed

How Is It Possible To Get Alkalize Nowadays

It’s through green drinks and ph water drops

And Finally, You will achieve 7.4ph, so you can: Experience high level of energy Lose weight very easily Beat the usual aging process Fight off serious diseases And generally feel on the top of the world.

All done naturally without drugs and chemicals.

Acid / Alkaline are the rules of Nature Plants: When your soil is acidic, no matter what fertilizer you use, you crop won’t grow well. Fish: After the harvest, the fish pond must be treated with alkaline ( Calcium Carbonate ) You also put a packet of corals into your fish aquarium to neutralize the acid. Animals: When your dog or cat is sick they will know how to alkalize themselves by eating herbs and grass. All animals in the animal kingdom does that Humans: We humans are very well educated. When we are sick, we visit our doctors to get pain killers and high does of antibiotics. This is where the trouble starts. Why can’t we think of alkalizing ourselves.

Copyrighted And Produced By: Dr Francis C.T. Low PhD (Alternative Medicine and Nutritionist) Medi Ozone Centre. No 17, 17-1, Jln Kristal 1, Tmn Limbongan Indah, 75200 Melaka. Website: 016-6682000, 016-6116433

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