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Music Notes

Music is a central aspect of the novel Characters are defined by their musical preferences and driven by their love of music

Think of some examples.

A formal style of music often orchestrated for courts and churches There are 3 distinct periods

Became increasingly complex, soft , loud, slow, fast, high, low Handel Bach

Characterised by the symphony  Orderly, clear, balanced,  Appealing to intellect not senses Mozart Haydn

Vague period not easily defined Liszt Wagner

  

Beethoven bridges the gap between Classical and Romantic Became deaf, experienced isolation like Keller Music full of powerful feelings and emotions What music does Keller choose for Paul to play in Adelaide and why? What music did Keller love before his personal tragedy? See page 139

Why does Keller have to be led away from the outdoor concert after hearing Wagner?

What music does Paul overhear Keller singing and playing ?

And how is he playing it?

See page 73

Keller’s wife Mathilde was an Opera Singer who specialised in Wagner. Wagner was Hitler’s favourite composer. Keller was playing for Hitler when his wife and child were taken away.

Child musical genius, died in his thirties.

How is he described on page 144?

Paul uses this line to impress Rosie on page 163

Paul considers playing Mozart at Keller’s death.

How does Keller describe Bach on page 27? Why does Keller ask Paul to play the children’s Bach?

What does Paul learn about music, himself and the maestro on page 71?

Which composer does Keller make a joke about on page 64? What is the name of this kind of humour?

Polish, lived in exile. His music reflected his homesickness and nostalgia. How does Paul react when Keller stops him from showing off his ability? Pages 12 &13

When Paul tells Keller that Rachmaninoff is ‘so beautiful’, what is Keller’s warning? P. 50

Chuck Berry

• •

How does Paul feel about playing this music? Page 91

Recorded background music for elevators, and shopping centres.

At what stage of the novel does Paul object to this music being played?

 

Intermezzo Short piece of music or drama between acts of an opera or dramatic production (provides a break) What new developments occur in Paul’s life in ‘Intermezzo’?

 

Rubato Method to make music more dramatic by changing tempo of right hand. What ways is it mentioned in the novel? (Consider in terms of both Paul and Keller.)

 

Libretto Book of words that goes with music of an opera. What else does libretto describe in Keller’s world?

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