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Mail Boxes Etc. (UK) Ltd. Mike Hawkins – Sales and Marketing Director Leah Stanley – Marketing Executive

Mike Hawkins

Contact Details

Sales and Marketing Director t. 01608 647 013 e. [email protected]

James Simmons Marketing Manager t. 01608 649 234 e. [email protected]

Leah Stanley Marketing Executive t. 01608 649 238 e. [email protected]

MBE UK Ltd. 15 Cromwell Park Chipping Norton Oxfordshire OX7 5SR t. 01608 649 230 f. 01608 645 483

Company Overview • Franchise based company – Global representation of 1350 stores – Currently 123 stores throughout the UK & Ireland – 83% of our UK network is within 10 miles of a University

• Main Services: – – – – –

International and Domestic Shipping & Courier services Printing, binding, copying services Mailbox Rental services Postal Services Stationery & Office supplies

Your alternative shipping centre -filling the gaps in your shipping needs

MBE stores are authorised ship centres for all the internationally recognised carriers – UPS, DHL, Parcelforce Worldwide, FedEx and TNT

Our wide range of service choice means we can ship ANYTHING, ANYWHERE. – Documents, small parcels, large packages, freight etc. – Internationally and Domestically

Shipping to and from abroad – Not only can we ship your belongings from the UK around the world, but we can have your personal effects collected and shipped from abroad to the UK. An ideal service for international students before term begins.

Collection services – We can collect your shipments to save you dropping them off at the store.

Your alternative shipping centre… •

MBE stores are experts in packaging and retail in all necessary packaging materials – Our stores will ensure all valuable or fragile items are packaged correctly to ensure safety throughout transit.

Paperwork and documentation taken care of by the store to minimise extra customs duties or other problems encountered when crossing foreign borders. – Customs around the globe can be a mine field to navigate. MBE have developed a wealth of expertise in ensuring the smooth transit of goods through all ports of exit and entry – Our stores know the restrictions and limitations of all carriers as to what commodities can be shipped where. – Our range of services allows us to provide solutions for any shipment.

Enhanced cover – provides cover for your more valuable or fragile shipments. – Many carriers will not offer insurance on personal effects or only provide a minimum cover of £75. MBE will cover almost all consignments, providing you with peace of mind.

Track and Trace – for further reassurance.

Your alternative print shop -filling the gaps in your printing needs

• Digital and Lithographic printing – Meaning that no print job is too small or too large.

• Wide format printing – For large projects, posters, banners and other jobs which may not be available in campus based print facilities

• Black & white and colour photocopying • Mail fulfilment solutions – MBE can mail-merge your print runs with your data records, fill the envelopes and post them domestically or internationally – taking large mailing jobs off your hands.

Your alternative print shop… • Print and bind services – ideal for students when on campus print facilities are too busy: – Hard back, soft back and wire comb binding – Gold/silver embossed lettering – Spot laminate lettering Students can email their dissertation/theses or project to any MBE store with their instructions and have them post/ship the finished product to any address in the world. So you don’t need to be near to a store to use their services.

Mail Box Rental - mailing address solutions • • • • • •

Alternative high street address Rental periods – 3 months/6 months/12 months/2 years/5 years + Physical/virtual mailbox 24 hour access available Mail management – you will be alerted by text/email when you receive mail. Mail forwarding – Royal mail services – Mail fulfilment services

• Sign for all deliveries – MBE stores accept mail and parcels from any carrier, including all online purchases

• Company formation

– businesses can register their company at Companies House using an MBE address

Mail Box Rental - mailing address solutions • Student mailbox prices – special low price for 3 years – One safe and secure, private mailing address for their whole university career

• Visiting lecturers/professors using temporary accommodation may find a mailbox a safer and more convenient solution for their short term mailing. – Any mail received after their stay can be forwarded on domestically or internationally.

• University body can rent a ‘Premier box’ which allows up to 10 different mailing names to be registered there. Could be used for visiting lecturers/temporary staff or segregating certain mail. – Mail-fulfilment and other mailing solutions can be used in collaboration – MBE can act as the university’s mail room if it does not have it’s own.

Storage Solutions • Once personal effects are shipped over from the student’s home country, they can be stored until the student arrives. • Belongings can also be stored over Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks when students need to clear out dorms or are in between accommodation. *Subject to availability

Postal Services • International mailing services • Domestic post and stamps • Mail fulfilment – mail-merging, printing, envelope filling, stamping and mailing

Services for Students • International/domestic shipping – Shipping personal effects to and from home – Storage Solutions

• Printing, binding and copying – Printing and binding dissertations, theses and assignments. – Wide format printing

• Virtual mailing address – 3 years at a special student rate.

Open Universities • Those studying at Open universities will not have an easy solution for their dissertation or theses printing and binding. • MBE provide the perfect solution for these students. • We would welcome help or advice in reaching these students.

Testimonials •

"I have found working with MBE to be very easy. Their professional approach to everything and their willingness to accommodate the Clubs of UCC and work with us to create promotional material that catches the eye is one of the main reason we encourage all of our clubs to use MBE" (Shane Carroll, President, Clubs Executive, University College Cork)

“I have just received the two copies of my dissertation, I am impressed with the quality and timely response by you and the MBE company. It has been a very smooth, easy process and I am incredibly grateful and will be recommending you to my work colleagues who are carrying out the same degree programme. Once again many thanks, all the best.” (Jason, student from Nottingham)

“ I am writing to thank MBE for getting all of my possessions home to Hong Kong safely. Everything arrived happily including my picture frame with glass. I hope to use you again when I am back in the UK.” (Tam, student from Bristol)

Case Study – MBE Oxford A USA Tech University For the last 15 years A Tech University in USA has used the international shipping services of our Oxford Headington branch. Georgia Tech run a summer school with Worcester College and 150 students come to Oxford for 2 months every summer for teaching. Every year our Oxford branch ship the following from the USA and back again: - Teaching materials - Students personal effects - Tutor personal effects They are always extremely pleased with the convenience and expertise of the service, as is demonstrated by their continuing use of MBE services.

The Student Room-


Student Shipping

Customer Focused • Mail Boxes Etc. centres pride themselves on delivering first class personal customer services.

• As a local high street store MBE franchisees like to create relationships with their customers and work hard to maintain those. WITH MBE, CUSTOMERS COME FIRST

Finance Terms of finance and or any agreement would be discussed locally.

Ease of Use • MBE UK Ltd have a variety of systems that would enable smooth transitions and communications. – We offer the facility to track and trace online or we can do this on your behalf. – Print design help and advice is available in store to ensure your products are the best that they can be. – Online mailbox rental at allows you to set up an account in minutes.

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