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MATHS IN Olympics


Have you ever wondered whether there is any use of Math in Olympics and how?

We use Math in a lot of Olympic games like football, basketball etc and also in athletics.

Let’s start with calculation in sports.

In soccer they need math. The reason is because they have to calculate the yards they get to the touchdown. A soccer field is 100 yards long, and it is marked by a line every 10 yards. The 50 yard line is in the center of the field, and it divides one team’s side from the other.

Now, on to addition.

In Basket ball they need math. One of the ways they use math in basketball is because they have to find the total points a player scores a game.

Let’s see the averaging part.

In judging events like gymnastics, diving etc the marks scored by an athlete is always calculated by averaging the marks after ignoring the highest and lowest marks awarded.

E.g. A gymnast was awarded 10,7,8,6,9 by 5 different judges out of 10. The actual mark earned by him out of 10 will be = (7+8+9)/3 = 24/3= 8.

Now, We want to see the importance of time & speed in Sports? Don’t we?

A diver needs to calculate the time & the speed to complete the diving with the stunts before he/she could touch the pool. If he/she has to do more stunts or difficult stunts, then he/she has to do it faster.

Math is used in Athletics to help the athletes to achieve new distances, new speeds and new heights and also to help them not hurt themselves.

A sprinter should know the maximum speed at which he/she has to run to cover the distance in minimum time and win the race in record time.

Next, we need to know the importance of proper elevation.

A discuss thrower should throw his/her discuss in the 45° elevation to cover the maximum distance. A discuss will travel the maximum distance with the same power, if it is thrown on 45° elevation. The same is the case with a shot putter, Javelin thrower etc.

Why did we leave the angle?

A pole-vaulter would need to calculate the angle he/she will go up and come down. A mismatch in calculation will hurt him/her.

In other sports too, Math play a vital role. Calculation of batting or bowling average of cricketer,

Winning percentage of a particular player or a team, Records and statistics of a player or a team

All these are recorded and maintained with the help of Math.

Thus we can say that without the

help of Math we may not enjoy the sports in its true spirit.

THANKS Avinash S. Kamath Std: IV B

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