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January 21, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Mem Fox

Mem Fox Author Study

Biographical Info.  

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Born March 5, 1946 in Melbourne, Australia 6 months old - moved to Rhodesia, Africa with her missionary parents (now called Zimbabwe) Spoke their local language, Ndebele, better than English Loved her first school experience Learned to write by using her finger to draw the letters in the “red earth”

Biographical Info.(cont.)  

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Lived in all black community Didn’t see herself as different until she was 5 Wrote her first book at 10 years old Moved to London to study drama at 19 years old Liked writing better than acting so she moved back to Australia - 1970

Biographical Info.(cont.)    

Married husband - Malcolm Had daughter Chloe Became professor in Literary Studies at Finders University Teacher by day, writer by night and weekend

First Book 

Hush, the Invisible Mouse – Inspired by daughter because she did not have any books to help her identify as an Australian – Tried and tried to get published – Rewrote story 23 times – Took 5 years and 9 rejections to get published – Had to change mouse to possum and called book “Possum Magic” Interesting Irony: best selling children’s book in history of Australia

Bibliography   

*book list* 35 children’s books 5 nonfiction adult books


“Emotion is to picture books as flour is to bread” - Mem Fox


“If we don’t laugh, gasp, block our ears, sigh, vomit, giggle, curl our toes, sympathize, feel pain, weep, or shiver during the reading of a picture book, then surely the writer has wasted our time, our money, and our precious trees.” - Mem Fox

Use of Language 




Real life - easily relatable situations

Possum Magic - 1983 

Story Behind Book:


Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge - 1984 

Story Behind Book:


Hattie and the Fox - 1986 

Story Behind Book:


Night Noises - 1989 

Story Behind Book:


Koala Lou - 1988

Mem Fox’s Favorite Book 2 years, 49 drafts to write it Story Behind Book:


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