MIDTERM REVIEW - Hamburg Central School District

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Early Colonial Settlement O Early forms of representative democracy

Declaration of Independence O Thomas Jefferson O John Locke

O Natural rights O People by the people O People should change or abolish the

government O Common Sense

Weakness of A. of C. O Weak central gov’t O States had more power

O No president O Each state made their own money O 9/13 to pass any law

O All 13 to change the Articles

Great Compromise O Representation base on population O Equal representation

O Bicameral O House of Reps – based on population O Senate – Equal representation (2 per state)

3/5 Compromise O Slaves to count for representation O Slaves not counted

O Slaves will count for O Taxation O Representation

Ratification O 9 out of 13

Federalism O Division of power between the state and

federal government O Delegated – federal gov’t powers O Reserved – State gov’t powers O Concurrent – Powers they share

Legislative Branch O Makes O House of Representatives & Senate

O Impeach the President O Declare War O Controls gov’t spending

Executive Branch O Enforces/carries out O Commander in Chief

O Chief of gov’t O Pardons people O Gives State of Union address

O Makes treaties O Appoints judges, etc

Electoral College O Formal election of the President O Can win popular vote and lose election

O Candidates campaign in populated states

Judicial Branch O Determining if a law is constitutional or not O Marbury v. Madison

O Life O So they are free from political pressure

Checks & Balances O So one branch doesn’t get too much power O Veto

O Impeach O Override veto O Judicial Review

O President nominates judges & ambassadors

Unwritten Constitution O Judicial review O Political Parties

O Cabinet O Lobbyist O Political Action Committees

Flexibility O The first 10 Amendments O ¾

O “Elastic Clause” – Congress can make laws

to meet the needs of a changing society O Constitution is the supreme law of the land O McCulloch v. Maryland

Washington O Cabinet, two-term tradition O Political parties would divide country

O Entangling alliances

Federalists v. Anti-federalists O Federalists O Strong federal gov’t

O Industry O For England

O Anti-federalists O Strong state gov’t O For France O Agriculture

Isolationism O Stay out of foreign affairs

Jefferson O Louisiana Purchase O France for 15 million O New Orleans O Doubled

O Following the Constitution word for word O Not following the Constitution word for word O As a strict constructionist, Jefferson should

have argued against the purchase; used his treaty making powers

War of 1812 O Impressment O Short term rise in nationalism

O U.S. survived a major war on their own

Monroe O Time of peace and prosperity after the War

of 1812 O No new European colonies in the Western Hemisphere

Jackson O They got rid of the land requirement to vote O Giving gov’t jobs to friends, family and

political supporters

Indian Removal O Worcester v. Georgia O Indians won case because they had a treaty

with the federal government O Jackson disregards decision and removes them O Trail of Tears – forceful removal of Cherokee west of the Mississippi River

Tariff Issues O Tariff of Abominations – 40% tax O South hated it

O Forces people to buy American goods O Protects American businesses

Bank O Got rid of national bank O Put gov’t money into state banks (pet banks)

Reforms - Abolition O Movement to end slavery O Frederick Douglass

O William Lloyd Garrison O Harriet Tubman O Harriet Beecher Stowe

Reforms - Inventions O 1st Industrial Revolution O John Deere

O Steamboat, & Steam locomotive O Canal development

Reforms - Religious O Second Great Awakening

Reforms - Education O Horace Mann O Elimination of one room school houses

O Grade levels O Teacher training

Reforms – Mentally Ill O Dorothea Dix O Helped reform prisons and mental

institutions O Educated people about mentally ill

Manifest Destiny O God given right to expand sea to shining sea

1. Independent from England 2. War in revolutionary war w/England 3. Bought from France for $15 million

4. Won in war; Treaty of Guadalupe-Hildalgo 5. Bought from Mexico for railroad 6. From Spain in Adams – Onis Treaty

Missouri Compromise O Missouri enters as a slave state O Maine enters as a free state

O 36o30’ line is established

Six Causes of the War O Compromise of 1850 O Kansas – Nebraska Act (Bleeding Kansas)

O Dred Scott Case O Uncle Tom’s Cabin O John Brown’s Raid

O Election of Lincoln

O Election of Lincoln O Preserve the Union

O Gettysburg O Draft O Habeas corpus

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