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March 1, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Renaissance (1330-1550), Feudalism
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Martin Luther King Middle School UNIFORM POLICY 2012-2013 Uniforms are required for all students enrolled at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. School uniforms help us create the safest possible environment for our students and instill a sense of school spirit. Please help us by ensuring that your child is dressed in uniform each day. Provisions of uniforms for students who express a need will be available through our “uniform closet”. This is comprised of gently “worn” donated items from students who no longer attend our school or who have outgrown the item. Please see our guidance counselors for assistance. Failure to comply with the Uniform Policy is a violation of Section IV Rule 4-Student Dress and Rule 7-Insubordination and students may receive a consequence in accordance with the guidelines written in the 2011-2012 CMS Code of Student Conduct- Student Rights and Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook.

Each student’s uniform must: • Fit properly, not to exceed one (1) size beyond the correct size; • Not be modified in any way; • Not allow for sagging, bagging, or dragging; and • Not have visible logos Upon new enrollment during the school year, a student will have 5 school days in which to comply with the dress code. By the sixth school day, the student must be in compliance. Shirts Students are expected to wear light blue shirts with short or long sleeves. Shirts may not bear any insignias, slogans, pictures, diagrams, or any other adornment or writing. Only light blue, white, black, and grey undershirts can be worn beneath the uniform shirt. Students who purchase or are given “MLK, Citizen Schools, or AVID” t-shirts may wear these with regular uniform bottoms. Bottom Wear Girls are expected to wear khaki (tan in color) pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or capris. Skirts, shorts, or skorts must be past the fingertips. Boys are expected to wear khaki (tan in color) pants or shorts. Pants must be worn at the waistline.

Socks must be light blue, black, brown, or white and solid in color. Sweaters and Sweatshirts If a student wishes to wear something over his or her uniform shirt in the classroom, they may wear plain light blue, black, grey, or white sweaters or sweatshirts. Logos/writing and designs are unacceptable. Jackets Jackets or coats can be worn as seasonably appropriate. Jackets/coats may be worn in the hallways ONLY IF they are solid light blue, black, grey or white. Unacceptable Attire  No denim, polyester/spandex clothing, athletic shorts/pants; skirts with slits (long or short)  No flip-flops, bedroom slippers, athletic slides, shower shoes, or stilettos  No hats, “do-rags”, bandanas, hair rollers, scarves, combs, picks or brushes The administration reserves the right to prohibit a particular item of clothing or accessory if it is not specifically covered by this policy, but is deemed to cause sufficient concerns regarding the appropriateness for school.

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