Modern Dance History

January 19, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Objective 1: Learn the historical and cultural concepts and evolution of modern dance to post modern. Objective 2: Focus on the modern and post modern styles of Isadora Duncan, Merce Cunningham, Jose Limon, Lester Horton , Trisha Brown

A written assessment of short answer and reflection. Take Home 

Three groups will be created and you will be assigned to create a timeline of either: 1st Generation Modern Choreographers 1920-1950 2nd Generation Modern Choreographers 1950-1980 2rd Generation Modern Choreographers 1980-Present

Modern dance was created in revolt against traditional ballet in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s. Self expression was dominant over technique and discipline The techniques were developed over time through experimentation Modern dance was often viewed as “ugly” and un appealing to general audiences in the beginning.

Went against the constraints of ballet using childlike movements like running and skipping to express herself Although born in America she spend most of her time performing in Europe At the height of her fame both of her children died She adopted all of her dancers called the “Isadorables” She died in a freak auto accident

What words would you use to describe her style of dancing?

Her movement inspiration came off of a picture of Egyptian Deities she saw in her young days as a dancer She fashioned her dance style off of folklore from Japan, India, and China She married Ted Shawn and they opened the Denishawn School of Dance

This dance is suppose to be reminiscent of a street dancing girl in India. How would you compare this to what people think of as street dancing today in America? Do women street dance often in our country?

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First male to achieve popular influence in America by starting first all male dance company in 1933 He founded Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival Married to Ruth St. Denis and they ran the Denishawn School of Dance

How would you compare or contrast the styles of Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn in these particular videos? Describe the movement referencing the five elements of dance: space, time, effort/energy, body and relationship.

He was born in Mexico and his choreography was influenced by Spanish dancing and music as well as the rituals of bullfighting and the violence of the Mexican Revolution As an young adult he enrolled In dance classes at the Humphrey Weidman Studio. (Two other noted modern dance pioneers_ The Limon Dance Company was formed in 1946

Why is it important to develop you dramatic ability as a dancer? What do you think Limon emphasized more after viewing an excerpt from his work; the dance or the drama? What do you prefer?

Created his own codified modern dance technique still used widely for training today Studied at the Denishawn, ballet modern and native american dance First group of Lester Horton dancers appeared in 1932

What outside elements are being used here by Merce Cunningham and how do think experimenting like this helps modern dance advance?

What message does this style of movement convey to you? Do you feel the choreographer is trying to convey a message?

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