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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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My Toys

Primary One

How many balls are there?

one two three four

five six seven eight



Here is your room. What toys do you have?

What do you have ?

I have a teddy bear.

What do you have ?

I have a bus.

What do you have ?

I have a ball.

What do you have ?

I have a car.

What do you have ?

I have a doll.

What do you have ?

I have a robot.

Let’s look at Amy’s toys and Simon’s toys.

Amy’s toys

What does she have?

She has a doll. She has a teddy bear. She has a ball.

Simon’s toys

What does he have? He has a car. He has a robot. He has a bus.

What toys do the children have ?

What toys does Betty have?

She has one ball. She has one car. She has one ball and one car.

What toys does Sam have?

He has one robot. He has nine robots. He has one robot and nine balls.

What toys does Mary have?

She has ___ ___ and ___ ___.


She has three cars and ten dolls.

What toys does Charlie have?

He has ___ ___ and ___ ___.


He has two robots and six buses.

What toys does Tom have?

_______________________________ .


He has five buses and seven teddy bears

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