Notation for Simple proposition and Connective

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Grammar
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Lets try to write it

Notation is a system of written symbols. Simple proposition can be written through a notation to show the essentials of proposition

Simple proposition has just one predicator which is written in capital letters The arguments of the predicator are represented by single lower case letters, putting one of these letter before the predicator and after the predicator (if there are other predicator)

The element such as forms of the verb be, article, tense marker and certain preposition are omitted. Preposition which make no contribution to the sense of a sentence are omitted and vice versa Two word verbs such as look-for, turn down and switch on are treated as single predicates

 

John died j DIE Romeo loved Juliet r LOVE j George was a nephew of Alice NEPHEW a


Is a sentence to declare that two referring expression found in the sentence have the same referent. ◦ Example :  Venus is the morning star

Use “=“ to represent the verb be     

Example : Obama is the president of USA o=p Venus is the morning star V= ms

 

1. j LOVE m 2. c story 3. aw = artist

Jim loves Mary Cinderella is a story Ari Wibowo is an artist

It is used to make complex propositional formulae by connecting simple propositional formulae ◦ Example :  Wayan loves Ina and Ani  (w LOVE i) & (w LOVE a)

 Kunti was Bima’s mother or Gatotkaca’s grandmother and Duryudana’s aunt  (k MOTHER b) V {(k GRANDMOTHER g) & (k AUNT d)}

1. Bob will take Lucy, Cory and Diana 2. Either Bangkok or Chiang Mai is the capital of Thailand 3. Japan and Dutch colonized Indonesia

If you have any questions, leave it to my email or we will discuss it next week. Good Luck

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