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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Criminal Justice
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ABOUT ME • Served 9 years with the Sheriff Office. 8 years on Patrol. 7 years investigating gang, register offenders, and other extremist groups.

• Before the Sheriff Office Case worker for New Beginnings Shelter. • Attended University of Michigan with degrees in Sociology and Political Science.

• Local kid born and raised in Sterling KS. Grew up with my wife of 8 years. I have 2 girls that have given me my grey hair.

• Treasurer for Kansas Gang Investigators Association. • A brief plug for KGIA,

Member for 6 years.

OBJECTIVES • Learn recent history of OMG in KS that have brought us to the current state. • Learn or perhaps review officer safety concerns with OMGs. • What known 1% groups work and reside in KS.


NO TIME FOR ANCIENT HISTORY • Briefly: You can find OMG incidents starting from the 70’s and 80’s in most LE agencies.

• Our focus is the recent expansion seen in the last several years that are based out of events starting in 2007.


• OMG’s region wide had been in decline. • Big 3 in KS; Sons of Silence, El Forastero, Galloping Goose were aging and had declining memberships.

• Federal Cases had been also whittling down the numbers and upping the risks to memberships. But we dropped the ball.

YOUNG GUNS/NEW BLOOD • Focus on SOS outfit. With its clubhouse in Reno County. • National takes a new direction in recruitment. • Younger Statewide President, KS Tim. • KS Tim has vision and is smarter than he looks.

TO THE SUPPORT CLUBS / AAA TEAM • Learning from how we investigate OMG’s look to Support clubs for recruitment.

WESTWARD HO BIKERS • Support club Silent Brothers recruit members in and around Liberal KS. • SOS set up clubhouse for support club in Liberal KS. • Silent Brothers members become SOS members. • Liberal is now SOS Clubhouse.

WICHITA 2009 • Other OMG outfits do not expand. • Hells Lovers set up shop in Wichita and KC-K/KC-MO. • Bandidos toy with setting up in Wichita. Decide against it cause of SOS.

TOPEKA 2010 • SOS expansion into second club house in Topeka.

Establish East and West


• Majority of SOS Leadership lives in area. • Hutchinson historical influence with SOS Nationals keeps it functioning.

KANSAS CITY AREA 2009 • KC-MO LE create cases that causes power vaccum in El Forastero and Galloping Goose. • Vagos intial 1% to enter KCMO and set up clubhouse. • Break unwritten treaty starts a free for all. • Now SOS, Mongols, and Bandidos have a presence in KC area and Missouri as a whole. • Outlaws are rumored to be a presence in KC area.

KS OMG OUTFITS 2014 • Not Since 1980’s have OMG populations been this large. This from KS Tim. • SOS have Clubhouses in Liberal, Hutchinson, Topeka and in KC-MO. Also recruiting in other cities.

• El Forastero and Galloping Goose remain in Wichita and KC areas.

Rumor of

expansion into Easter KS along I-135.

• Hells Lovers friendly with SOS remain in Wichita and KC areas. • Members of Bandidos, Mongols, and Hells Angels live in and near KS.

SO WHAT SORT OF OMG MEMBER IS IN KANSAS • Younger, running from mid 20’s to mid 40’s. • Criminal history is minimal for many. We have some in KS that have concealed carry permits.

• Have been in support clubs or other 1% outfits. • Military experience is a bonus and is sought after. • Have a history of substance abuse. • Course the old guard is still here and teaching the young.

OMG’S MAKING MONEY • Most work 9-5. • That money is not enough to satisfy club obligations. • And we are talking about OMG’s.


Drugs Guns Stolen goods Human trafficking

COUNTER SURVEILLANCE BY OMG • OMG efforts have tactical and strategic importance. • OMG’s rely primarily on human assists but are involved in electronic countermeasures.

• Internet/social media is a two way street of information.

MORE ON HUMAN ASSETS • Difference between Street Gang and OMG outfits. • More assets we care to admit are involved in and around LE and Government agencies.

• Personal history.

LAW ENFORCEMENT ENCOUNTERS • Traffic Stops • Interview/Interrogation during the course of an investigation. • Other encounters while completing your daily tasks and assignments. • Regardless assume a weapon is on the person or nearby. • In encounters outside it is rare for the OMG to be on his own or have no contacts that are close by.

TRAFFIC STOP • One of the more common contacts LE will make. • The following slides are from what I have learned and experienced with OMG Outfits.

• Other instructors have different approaches. by seeking out Matt Lynch and Scott Nace.

Please continue your education

INFO, INFO, INFO • Pre-Stop Observations • Unsure whether group or solitary biker is part of a 1% or support club treat as such until you have proven to yourself otherwise.

• Dispatch is your friend here so be descriptive.

With Bike, With Rider, With cut

or cuts of riders.

• Description of cut and bike are important for other’s response and follow up if things get hairy.

STOP & HAVE CONFIDENCE • Whether a solitary biker or in a small to large group Rule 1 Control the stop. • Rule 2 assume a weapon is readily available to the biker. Pad lock, Helmet, handlebar.

• When you make the stop have the biker keep the kickstand up. • Gives more control. Resistance from biker inform him you will explain why after the stop is completed and before he is on his way.

• Helmet if in use is to be taken off.

Trade off between weapon in hand or his head is a weapon. Personal choice for me have the helmet hang on the handlebar.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR. • Criminal Activity. • Information on set and or rival/other sets. • Simple Traffic stop and the information collected. • Of the 1st two how successful you are will be dependent on the situation. • Remember be smart about this do not be the guy that makes bad case law.

KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL • You have to consider the mobility of bikers while conducting your stop. • Even if there is only one at the start of your stop expect that others will show up.

• Not all the time will they arrive on bikes. • Do not think the Old Ladies are harmless.

STOP CONCLUSION • Always ask to search. Cause you never know. • Take time to explain if he has questions. He is the one opening the dialogue. • Write out your account and forward a copy to the gang unit. Keep the original for your files.

• If there is an arrest no special treatment. They live for that. • Follow procedure, Follow procedure, Follow procedure

LETS WRAP IT UP • OMG’s are as close to organized crime that the state has outside of the Cartels from Mexico.

• OMG’s are still attempting to keep a low key. • As numbers increase and open territory is claimed violence will become the 1st option.

• OMG’s are no longer aging long grey haired men w/ beards. • OMG’s are sophisticated and adaptable to LE tactics. • Keep your head up and your wits about you.

THANK YOU!! • Wesley Vaughn • Reno County Sheriff Office 210 W. 1st Hutchinson, KS 67501 620 694-2735 & 620 200-5894

[email protected] &

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