Open Day 2012 - Strangford College

January 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Strangford Integrated College Open Day 2012 If you missed our open day this will give you a visual tour!

A warm welcome always awaits you at Strangford Integrated College

Technology Department – a popular choice

Technology Department – Mr D Allen always on hand to support and advise

Technology – A level students BTEC Engineering – also available Post 16

Physical Education – GCSE PE and BTEC Sport available at Post 16

Science – lots of fun with Lava lamps

Science – available for GCSE & A Level

Science – Mrs McLean – demonstrating – Canon Fire!!!

Business Communication Systems – in one of our 7 ICT suites

ICT – available at GCSE and A Level

Music – Guitar is a popular choice with pupils

Music – pupils have the opportunity to perform throughout the year

Tuition in a wide range of instruments is available from tutors during the school day.

Sixth form study is well provided at Strangford Integrated College – Ms Robinson keeps them working hard!

Home Economics – popular with both boys and girls

Pupils work on display in Home Economics

Pupils cook every fortnight – soup was a welcome refreshment on open day

GCSE Child Development

An ICT suite is adjacent to the HE rooms. Health & Social Care is also available at A level and is a popular subject with our students

English English Language and Literature is studied to GCSE. Trips are arranged to develop interest in the subject area. We also have visits from authors and use the library in school to encourage reading. Journalism is also offered at GCSE. English Literature can also be chosen at A Level. On open day parents and pupils could look at the wide variety of work which takes place in English and also play some games on the Interactive Whiteboards.


French and Spanish are studied to GCSE.

On open day you had the chance to sample different foods from these countries including octopus! We usually have a trip to either France or Spain in June.

History & Geography – both studied through to A Level

History – studied through to A Level

Careers – a very important subject for our students

On open day students could use the computer to find jobs that matched their interests.

Mathematics – available to AS level On open day our students’ work was available for prospective pupils to look at. They could also try out some activities to show that Maths really can be fun!

Art -

if you don’t come to Strangford College with artist talent you certainly will leave with some!

Art is studied through to A Level

Library facilities including computers are available every break and lunch time

Religious Education - a popular subject at GCSE and A Level


We have our own drama theatre and an annual school show which is the highlight of our school calendar.

Drama is very popular!

Need Further information? Contact our school office on 02891861199  Prospectus available from the school office  Website  Open night for pupils commencing in September 2012 in June 2012  Integrated Education 

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