Origins of American Government Review

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, Revolution And Post-Independence (1775-1820), Revolutionary War
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Origins of American Government Review

The Articles of Confederation gave Congress and the government the power to settle arguments between states.


Under the Articles of Confederation, the state governments were dependent on the national government for revenue, soldiers, and law enforcement.


According to John Locke, people are obligated to obey their government.


Congress and the government were allowed to amend the Articles of Confederation with the consent of 10 states.


The Articles of Confederation gave Congress and the government the power to levy taxes to fund wars.


The first battles of the Revolutionary War were fought at _____ and _____.

Lexington and Concord

Signed in 1620 by the Pilgrims, this colonial plan for self-rule is called _____.

Mayflower Compact

This man wrote the Two Treatises of Government which influenced the writers of our constitution.

John Locke

The first legislature in what became the United States was the _______.

Virginia House of Burgesses

This man was known as the father of the Constitution.

James Madison

America's first formal constitution was the _____.

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

The Magna Carta was important because it _____.

Established Limited Government

The Intolerable Acts prompted the colonists to take this action against Britain.


Many Americans wanted a strong national government after _____.

Shay’s Rebellion

Choose the answer that completes the chart, identifying the class that Parliament’s House of Lords represented.

Aristocracy (Rich)

Antifederalists believed this was needed.

Bill of Rights

What were the ten powers given to Congress by the Articles of Confederation? War/Peace, Army, Navy, Military Officers, Post Office, Weights and Standards, Indian Affairs, Treaties, Ambassadors, Settle disputes between states

The compromise made by the Founders on this issue left a terrible burden for future generations.


Which war left a financial burden on Britain and cause a dispute between them and the colonies?

Seven Years War

According to the Articles of Confederation, this was the purpose of Congress.

To make laws

What is also known as the Great Charter?

Magna Carta

People came to the colonies for what reasons?

Money, Religion, Prison

Who refused to attend the Constitutional Convention?

Patrick Henry

A series of events led the colonists to declare their independence from Britain. Which event took place as a reaction to Britain passing the Intolerable Acts?

First Continental Congress

What document was written in 1776?

Declaration of Independence

What important document was finalized and ratified? United States Constitution

What are the three branches of government adopted by the US Constitution?

Executive, Legislative, and Judicial

What was the only state with an unicameral legislature?


England passed _____ to make English goods cheaper to buy.


What was the King’s philosophy that stated he was given power by God?

Divine Right (rule)

What were the three types of colonies?

Royal, Debtors, and Proprietary

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