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City Council Presentation

July 1, 2014 Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Parks & Recreation Master Plan Process

Process Included Parks & Facilities Inventory Recreation Program Inventory Maintenance Analysis Which Resulted In Evaluating Existing Parks, Facilities and Programs

A complete park, school and special use area inventory for the public to use on the City’s Web site Identification of core recreation and leisure service programming for the Parks and Recreation Department A complete list of maintenance policies and quality standards to keep parks and facilities up to citizen expectations

Process Included Community Survey Senior Citizen Survey Sports Groups Survey Focus Groups Stakeholder Interviews Community Workshops Community Input Workshops, Surveys & Focus Groups

Which Resulted In Establishing priorities for parks and facilities Priorities for recreation and leisure services Priorities for special interest facilities

Process Included Recreation Facility Comparisons with Local and National Standards Parkland Comparison to Quimby Standard Findings Analysis & Recommendations

Equestrian Comparisons Which Resulted In Determining Sports Field Needs Determining Facility Needs Determining Equestrian Needs Developing Policies and Recommendations for Future Recreation and Park Needs

Process Included Several Reviews and Updates by the Parks & Recreation Commission Review and Comments from the Planning Commission Review Commissions GPAC

Review and Comments from the GPAC Review and Comments by the Special Equestrian Committee Which Resulted In Formatting the Final Document Parks & Recreation Commission and Planning Commission and GPAC Comments

City Council Actions to Date The Master Plan has been updated to reflect the following City Council actions:

 City Council has updated the Park In-Lieu Fee Schedule  City Council has approved a General Plan Amendment increasing local parkland dedication requirement for new residential development from 2 acres per 1,000 residents to 3 acres per 1,000 residents  City Council has approved moving ahead with capital projects recommended in the earlier draft versions and final master plan including: – Determining the options for development of the “West Bastanchury Site” (former “Friends Christian High School” and adjoining “Tank Farm” property; – Proceeding with discussions with the County of Orange in regards to the Phillip S Paxton Equestrian Center; – Proceeding with the plans for Yorba Linda High School Park; and, – Working with the school district to explore additional joint use opportunities related to the cultural arts

Yorba Linda Parks & Recreation Master Plan Immediate Goals and Recommendations • Address existing parks that are deficient or in need of improvement • Increase Neighborhood and Community parkland acres • Provide for more X-large lighted multi-purpose sports fields for soccer, lacrosse, and football • Address facilities to accommodate equestrian activity demand

• Provide a level of park maintenance the community desires • Promote access to school facilities for recreation and cultural programs

Yorba Linda Parks & Recreation Master Plan Long Term Goals and Recommendations • Provide for an additional community center, possibly with aquatic center and/or performing arts capabilities, preferably on the east side of town • Provide for additional space to expand senior citizen programs and services • Provide special use facilities, such as dog parks, splash pads, tennis courts, additional gymnasium, multipurpose trails, and greenbelts • Promote Public Art

Yorba Linda Parks & Recreation Master Plan Recreation Program Goals & Recommendations 

Emphasize the core programming efforts of the Parks and Recreation Department:

Fitness & Wellness Activities

Outdoor Adventure Programs

Youth and Adult Sports

Environmental Education

Youth & Active Adult Enrichment Classes

Visual & Performing Arts Activities

Summer Camps and Activities for Youth

Senior Services and Citywide Special Events

Implement policies and standards outlined in the master plan for staff training, customer service, marketing activities, facility maintenance and facility/field scheduling and allocation priorities


It is recommended that the City Council approve the final Parks and Recreation Master Plan update, and if appropriate, any additional City Council comments as presented; and direct staff to continue to update the policies of the Recreation Element of the General Plan so that they are consistent with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

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