P.E. MODIFICATIONS - Provincial Integration Support Program (PISP)

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Sports Medicine
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GYM ACTIVITIES ENCOURAGE: Motor skill development Healthy lifestyle Awareness of the body Ability to participate in leisure activities, games and sports Self confidence

INCLUSION Allowing all students, whether disabled or not, to participate in a regular education program in a regular classroom setting

So, how do we do that?

Join in relays races…

UNDERSTANDING THE PHYSICAL  It is important to know and understand the implications of your student’s diagnosis, before we can go ahead with a plan  For example what are the implications of:  cortical visual impairment  Spastic movement  Low muscle tone  Hearing loss  Etc. When including my student in a gym activity?




FULL PARTICIAPATION Everyone is participating in the same activity with no modifications, swimming could be a good example for our students

PARTICIPATION ADAPTED Equipment Rules Distances Complexity

Adapted Square Dancing

ADAPTED PARTICIPATION Equipment For example making a hockey stick longer or shorter Adapting the height of the basketball net Other thoughts???

ADAPTED PARTICIAPTION Rules Change the rules e.g shorten the length of the running field The number of players could be adapted Other thoughts???

ADAPTED PARTICIPATION Distances Shorten or lengthen the distance of the field, running space etc.

ADAPTED PARTICIPATIOIN Complexity Reduce the rules Changes the rules of engagement, e.g. hit the puck from every area on the hockey or soccer floor Thoughts???

PARTICIPATION PARALLEL Student involved but focused on own skills

PARALLEL PARTICIPATION For example: Your student can be working on his/her own exercise routine at the side of the gym while the class is involved in their gym program

Working on the side lines…

Stetching over the ball…

PARTICIPATION SUPPORTIVE Student does not participate directly, but is providing a service to others

SUPPORTIVE PARTICIPATION For example your student could : Work on their hand skills and giving out the equipment Work on their switch skills and be the time keeper or give the rules Other thoughts ???

Weight Room Modifications

WHAT ELSE? For our students to be interested in physical activity we need to take into consideration your students: Skills and Motivators

SKILLS Gym activities are an excellent way for your student to develop some of their skills in a fun and functional way

Using 2 hands to pull…

SKILLS Some skills that could be included in your student’s gym activities include: Movement activities (wheelchair, walking, transfers, mat activities) Fine motor skills (e.g. holding a rope) Using his/her voice output

Practicing walker skills…

SKILLS Using the switch (e.g. timing the game) Sensory development (e.g. vestibular in movement, tactile experiences, holding onto objects etc.) Learning about their environment (orientation to the school, gym space etc.) Learning to follow directions Etc.

MOTIVATORS For any student to participate in an activity, they must be MOTIVATED by the activity in order want to join in.

MOTIVATORS What motivates your student?

She loves to kick this ball!

WHAT TO DO! As a helper, you need to be able to: Take the gym activity Understand your student’s abilities Take into consideration your student’s skills Consider your student’s motivators

WHAT TO DO! Consider the class dynamics Decide on your student’s level of participation in the activity Think about how to adapt the activity to suit everyone’s needs.

Parachute games anyone?

LET’S USE HOCKEY AS AN EXAMPLE Some ideas might include: Adjusting the length of the hockey stick Attaching the hockey stick to a wheelchair Using a different and larger type of puck

Hockey stick duck taped.

HOCKEY EXAMPLE Changing the rules of engagement (e.g. your student hits the puck at the beginning of the game; at the net etc.) Having your student time the game and keep the score Playing floor hockey instead of ice hockey

HOCKEY EXAMPLE Having another student push your student’s wheelchair Playing hockey one on one or in pairs Making the play area smaller Other ideas?

WHAT ELSE ? How else can your student be involved in a gym activity? Using the switch to give directions Using the switch to time the timekeeper Using a switch to help choose the team members Other ideas????

REMEMBER…… Our students rely on us to provide opportunities for them to be involved in gym and leisure activities, we are limited only by our imagination and creativity in how we adapt a program to suit our students (and their classmates) needs….. GOOD LUCK……

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