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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Social Psychology
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A commitment that all people have access to social justice and a fulfilling life. This requires resilient communities anchored by love, warmth, the creative process and a commitment to non-violence at all levels. We recognise that this goal has social, spiritual, environmental and economic components. This means that we have to use joined up, holistic thinking rather than isolated silos of thinking. This goal requires a commitment to long term sustainable social and environmental change.

While we seek to inspire people to reach this goal our work is aimed at next users (the people and groups that seed change in their communities) rather than end users (individuals and whanau/families). We acknowledge that it will take many little steps and that the work is as much about the journey as the outcome. Our focus is on what can be done rather than what can’t be done (because the barriers are too great and the resources are too small) or on what shouldn’t be done (constantly telling people/communities all the things they should stop doing).


CORE OUTCOME Services, programmes and skills sharing and development for parents of Waitakere are linked in a supportive and empowering way, hosted by Violence Free Waitakere


• Collaboration and networking are the cornerstones of our work. We build on the strengths of other groups and individuals – on their campaigns and their solutions. • Invite others to get involved… collaboration which meets the deliverables of all parties.. win, win, win

• Encourage everyone to get involved in building solutions

MARVELLOUS MUM MOMENTS CORE OUTCOME Images of positive parenting are noticed and celebrated by community at large and services working with parents given opportunity to increase profile


• Clear focus on campaigns and promotions rather than service delivery. • Consult where ever possible, encourage ownership by community involved.. gender/ geographical/age/cultural. • Respect unique differences and celebrate unity. • Seek stories / role models/ examples of desired behaviour and attitudes. Seek out the ‘local experts’ in the field of enquiry. • Keep telling the stories that flesh out the skills/ attitudes and behaviours as much as possible, different voices get heard by different groups . Find and promote the missing voices eg children, ethnicities • Bring opportunities for alignment and consistency of messages. • Look for and empower the ‘translators’ on a local level.

WESTIE DADS IN ACTION CORE OUTCOME Images of positive fathering are noticed and celebrated by community at large and services working with parents given opportunity to increase profile with public

FOCUS ON FATHERING CORE OUTCOME To create opportunities for raising awareness of the importance of fathering in a child's development and to encourage increasing conversations, events and research about ways to support this

MEN IN ECE CORE OUTCOME Clear research completed and interventions planned to support centres/ sector to increase involvement of male carers in ECE

COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS - PACIFICA CORE OUTCOME Further discussions and social change within the Pacific community parenting practice using positive discipline rather than punishment.

COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS – OPSHOPS/FOODBANKS CORE OUTCOME: More people are skilled and confident around supporting families and familiar with the SKIP principles of positive parenting

COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS – GRASSROOTS CORE OUTCOME: Everyday parents in our local communities are equipped with information and skills in relation to the SKIP principles of positive parenting and as a result children are raised in safe secure loving homes

LOOKING AFTER LITTLIES CORE OUTCOME: A new generation are informed about the six things children need to become happy capable adults and are able to put these into practice with their siblings and children in their communities

TODDLER DAY OUT & GREAT PARENTING FAIR CORE OUTCOME To provide an opportunity for the community with under fives to raise awareness of the importance of the early years, and link them to the support available. To bring ECE, Social services and Health to work together to promote all services to parents.

PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT • Build upon and nurture relationships. Affirm and celebrate. Expect the best, surmounting obstacles.

• Self esteem is key – find ways to nurture and build upon at all levels, individual and community. • Encourage as many opportunities for face to face interaction as possible between agencies and communities. • Encourage help seeking behaviour. • Proactive rather than reactive.

PLAYDAYS TATOU TAMARIKI CORE OUTCOME Under fives not already engaged in ECE are given a great start by being exposed to programmes designed to help them develop skills while extending community of parents with young children .

PLAYDAYS COMMUNITY VAN CORE OUTCOME Under fives not already engaged in ECE are given a great start by being exposed to programmes designed to help them develop skills while strengthening community of parents with young children .

OUR AMAZING PLACE CORE OUTCOME Treasure Hunts are a vibrant platform for our community development, connecting people, places and services. Refinement of these processes has made mentoring possible.


CORE OUTCOME VFBWM is seen as a vibrant, effective and empowering programme for primary/ intermediate schools and students who go through the process.

JADE SPEAKS OUT DVD CORE OUTCOME NZ children will have further local resources to get strong safety strategies in place to support them should violence occur in their lives.

BULLY BANISHING CORE OUTCOME VFW can facilitate more collaborative project work on this campaign to reduce bullying at all levels of childhood

NETWORKING CORE OUTCOME Violence Free Waitakere is well connected with other agencies in community to support further collaboration.

WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA CORE OUTCOME Violence Free Waitakere has a strong and vibrant online presence with a web site and facebook profile which serves to promote, resource and interact with the community

GOVERNANCE DEVELOPMENT CORE OUTCOME Violence Free Waitakere is supported by a robust board of skilled, active and informed members.

MAKE SURE WHAT WE ARE DOING IS SOUND Base what we do on research and evaluation.

Delivering on our promises, building trust and credibility. Maintain relationship with the whole field of violence response. Linking funders / agencies / networks eg PGP, OAP. Learning community approach at all levels and stages of project development.

BUILD RESILIENCE AS WE GO Celebrate and have fun!

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