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British Literature Semester 1

Exam Review

LITERARY TERMS Alliteration repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words Antagonist character who opposes the chief character


a pause in a line of verse, near the middle Characterization methods an author uses to develop a character in a story


a long narrative poem Exemplum a moralized tale

Frame Story

situation that brings characters together to tell a story/develop a plot Protagonist

the “good guy” or hero of a story


a singing poet “Beowulf” author



Germanic tribes that settles England


Author of The Canterbury Tales


code of conduct for a knight


system where lords got land in exchange for loyalty and military service to the king


author of The Screwtape Letters




alludes to the concept that the world is a reflection Thanes

Noble warriors dedicated to serving their king


- payment for wrongdoing; death

BEOWULF  Where does Beowulf come to Heorot from?  Sweden  Judging from the poet’s discussion of

Hrothgar’s kingship, what are three kingly qualities admired by the Anglo-Saxons?  generous sharing of wealth, faithfulness to

oaths, love of fame and military success

BEOWULF  What happened as a result of Grendel’s

attacks on Heorot?  the Danish thanes no longer sleep in the

mead-hall  What is an example of a kenning?  Candle of heaven

BEOWULF  What does “He unlocked his word-hoard” mean?

 He spoke

 Why does Beowulf choose to fight Grendel

unarmed?  partly to show his strength and partly because

he considers Grendel unworthy of noble fighting

BEOWULF  What does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother

with?  a sword made by giants  In his speech to Beowulf after Beowulf has slain

Grendel’s mother, what does Hrothgar primarily say?  warns Beowulf to beware of pride

BEOWULF  In Anglo-Saxon legal terms, does the

dragon have the right for reparation?  Yes, he has the right to demand reparation

for the theft of part of his treasure  Do Grendel and the dragon differ in their

motives?  yes; the dragon has been provoked, but

Grendel has not

BEOWULF  During Beowulf’s battle with the dragon, all

of his men do what?  All except one flee to the forest to save their

lives  Beowulf dies because of what?

 the dragon inflicts a mortal wound

BEOWULF  At his death, what does Beowulf express?  expresses satisfaction at the manner in

which he has led his life

CANTERBURY TALES  Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury

whose shrine the pilgrims of The Canterbury Tales were visiting?  Thomas Beckett  What was Anglo-Saxon alliteration replaced

by during the Medieval times?  end rhyme

CANTERBURY TALES  How many husbands did the Wife of Bath

have?  Five  The vice against which the Pardoner

preaches in all his sermons is?  Avarice

CANTERBURY TALES  The three rioters want to kill Death to get even for

Death having killed their friends. What other explanation is there for going on such a foolish mission?

 they are drunk  The old man tells the rioters that Death can

be found under a nearby tree. They find a pile of coins there. By the end of the story what do we realize about the old man? He did not mislead them

CANTERBURY TALES  After completing his tale, what did the

Pardoner do?  tries to sell relics and pardons to the other

pilgrims  What is the Wife of Bath’s ideal husband?

 One who permits her to do whatever she


CANTERBURY TALES  The knight in the Wife’s Tale is sentenced to

death by the king for what?  Rape  In return for the correct answer to the

queen’s question, the knight promises the old woman that he will do what? do whatever she next requires of him

CANTERBURY TALES  What is the correct answer to the queen’s

question?  mastery of their husbands  Who is the character with whom the Wife

most closely identifies?  the old woman

SCREWTAPE LETTERS “mere Christianity”  - gospel free from denominational

idiosyncrasies  worst sin, most helpful to devils

 Cowardice


 state where everyone is perpetually

concerned with the self  Hell

SCREWTAPE LETTERS  has changed the influence that logic and reason

has on man’s views

 Jargon

 peaks and valleys people go through  Law of Undulation

SCREWTAPE LETTERS  Not the prime evil  death

 a concept Satan cannot understand  sacrificial love

SCREWTAPE LETTERS  writer of the letters  Screwtape

 alludes to Lewis’ belief that our world is but

a reflection of God’s great kingdom  Shadowlands

SCREWTAPE LETTERS  The Inklings  Oxford literary circle

 takes over the letter writing temporarily  Toadpipe

SCREWTAPE LETTERS  recipient of the letters / perpetrator  Wormwood

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  Why was Christian suffering inner turmoil?  the burden of sin lay heavily upon him  What were his family members’ response to

his warning that the city will be burned with fire from Heaven?  they were troubled by what he had told them

because they thought some form of insanity had gotten into his head

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  Who gave Christian a letter stating, “Flee

from the coming wrath”?  Evangelist  Who helped Christian out of the swamp of

Despondence?  Help

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  What did the person ask Christian after

helping him out of the swamp?  Why didn’t you look for the steps?  What is NOT one of the things Evangelist

tells Christian he should despise about Mr. Worldly Wiseman?  his words of deceit about the journey

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  Who lives in a castle a short distance from

the Gate and shoots arrows at those who come up the Gate, hoping they will die before they can enter in?  Beelzebub  What two boys does the Interpreter show to

Christian?  Passion and Patience

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  Where did Christian’s burden fall off?  The cross

 What did Christian’s name used to be?

 Graceless

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  At the house Beautiful, Christian what are three

things the shining individuals do for Christian?

 one of them declared that his sins were

forgiven, one of them stripped him of his rags and gave him an embroidered coat, one of them set upon his a mark on his forehead and gave him a sealed Document

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  Why is Vanity Fair given that name?  everything sold there or that comes there is

meaningless  Who is put to death at Vanity Fair?

 Faithful

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS  What social issue is presented at Doubting

Castle?  Quality of Life / Right to Die  Who was not allowed to enter the Celestial

City because he did not have the certificate and did not enter at the Gate?  Ignorance

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