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Own Your Future Choose APTA. Choose to make a difference in your profession.

How To Own Your Future 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What is the APTA? What is the Student Assembly? What does APTA do for its members? Student Membership How to become a member


What is the APTA? APTA Defined Member-Driven Organization APTA’s Goal and Mission APTA’s Vision 2020  Elements of Vision 2020  Core Values of Professionalism  Components of the APTA    

APTA Defined  Established by Mary McMillan in 1921  The principle membership organization representing and promoting the profession of physical therapy

 A national, professional organization representing more than 72,000 members

Member-Driven Organization  Board of Directors  members who have been elected to serve as representative leaders in the APTA  Long-standing members  >5 years of membership  New professionals  5 years of membership or less  Students  students of both physical therapy and physical therapy assistant programs

APTA’s Goal and Mission  GOAL: “…to foster advancements in physical therapy practice, research, and education.”

APTA’s Goal and Mission  MISSION: “…to further the profession’s role in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of movement dysfunctions enhancement of the physical health and functional abilities of members of the public.”

APTA’s Vision 2020  “By 2020, physical therapy will be provided by physical therapists who are doctors of physical therapy, recognized by consumers and other health care professionals as the practitioners of choice to whom consumers have direct access for the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities related to movement, function, and health.”

Elements of Vision 2020  Autonomous practice  Direct access

 Doctors of physical therapy  Evidence-based practice  Practitioners of choice  Professionalism

Elements of Vision 2020  7 CORE VALUES of Professionalism 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Accountability Altruism Compassion & Caring Excellence Integrity Professional Duty Social Responsibility

Components of the APTA 18 Special Interest Sections         

Acute Care Aquatics Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management Education Federal Geriatric Hand Rehabilitation Home Health

 Health Policy and Administration  Neurology  Oncology  Orthopedics  Pediatrics  Private Practice  Research  Sports  Women’s Health

Components of the APTA  State Chapters  When you become a member of the APTA, you are also automatically a member of your state chapter

 Student Assembly  All student APTA members are also members of the student assembly

 Special Interest Groups  Groups created within state chapters or sections that allow members to further focus on specific areas of physical therapy practice


What is the Student Assembly?  Student Assembly Defined  Purpose of the Student Assembly  Governing Board

Student Assembly Defined  A component of the APTA  All physical therapy and physical therapy assistant students who are members of the APTA are also members of the student assembly

Purpose of the Student Assembly  To create a united group that focuses on advancing the views and concerns of students  To provide students a “voice” for the future of the physical therapy profession

Governing Board  Board of Directors      

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer SPT and SPTA Delegates Director

 Nominating Committee  1 chair  2 members

Governing Board Goals of the Student Assembly Board of Directors:  Promote APTA to all PT and PTA students  Increase opportunities for student involvement within the APTA  Represent the true voice of the student assembly  Encourage student participation in the strive for Vision 2020

Governing Board Goals of the Student Assembly Nominating Committee:  Increase awareness of the Student Assembly elected positions  Increase the number of PT and PTA students who consent to serve  Increase the number of students at National Student Conclave to participate in elections

Governing Board Elections for the SABOD and NomCom positions  Takes place annually at National Student Conclave  Any member of the Student Assembly in good standing may consent to serve for office  Positions are decided by majority vote  New SABOD and NomCom serve 1 year in their elected office  exception: NomCom chair will be a 2 year position beginning in 2010 elections


Member Benefits  APTA promotes a uniform standard of practice among its members  APTA strengthens its members knowledge and clinical skills  APTA advances its members careers

 APTA protects its members futures

Uniform Standard of Practice

 Code of Ethics  Elements of Vision 2020

 Core Values of Professionalism

Uniform Standard of Practice Mentoring Programs:

Uniform Standard of Practice Evidence based practice  Open Door

 Hooked on Evidence

Knowledge and Clinical Skills  Physical Therapy Journal of the APTA  PTmagazine  PT Bulletin

Knowledge and Clinical Skills  The Learning Center  Continuing education  Special Interest Sections

Career Advancements  Clinical residencies and fellowships

 Transitional doctorates  Specialist certification

Career Advancements  Career management  Career planning  Professional development  Marketing services  Managing finances

Protection  Advocacy  PT Political Action Committee (PT-PAC)  Federal legislation  Federal Advocacy Forum

 State legislation  The Advocacy Challenge

 Broadens and prevents the restriction of the PT scope of practice


Student membership  Being a member saves you money as a student  Being a member encourages and provides outlets for professional development  Being a member allows you to have up-to-date physical therapy information

 Being a member provides the opportunity for networking

Saves You Money  SAVE 40% off non-member prices for all PT resources  Guide to Practice; student evaluation kit  Conference and seminar fees  PT journal (now online providing free access to other journals/articles)  Scholarship opportunities

Saves You Money

 Career starter dues for New Professionals  Pay only 50% of your dues following graduation!  High quality insurance plans and financial programs  Great student health insurance programs

Professional Development  Build leadership skills  Professional duty  Advocacy

 Future career development  Info on jobs, résumé writing, interview tips,  Gives you an edge  being a member shows potential employers your pride and dedication to this profession

Professional Development  Focus your interests  Special interest sections

 Post-professional education  Seminars and conferences  Residencies and fellowships

Stay Up-To-Date Member’s only APTA website PTJ and PTmagazine PT Bulletin online Student Assembly Pulse Student e-news Emerging PT practice information  Evidence based patient care  Open Door  Hooked on Evidence      

Networking  Attending Conferences  Developing relationships with future colleagues  Discussing issues important to students  Clinical rotation sites  Share ideas between schools  fundraising, community health projects, research, mission work, etc.


How to become a member 1. Go to 2. Click on the Membership and Leadership link on the left information side-bar 3. Click on the Join APTA (or Renew) link on the left information side-bar 4. Under “Prospective Members”, click on the Join APTA link 5. Follow the application instructions after selecting

New Membership

Take Ownership of Your Future…

Choose APTA!

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