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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Move Across the Pacific

Jackie Chan:

Famous both in the west and in Asia.

Listen and answer the following questions: 1.Why Jackie Chan liked to do Tuxedo? He trusted Spielberg 2.How many HongKong films are mentioned here? What are they? Two: The Young Master and Armour of God 3.What was Jackie Chan’s hope?

Make a real blockbuster—a film that both Asian and American audiences can enjoy

Read the text on P112 and do the following. I.Which of the following are true and which are false? 1.Steven Spielberg invited Jackie Chan to make the film Nosebleed. F 2.Chan thinks his old films are better than his new films. T 3.Asian people don’t like Chan’s American films because of the music in them. F 4.Jackie Chan wrote the script for Spielberg’s film ET. F 5.Chan’s dream is to make a blockbuster such as ET. F

II.Why Jackie Chan’s successful American

films are not popular in Asia, and also his successful Asian films are not liked by the American people? Because of cultural differences

III. Does

Chan like his American films,such as Shanghai Dawn, Rush Hour I and II? No.Even now he is not sure they’re good.

Some language points: 1.He has been working as an actor for…. 现在完成进行时. 1)、(请译):我们已经学了5年英语了。 We have been learning English for five years 2)、—Why you look so tired? Have been repairing my computer —Because I (repair my computer)this whole morning. 2.meet with: run into,come across meet with Eg. You will always some familiar words or expressions in reading novels.

3.make one’s career:取得成功。出头、发迹

Eg.a business career,a political career. 4.But not everybody can do a Jackie Chan film. Meaning: Not everybody can do a film like Jackie Chan did.(He made his films without tricks.) 5.They don’t understand the jokes… ‘jokes’ means ‘humour’ .

Homework: C hoose one of your best actors or actresses. Find some information about him or her. And write a short article (Please write at least three paragraphs.)

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