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Denis Braun 2011 CH


Cheerleaders for All of Asia © Denis Braun 2008. Media may publish portions of this book but only

with credits that include our e-mail contact address. Contact: Skype Name : In Kuala Lumpur:

[email protected].


Megazebo 603 2144-7628 In China: 0086-135 2478-7658

Denis Braun Founder

Introduction This book has no structure, no index, no chapters, and no chronology. It is simply a buffet of ideas, challenges, policy initiatives, political goals, different perspectives, private comments and recommendations, as well as invitations to look at issues from a different angle. Some pages are perforated for easy use at university lectures and debates, policy meetings, think tanks, board meetings, cabinet meetings, party caucus scrums, and community debates. Our bias: We oppose American military presence in Asia; the Dollar as an international settlement currency, needle diplomacy, militarism, corrupt democratic theatre, pig-out consumerism, globalization, oligopolies, corrupt licensing and permit regulations, and supply “management”


Blueprint Charter 

   

Herein we present a Blueprint or 60 year Plan for the future of Asia for debate at Cabinet meetings; in Boardrooms; at service club luncheons, and on Campus. We support all administrations in Asia. Monarchists, Communists, Parliamentary Democracies, Theocracies, Dictators. Asia’s Mantra: We don’t ask, You don’t promote. Our goals: Common Security, Common Defense: Common Currency: Common Tourist / Business Visa: Coordinated Infrastructure; and a 200 year Kitchen Table Peace Process. Create an umbrella Council of Asian Patriarchs: More public resource ownership: Promotion Vehicle: Peace Train trips across Asia. Next: Tokyo to Tehran 2014. Annual activity: Pentagon Days. Our Mission is to Rearrange the World Chronologically. !!! Funding for this site is 100% private: Membership is open but confidential. Volunteers are welcome.

Our 60 year plan for Asia:

2010 to 2070

BlueprintAsia.com 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Replicate some basic institutions that bind Europe together. Common Security: 52 countries to sign a 60 year non-aggression pact. Common Defense: Missile and nuclear deterrence on Asia’s perimeter. Common Policy: An attack on one is an attack on all. Common Currency: Compete with the Euro and Dollar Common Tourist / Business Visa: 4 month. 52 country. Single fee. Common Infrastructure: Coordinated rail, shipping, pipelines, refining. Create a Council of Asian Patriarchs. Leaders of the largest Asian nations.



Asian vs Western Values

Asian Values

Western Values

Life s a serious journey of accepting and executing ever increasing responsibilities

Life is a party Chosen People will govern, and control the Universe. Entitlement.

Child discipline is taught from day one In a balance of reward and punishment.

Keep the little darlings happy and un-restricted Entertainment and adrenalin. Failure not possible

Trust elders. There are pitfalls in Life to avoid. Teachers and parents can help us avoid them.

Trust only yourself. Try everything and anything. We are strong and can reject addiction.

Religion is a cohesive force in society. Pursuit of a spiritual dimension is noble.

Religion is a divisive force in society. Practicing a Faith is a sign of weakness.

  

Marriage is a permanent union. 1 man and 1 woman. Polygamy is accepted in Islam.

Marriage is a temporal agreement between any pair of homo sapiens. Polygamy is outlawed

Tax system encourages conservation and savings

  

Debt should be avoided. Work is the secret to success.

Tax system encourages consumption and debt . Debt is a birth right. Consumption the secret.

Propensity to save. Work is the priority

Propensity to consume. Shopping is the priority.

  

The World is a peaceful place; and we respect the environment.

The World is a hostile place; and we must conquer the environment.

Democratic participation at grass roots levels. Then the Cream rises to the top.

Direct elections at all levels. In your face Endless politics as an endless game. 24 / 7 / 365

Business, not politics dominate conversations.

Business decisions rotate around elections.

Primacy of the community.

Primacy of the individual.

          


Common Defense top priority

Asia’s NATO: The SCO 1.





An All-Asia Accord and a 60 year non-aggression pact would set the stage for a common Asian Defense Policy. 52 countries in the All Asia Accord Objective: To reduce the volume of coastline and land boarders that Asia must defend by a factor of 10 permitting countries to reduce their military budgets by 30-50%. The current all Asia military budget is $ 350 Billion. Target is $200 Billion. America’s 2008 Spending was $655 Billion !!!. An All-Asia non-aggression pact makes both military and economic sense. The cornerstone policy of our common defense will be: “an attack on one is an attack on all” This will put an end to foreigners and especially the United States unilaterally invading or bombing any Asian nation. Violation would trigger a nuclear response the scale of which would be the total eradication of one or more nations and 95% of their population.


Common Defense Benefits

CIA Factbook

Asian Boarders in Kilometers: The Challenge to Defend Asia. State


Land Boarder


Military Budget $USD



5529 km

5529 km

$ 130


25,760 km

27760 km

$18,000 million



4246 km

4826 km



14,500 km

22,117 km

36617 km

$85,000 million


7000 km

14,103 km

21103 km

$19,000 million


54,716 km

2830 km

57570 km

$ 1300



2440 km

5440 km

7880 km

$ 4300



29,751 km


29751 km

$44,300 million


3000 km

12,000 km

15000 km





0 km

5,083 km

5083 km





4675 km

2670 km

7350 km

$ 1700 million


0 km

8220 km

8220 km





1930 km

5876 km

7700 km




New Zealand

15,134 km

0 km

15134 km

$ 1150 million


1046 km

6774 km

7800 km

$ 4300 million


36,289 km

0 km

36289 km



37,653 km

20,000 km

57653 km

$70000 million (guess)

Saudi Arabia

2640 km

4431 km

7100 km

$ 18,00 million


3219 km

4863 km

8100 km

$ 1800 million


7200 km

2648 km

9850 km

$12200 million


420 km

6221 km

6700 km


200 million


3444 km

4639 km

8100 km


700 million

ALL OTHERS (See WEB for complete list)






275,000 km 160,000 km


2006 USA Military Budget



900 million

430,000 km $340 Billion $515 Billion

Infrastructure Costs China Project Cost Estimates 2010    

     

         

1. Divided Expressway. 4 lanes. 2 emergency lanes. RMB 6,350,000 per /km 2. Mountain tunnel through granite. 4 lanes. 5 meters high. RMB 8,400 per linear meter 3. Bridge. 100 meters. 4 lanes. Bike and walk lane. RMB 24,500,000 4. Fibre optic cable. 20mm OD. Cost RMB 480 / m To Lay RMB 18,400 per /km 5. International airports. Runways. RMB 9,200,000 / km. Terminals: RMB 970 / m2 6. Regional airports. RMB 12,500,000 7. Sewer lines. 1meter OD to lay RMB 6,350,000 / km 8. Plastic pipe water lines. 500mm OD RMB 3,300,000 / /km 9. Sewage treatment plant. 2 million M3 / day. RMB 14,750,000 10. Day surgery clinic. 6 Operating Theatres. Furnished and equipped. RMB 16,600,000 11. Nursing clinic. 28 beds Furnished and equipped. RMB 5,700,000 12. 100 bed hospital. Shell only. RMB 73,650,000 13. Primary school. 400 students. Furnished. RMB 9,000,000 14. High school. 4000 students. Furnished. RMB 43,600,000 15. Urban road. 30 meters wide. RMB 1,800,000 16. Coal fired electric power plant 5000 MW. RMB 27,500,000 17. Garbage incinerator. 500 MW. RMB 5,800,000 18. Mobile phone tower. RMB 5.800 19. Freight train track. Speed < 150 km/ hr RMB 2,500,000 / km 20. High speed track. Speed < 250 km / hr. RMB 3,000,000 / km

Infrastructure Costs China Project Cost Estimates 2010

21. High speed elevated track. Speed > 300 km / hr. RMB 45,000,000 / km 22. Natural gas pipeline 800 mm diameter. Cost RMB 370 / m. Cost to lay. RMB 900,000/km 23. Oil pipeline 800mm diameter. Cost to lay RMB 960,000 / /km 24. Rural water well. 30 meters deep. Cost RMB 2000 25. City water well 200 meters. 500mm diameter pipe . Cost per meter RMB 580 26. Electric transmission tower. 4 line RMB 65,000 each 27. Rural land fill site. Cost per ton of garbage. RMB 220 28. Electronics scrap metal and re-cycling and recovery plant. Cost RMB 3,500,000

$USD Dollar Cost: Divide RMB cost by 6.

  

   

Estimated exchange rate for July 2011

Future editions of BlueprintAsia will contain project cost estimates from other countries so that development officials from around the World can shop all their infrastructure projects within Asia, and countries will begin to rationalize and specialize. For example, who can compete with China today in high speed rail construction ??


Joint Lockdown - Joint Deployment

The Nuclear Defense of Asia 1.



4. 5.

No matter how you slice it, countries like Japan, Korea, and ASEAN will never have a 150% comfort level when only China India Pakistan and Russia have nuclear weapons. If we can resolve this issue, America’s argument for a perpetual military presence in Asia collapses and they are gone. Only then can Peace reign on this Continent. Banning nuclear weapons is a pipe dream. Peace and security depends on everyone working towards total trust. That trust will be expressed in exercising joint responsibility over the production, storage, and use of today's nuclear weapons and tomorrows nano Generation 4 WMD. We ask Russia, China, India, Israel, Pakistan, North Korea, and potentially Australia, Iran, and Indonesia to consider yielding some of your sovereignty and control over your nuclear arsenal to 4 joint commands that would defend the 4 flanks of Asia. A North, East, South, and West. Each Command would include major non-nuclear countries in the region. Of course America, France, and Britain must surrender the same amount of sovereignty to Germany, Canada, and Sweden for example. Please submit this to your “military think-tanks” and policy institutes for study. Asia may also wish to privatize some of their nuclear defense strategy. Blackwater Global Inc. has set the precedent. Small and lethal.


Common Currency top priority. See WEB site for Specimen Currency Notes


Let’s compete with the Euro and Dollar 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

Asia needs a place to park it’s trade surplus, profits, and sovereign funds. Build on the strength of our very strong manufacturing, energy, and skilled labor base OPEC is pleading for a different settlement currency. Listen to Iran. Collectively, Asian companies pay $68 Billion a year in currency exchange commissions to banks. …… mostly to American banks !!This is 3% of transaction values Who needs this crap ?? Start with a small basket. The Yen, RMB, Won, Ruble, and Rupee. Blueprint wants to introduce a small transaction cash-only test currency. The ASIS Let’s start in cities, holiday resorts, and port cities. Entry points into Asia. We would issue. Your banks circulate. 20% backed by gold bullion.



ASIS Common Currency

ASIS Sample Bank Notes

Sample Bank Notes Let’s Challenge the Euro and the Dollar

“Without our own unique currency, Asia cannot ascend to it’s potential as the vanguard society in the World”

Blueprint’s banknote designs focus on Asian landscapes, cultural sites, and environments. We avoid pictures of revolutionaries, coats of arms, monarchs, military hardware, flags, etc See the WEB site for a discussion on implementation.


BlueprintAsia.com A New cartel to protect our Asian foreign reserves. Demand collateral. Gold, silver, platinum, U2 reserves.


top priority

Take delivery. Never store in America. Authenticate all. Recover counterfeit losses via class action lawsuits against USA. Seek RULING from World Court and Supreme Court in case of future default or devaluation by intent. ACT NOW


Organization of Dollar Creditor Nations 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Members: Nations with > 25% of their reserves in US Cash, Equities, or Bonds America owes Asia > $ 3 Trillion. > $2 Trillion to Japan and China alone !!! America has neither the capacity nor the intention to pay. !!! Wake up Asia Goal: Collectively protect the value of all our foreign reserves in Asia. America will never go to war when we confiscate their assets if we are united. Seek incentives. ¼ to ½ point premium. Demand collateral. Gold, silver, platinum. Authenticate. Verify the authenticity of all certificates, bonds, gold bars Collect all counterfeits across Asia and start class action lawsuits to recover. Seek a RULING from US Supreme Court and World Court for legal authority to seize, confiscate and freeze off-shore factories, mines, real estate, assets and bank accounts if America defaults on it’s debt or let’s the dollar devalue more than 20%.


An Insight into Hell

Charles PONZI 1895-1949 American Financier and Criminal

It’s over folks when these G 20 Central Bankers finally realize that the only sustainable growth industry in America is the PONZI itself. Question: Mr. Ponzi sir, Help me to understand.!! When Japan, China, and OPEC buy Billions of US Treasuries in 2010 just to get paid the interest on the billions of US treasury bonds they purchased in 2009; isn’t that like your Ponzi scheme sir ??


Proposed Tourist VISA A Common Visa for all 52 Countries “See Asia First”

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Is our new Blueprint tourism promotion motto 10 of the World’s poorest countries are in Asia. Use tourism to help them. For these and 20 middle income countries, tourism is the largest industry Let’s help them out by making all Asia a travel destination. Pool budgets. Our target is 50 million high net worth globe trotters. On-line applications. Issued at any Asian entry airport or rail station. All would be security screened in advance. Fee sharing formula. Single-fee. 4 month validity. 52 countries. Tourism and business. About 100 Euros. When the visa is scanned at your boarder, you get a percentage of this fee..


Pinstripe Evolution Starts in September 2011

Go to BlueprintAsia.com to download posters, graphics, order T-shirts, speaking notes, FAQ etc..

Challenging The Dollar and US Military Supremacy 1.

Note: This idea is without the authorization nor the financial support of any Asian nation, Blueprint is independently launching a global campaign to challenge the Dollar as the World’s preferred foreign reserve currency, trade settlement currency, and benchmark currency in the pricing of oil, gas, minerals, and food commodities.


Our 5 strategies will be to: 1. Picket stock exchanges, commodity exchanges, and brokerage houses in 60 cities. 2. Direct B2B sites to add software to quote supplier prices in a basket of currencies 3. Petition OPEC and Chicago to quote their commodities in Euros and then ACCU’s 4. Push the formation of an Organization of Dollar Creditor Nations (See next slide) 5. Expose the depth of the credit crisis in America, their hollow economy, their inability and indifference to pay down the national debt, and their devotion to militarism and control.


Pinstripe Revolution


Asian Religions Asia. Where else will the Messiah appear? Jesus return? Allah find a Messenger to make future revelations in support of the Holy Koran? Where else will the Smiling Buddha be born ? Asia.

Home to All of the Top 10 Global Religions Hinduism Judaism Jainism Buddhism Taoism Confucius Christianity Shinto Islam Sikh

2000 BC 1500 BC 600 BC 580 BC 560 BC 550 BC 33 AD 100 AD 600 AD 1500 AD

India. Israel and Palestine. India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos Japan and China China Shandong Jerusalem and Bethlehem Japan Saudi Arabia. Mecca and Medina India



8 Alcove Harmony Kiosks Branding a new image for Asia 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Our Motto “Always give Tolerance an opportunity to surface” We want to place Harmony Prayer kiosks in all international airports, train stations, universities, hospitals, and major shopping malls. Management at each location choose 8 faiths from a basket of 16 major religions including Atheism. No services or promotion. Only a 5-30 second stop to say thanks. This is a powerful communication tool and PR vehicle. It tells visitors: Your citizens enjoy religious freedom; Your People are very tolerant of all religions; and Leaders encourage people to develop a spiritual dimension. Expressing gratitude is a key element in every successful society.



A Council of Asian To assist the peaceful transition of power and to have an experienced mentor system on Patriarchs call, Asia needs a to create a role for it’s Senior Leaders as well as it’s ex-Presidents, Tribal Leaders, Monarchs, Prime Ministers, Dictators, and Theologians.


Mentors to all Asian leaders 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

We currently have an outstanding corps of leaders in Asia. Pivotal are: Hu of China; Singh of India, Putin of Russia, Kan of Japan, etc. Each has a huge respect for Boarders, Culture, Language, and Faith. All have a compassion for the welfare of people beyond their borders. We propose an informal Asian Patriarch Council. Perhaps a conference phone call twice a month for 1-2 hours. Start with an informal approach. Council will mentor to countries when problems arise (for example) in Myanmar, Palestine, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Timor… Patriarchs set the standards for all other Asian leaders. They set the bar.

Blueprint Asia Foundation  

  

We are creating this Foundation with 6 goals: 1. To build a network of bi-level steel-framed pre-fabricated octagonal Day Surgery Clinics throughout Asia using a proprietary polygon design and an innovative operating theatre and nursing station floor plan. 2. To build, erect, and manage Harmony Centers (Prayer kiosks) in 800 major metropolitan areas around the world to promote religious freedom, tolerance, and the quest for a spiritual dimension in life among followers of all the World’s great belief systems. (See the kiosks at www.Megazebo.com introduction.) 3. To fund research into our “Kitchen Table Peace Process” and promote the plan as an essential grass-roots ingredient in any political peace resolution. 4. To organize Pentagon Days in major cities around the world to promote our “Kitchen Table Peace Process” and to protest militarism. 5. To promote our “Peace Sign” as a final face-to-face ritual between opposing parties in courtrooms, arbitration chambers, divorce proceedings, and unionmanagement negotiations around the world. (The Peace sign is a 30-60 second ritual where both parties first bow to one another then simultaneously extend their arms vertically above their heads and then bring them down to their sides as if they were doing the breast stroke in water. This is followed by the hands together in a prayer pose; a 5 degree bow to one another and the alternate recitation of positive words ….. peace, respect, calm, honor, culture, faith, duty, forgiveness. ) Not another word spoken. 6. Encourage wealthy Asian to adopt a Vow of Poverty for 1 year.


Peace Train 2014 Tokyo to Tehran: 25 days. 14 Countries. 1. 2.



Congratulate each country’s peace record and promote our Blueprint Plan. Peace is a 10 generation 200 year process. Our Kitchen Table Peace Plan starts with the journey of 10,000 meals we share with our parents, siblings, relatives, and friends. We hear the Good: the Bad: and the Ugly. But generation by generation we can eradicate killing, racism, revenge, hatred, and prejudice. We shed the ugly. If terrorists can train and mentally condition child to be a suicide bomber by 15; can’t we train the same child to be a peace apostle ? Individual commitments to Peace resemble the Breast Stroke in swimming. We confront adversity; deal with it; then put it behind us. Each stroke in Life makes us a stronger person or nation. Japan, Korea, China, Russia and Vietnam did it. Israel, Palestine, and America never will.

5. 6.

Except for 6 delinquents, Asia is into Generation 3 and 4 of this Process. We developed a new Peace Sign to use in our court system, arbitration system, labor – management negotiations, strike settlements etc.


Energy policy for the 1.Introduce a global standard for “purple gas” 2. First 10% of well output in any oil or gas field is for World Food Crisis farm use at a set price of $28 / barrel to refiners. Then distributed to farmers with a purple dye added. 3. Severe penalties for abuse and use in private or business vehicles, and all other combustion engines.

Directive to Global Energy Producers 1.

2. 3.

The first 10% of the projected annual output of all producing oil and gas wells in all energy producing countries will be “provided” to their respective national governments at $28.00 per barrel and sent to contract refiners and processors where a purple colored dye is added; and the product packaged in tankers or barrels for export or delivery to farm regions. (This dye policy was successfully used in Saskatchewan Canada from 1945 to 1970.). Saudi Arabia and Iran are invited to lead this in OPEC. Norway, Russia and Canada to lead in non-OPEC countries. “Purple Gas” is restricted only for use in global farm tractors, implements, trucks, processors, public buses and trains. Bio-fuel production is ineligible. Penalty for abuse is usually automatic vehicle confiscation, fine, or prison, and 500 hours of community service.


Years ago Asian farmers had water buffalo that ate free grass and shat free fertilizer. But IMF and WB wanted them to mechanize. So they borrowed money, bought tractors; and then shot and ate their useless water buffalo.

Kiki Baek in Korea

Yang Dong in China Amerpal Singh in India

Today, their tractors eat petrol and shit CO2. Petrol prices are up 500% and the farmers are screwed. Is there hope ? or do they just walk away from their farms like America plans to just walk away from its $16 Trillion national debt.

Youchi Marubeni Nguyen Po Yakub Samad

in Japan in Vietnam in Bangladesh

Help Us Preserve the Beautiful Life for 650,000,000 Asian Farmers. Are we to care about the pensions of California teachers or US auto workers? When America prints money to debase their currency it steals from the ”pension savings” of Asian farmers who are part owners of their Central Bank’s foreign reserves.

Advanced Health Care: The Future of Surgery in Asia 

We see the emergence of 10,000-20.000 highly skilled and highly specialized graduate surgeons from many Asian countries who prefer to reside in big cities with large practices; but are willing to roam to smaller cities and even remote rural areas for 2-3 months each year to render their unique skills. We want to be their facility provider. To build hygienic octagon - shaped pre-fabricated fast-erection steel structures that we staff, operate and maintain. Travelling surgeons lease the OR’s We ask all Asian governments to drop local residency and licensing requirements in an effort to attract skilled surgeons to their constituencies. Let’s give all Asians access to the very best in Medicine. ASEAN should take the lead. All 2-5 hectare sites must be deemed “international territory” (like embassies) where doctors, staff, and owners are immune from mal practice suits and other legal entanglements. The Continental Partnership will insure the patients. (300 clinics)

Health Ministers 

Every Health Minister has the ambition to provide the best health care at a reasonable cost with equal access to all citizens no matter where it is needed in their jurisdiction. Second, they want to keep their medical school graduates at home and attract foreign trained surgeons with specialty training. I believe Blueprint has a strategy to allow Ministers to achieve both objectives. Solution? Identical, small, inexpensive, highly efficient day surgery clinics spread evenly around the country. All with rigid hygienic rules, no ducting, and no partition walls,

Why 300 Identical Clinics ? 1. Economies of scale. One design fits all. Amortize all soft costs (design, architecture, engineering, research, permitting, utility plan, wiring plans, IT planning, etc). 2. Large scale purchasing of materials, medical equipment, furniture, furnishings, consumables and shipping. 3. Incentives for universities and teaching hospitals to build identical teaching Clinics on each campus. 4. No learning curve for highly specialized surgeons moving from clinic to clinic performing unique operations. They know the layout, equipment, staff capabilities, management hierarchy, and “system and network protocols”

5. Marketing and promotion is less expensive. 6. 300 clinics can be self-insured.

New Breed of Asian Surgeons 

 

 

After 12 years of training and internship, top surgeons want to live in big cities and enjoy all the amenities. Fine. But they are all humanitarians and all are oath-takers. I am betting there are 10,000 who would volunteer 6 weeks a year ( 3 x 2 week junkets) to go to small towns and rural areas; or even to under developed countries; and perform their skills at unique day surgery clinics but only under special conditions: 1. There is no licensing or entry barriers. 2. There is no “learning curve”. The clinics and operating theatres are identical in size, layout, design, furnishings, furniture, equipment, consumables, protocol, and staff training etc. 2. Immunity from malpractice suits whereby the clinics are deemed international territory (like embassies). 3. The first $40,000 of compensation earned on “roaming” missions is tax-free.

Phase One Target Market Surgery Benefits under Health Insurance Plans

1. Federal, State, and Urban Government employee medical insurance plans.  Post Office and Military plans.  International companies actively looking for solutions to reduce their employee benefit health care costs.  Health Insurance companies

Cluster Clinic with 6 Operating Theatres.

The Braun Megazebo Clinic and the innovative octagon operating theatre © copyright and patent pending A center utility core glass enclosed 400 sq/ft (40m2) operating theatre surrounded by a comprehensive 320 degree “immediate access” nursing station staffed with 3-4 nurses to monitor up to 14 patients who face away from the nursing station and out through full height glass windows onto an active garden. Match that in a high rise hospital !!

Layout with 14 Beds


Divide the OR for simple procedures

Earth Quake Resistant. Clinic steel superstructures of perimeter tube posts and CUC wedge posts both support the roof beams and protect the center OR. Top wind turbine.

Hygiene Policies: “You come with nothing; you leave with nothing”

 

 

This old proverb refers to wealth !!! But we refer to deadly germs. In Braun Surgery Clinics, the expression refers to bodily bacteria, virus, and germs both internal and external; mostly hidden in dead skin on our bodies. To become the world’s most hygienic clinic, all Braun clinic patients are exfoliated on admission. Hot shower, steam, lathered with disinfectant soap and scrubbed with a slightly abrasive cloth. All staff: doctors, surgeons, and OR staff have rigid life-style restrictions. They cannot live on a farm or hobby farm, No pets at home, No visitors with pets. Shoes-off policy at home, No sleeping with children, Filtered air and water at home. No visitors to the OR at any time. Video and audio contact only. Again, All patients (and weekly all staff) take a hot shower and steam; bacteria shampoo, and total skin exfoliation with a scrub cloth and glycerine anti-bacterial soap before going to the OR.

Key Advantages 

Pre-engineered pre-fabricated modular design.  Turn-key solution. One contract  Erected turnkey in 30 days. Can be re-located later.  Over-sized storage pillars convey an image of strength, stability, permanence, and durability.  Durable materials. Steel frame, Ceramic roof, Granite floors. Glass walls. Longevity.  Spiral stairs for quick access to other levels.  Staff efficiency. 320 degree nursing station. Easy to monitor patients.  No exterior walls. Only glass and pillars. A neat and clean look  360 degree panoramic patient views.  Low operating and maintenance costs

Interior open space concept  Freedom to design and modify later.  Efficient Central Utility Core (CUC) hosts the Operating Theatre and all utilities.  The CUC conserves materials. Less wire, pipe, copper, ducting, cables, plumbing,  Easy to sterilize and create a “clean room”  No heating or air-con ducts. Room units are embedded in the pillars. Less air carried infections. Less disease.  Efficient nursing station surrounds the OR.  Less staff needed to monitor more patients.  Upper loft for shift workers to rest or sleep.  Hooded vents move air up to CUC scrubbers.  Ceiling track system and suspended beds for ease of movement. (In the design phase).

    

Abundant natural light. Easy to clean and maintain. Sanitary. Rigid visitor and staff regulations Can convert to a quarantine facility in 24 hrs. Common exterior full bed and vehicle elevator to serve all Megazebos in the cluster.

Clinic Capsule Bed Innovation Patent Abstract

© Patent Pending 2009 Braun  

  

Used in rural clinics in poor developing countries where visitors and family come long distances and cannot afford a hotel. A capsule bed is a double deck sleep and rest apparatus for home or institutional use where a patient’s friend or relative may rest or sleep directly below the primary occupant. The bed is portable and “docks” into a wall utility core or central nursing station to acquire electricity, water, gases, cable, phone, conditioned air, and other means to operate equipment, devices, electrical apparatus, and other items for the comfort, medication, monitoring, and entertainment of both the primary occupant and visitor using the bed. Clinics benefit from the free volunteer work offered by visitors. Cost is around Euro 90 per bed. Concept is based on capsule hotels I have enjoyed in Japan.

Guidelines for a Sustainable Health Care in Asia. Health Care Reform Guidelines: To be eligible to receive a no-royalty license to manufacture the Braun polygon building system we have 11 guidelines for Asian governments.

1. There must be a basic national health insurance plan in place. 2. There must be a national drug plan with generic drugs available at factory cost to rural residents and the elderly. Competitive pricing. 3. All shareholders, administrators, as well as doctors, nurses and hospital staff must be exempt from mal practice litigation. Designate all network clinic sites as international territory with legal / diplomatic immunity. Travelling specialty surgeons should be given diplomatic status. 4. Clinics and hospitals must be allowed to render “death-care services” just as they provided health care services while patients are alive. New revenue. 5. Clinics with Foundations to accept estate gifts and inheritance assets tax free from patients upon death. 6. Volunteerism must be encouraged. The poor can accumulate points like they do with “air miles”. 7. There must be no professional barriers, zoning laws, or building codes to block mass produced, prefabricated, simple modular clinic structures. 8. Governments must surrender 70% of all gross tobacco and alcohol taxes to the national health system and distribute proceeds pro rata to all hospitals and clinics. 9. At least 30% of profits from the major national lotteries go to health care and directly to clinics. 10. Doctor assisted suicide should be studied. 11. The core strategy to deliver superior health care to all Asians regardless of geography is to establish a network of 300-600 identical small hygienic pre-fabricated modular day surgery clinics. The goal is to entice 5000-6000 free travelling skilled surgeons to volunteer 2-3 months a year to the advancement of medical practice in their native lands.

Metric System Let’s Help Myanmar, USA, and Liberia 1. 2. 3.

4. 5.




Only these 3 countries have not adopted the universal Metric System. Blueprint wants to assemble 100,000 volunteers in Asia to personally tutor students in 100,000 high schools, colleges and universities in these 3 nations. Why ? We expect 200,000 USA university grads to emigrate from America to Asia each year seeking jobs and business opportunities in our zoom economies. For engineering, architecture, science, and planning jobs, metric is an absolute prerequisite. No M; No J. We don’t want returning patriots (ABA American born Asians) to be handicapped because they were exposed to an inferior education system. Listen carefully to the following: If you teach a child the relationship between distance, volume ,and mass at 7 or 8; then later as a teen-ager they easily comprehend the relationship between work, discipline, and reward. This is Asian Education Philosophy 101. Get it? Metric is a study in relationships. Sitting in a CA high school, the only thing between you and a $200,000 job on an engineering design team in Asia within 8 years is your semi conscious teacher, school board, governor, congress, and hundreds of senior, business, and heritage lobby groups. Defy them all and start your own metric lobby. We will show you how. Congress has the legal framework in place but students are too weak and wimpy to confront the lobby groups who oppose Metric ….. the AARP, manufacturers, and the retail industry. No balls boys. All hat. Let’s help these Asian students off-shore. Make Myanmar the priority.


Blueprint’s Vow of Poverty. This is a 1 year life-style test for wealthy politicians, bureaucrats. business leaders, religious, and bankers. The challenge is to live on less than 15,000 Euro a year (single) or less than 20,000 if married. The goal: Keep consumption and materialism in balance and in perspective.   

                 

1. Drive a 10 year old used car. 2. Fly economy, own a bicycle, and use public transport once a week. 3. Away from home, stay only in 3 star hotels. VOP not VIP !!! 4. Keep a day journal to record valuable thoughts and observations 5. Live in a modest home or apartment 6. Wear simple off-the-rack cloths and do your own laundry. 7. No smoking and less than 100 drinks, beers, or 20 bottles of wine a year. 8. Make 1 meal each day a simple bowl of noodles, tofu, rice, wheat, porridge, or soup. 9. Avoid exotic food dishes especially those having the ingredients of endangered species. 10. Do your own laundry and clear your own toilet and washrooms once a week 11. Buy at second hand stores or thrift shops 5 times a year 12. Wear replica watches and jewelry with pride. 13. Visit a new church, shrine, temple, synagogue or mosque 5 times a year. 14. Pay servants, drivers, maids, and baby sitters a minimum of what you live on. 15,000 15. Give 5% of the 15,000 to charity every year. 16. Carry only cash plus 1 credit card for car rentals, Internet purchases, and emergencies. 17. Own and use a library card. 18. Always be on time 19. Finish what you start and do what you say you are going to do. 21. Always smile and say please and thank-you. 22. Take an hour each week and think about just what the hell you are doing on this Planet.


We request a Permanent Mission For Asia at the UN 1. 2.


4. 5.

The European Union has Permanent Mission status at the United Nations. It also has delegate status at G-20 meetings. Why is Asia left out? As Cheerleaders, Blueprint Asia is leading a campaign to balance this inequity. Secretary General Moon, kindly select an Asian Permanent Ambassador; and G 20; please invite an Asian patriarch to represent the 40 smaller countries in Asia not invited to be part of your club. These are ideal posts for retired Asian leaders to fill. Men like Putin from Russia, Jiang from China, Lee from Singapore, Abe from Japan, Gyanendra from Nepal and after 2014 President Hu from China. We petition the Secretary General to consider this request. Ask your political leaders to endorse this petition and send a letter to New York directly. Organize petitions on your campus.


CIBAR (China, India, Brazil, ASEAN, and Russia) PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain) 

Collectively, the 5 largest developing countries (CIBAR) are lifting 800,000 people a week out of poverty by providing 200,000 new jobs, new housing, health services, facilities, and infrastructure. The 5 PIIGS on the other hand are debt ridden, over taxed, entitlement rich, consumption addicted, underground operating, coffee induced, efficiency challenged, wing nuts who are herding 80,000 people a week into poverty, foreclosure, unemployment, benefit suspension, and bankruptcy.

G-20 The Frantic Search for f 5 (The re-fresh button on your keyboard) 

 

In amazement, we watch G-20 leaders frantically searching for the f5 refresh button on their keyboard to reverse the world back to 2006. Just the same old same old. Who wasted their Mubarak Moment ?? Leonard Cohen called it “The universal bitch’in that goes on in every kitchen to determine who will serve and who will eat.” To Asian G20 leaders: Please remember President Reagan’s speech in Berlin in 1987 at the Berlin Wall. Recall all that America promised if the Wall came down. Disarmament, halting nuclear proliferation, arms control, reduction of nuclear warheads, world peace. Promise after promise, after promise. Two years later the Soviet Union did collapse and what did America do for the next 20 years ?? Reload. Reload. Reload. You really want to place your trust in a country like that ?? Remember this story when you sit at G-20 sessions and hear all the promises from Washington about financial governance, new rules, transparency, rigorous monitoring, guarantees for debt repayment, stewardship, and responsible stake holding. (that's the biggest joke). If you saw corruption in the AIG, banks, and GM bailout; wait till they privatize the taxpayers stake in about 6 years. American capitalism has committed suicide. Let it die. America's global leadership is finished after just 60 years; and the Dollar is headed to hyperinflation, depression, and finally war. RIP.


New World Order Rules 

We suggest that Asian Governments participating in international programs to establish new economic and financial institutional rules to heed the following.

1. Asian banks, financial institutions and Central Banks should NEVER store any assets in foreign depositories, banks, or other central banks. Take delivery of everything. …. Gold, silver, bonds, precious metals, artworks, national treasures, stocks, and property titles. Never let your agent, advisor, or foreign institution keep possession. Audit and authenticate everything. 2. All Asia States need to re-affirm their sovereignty over all foreign investments that operate within their territory. Be ready to cease defaulters. 3. Any foreign asset on Asian soil is subject to the right of first refusal when that asset changes ownership because of the global financial crisis through bankruptcy proceedings in any jurisdiction; or by liquidation or fire sale. 4. Re-affirm your right to seize and confiscate foreign assets if the corporations and nationals of any country have violated laws or failed to govern institutions in their countries to protect the value of your foreign reserve components. Some commentators regard the NYSE, NASDAQ, and White House as crime scenes. 5. All Asian countries should audit and verify the authenticity of all bonds, stock certificates, titles, and currency in their possession. There are billions in counterfeit documents and currency in circulation and the rush is just beginning.

 


New World Order Rules 

 

6. Insist on new rules for commodity markets. Replace the commodity settlement currency (Dollar) to the Euro, or to a basket of Asian currencies. Follow Iran and Russia. Confiscate contracts on monopoly holders of import licenses and tax profits on 99.9 % of all commodity “investors” who never take delivery. These are speculators. Allow 2 exemptions per year for every one contract delivered. Commodity markets are not parking lots for idle cash. 7. Avoid “cash cows” like pension funds and insurance companies to operate unrestricted in any market. Socialize basic insurance coverage across Asia. Let National Governments insure basic health care, basic education, employment, bank failures, and national disasters. Let your Provincial Governments insure autos, vehicles, and institutions. Let local governments insure fire, theft, flood damage, and commercial strife. 8. We absolutely need to challenge the dominance of the Dollar and the presence of foreign troops, ships, missiles, and weapons on Asian soil. 9. Start printing an Asian common currency unit ASAP.

How to achieve a Unified Asia in dramatic fashion. 

We advise Asian leaders to consider the following sequence of policy initiatives to secure a unified Asia by 2015.

1. Test a new All-Asia 120 day tourist / business visa for 40 countries. 2. Sign an All-Asia security pact and reduce all military budgets by 30% over 5 years. Create a private security force to pre-empt nuclear attack. 3. China and Russia could jointly transfer their UN permanent security council seats to India and Japan for a 3 year trial period. This would shock the world and communicate a powerful political message to all Asians to begin thinking about a unified Continent. 4. Introduce an Asian common currency to lead the reform of the world’s financial structure. 5. Create a Council of Asian Patriarchs to mentor smaller Asian States. 6. Lead global nuclear disarmament initiatives by having all Asia’s nuclear countries surrender some of their defense sovereignty by creating four Joint Lockdown and Joint Deployment commands to defend Asia from nuclear attack. Create a private “Strike Force” to respond to any nuclear threat.

 

  


A New Peace Sign and Ritual © db CH 2007 A simple ritual performed after a conflict is resolved. 1.


Our innovative “Peace Sign” (© D Braun 2007) is a final face-toface 60 second ritual between opposing parties in courtrooms, arbitration chambers, divorce proceedings, parole boards, prisons, HR departments, and labor negotiations around the world. First, both parties face and bow to one another in constant eye contact. They simultaneously extend their hands vertically above their heads and then slowly bring them down to their sides as if they were doing the breast stroke in water. Then hands together again in a prayer pose; a 5 degree bow to one another and the alternate recitation of relevant positive words such as ….. peace, respect, calm, honor, culture, faith, duty, forgiveness. Not another word.


Kitchen Table Peace Process 

Peace is a slow 200 year 10 generation process that starts at the kitchen table where from 6 months to 18 years of age we hear, learn, and discuss the Good; the Bad; and the Ugly. All our feelings on race, prejudice, revenge, and hate are heard, discussed, and either nurtured or challenged at the kitchen table. This is where real Peace starts. The process is universal; and our Kitchen Table Peace Process has a universal strategy to condition every child to a life of Peace and a rejection of racism and militarism. Our poster product is an innovative new Gathering Table (patentpending) that we will sell to families, restaurants, business clubs, and hotels around the World. Every aspect of the Table is designed to keep the family (or guests) in close range to maximize the bonding component of our food culture. Everyone is encouraged to stay within sight and hearing range. At home it’s a place for the presiding parent to wash up, set the table, prepare the food, cook it, serve it; all in the presence of their children and friends who may be doing homework, on the Internet, watching TV, chatting, playing games, or reading etc. It converts your residence into a home rather than a rooming house where the children are everywhere but in the kitchen.

Duped by Media Images Some western media portray Muslims as dirty, ancient, unshaven, unclean, shabby, relics from the Middle Ages. See Taliban photo below.

OOPS, it’s not the Taliban. after all. !!! It’s a 1896 photo of the Mormon Battalion. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Today, Mormons are a major influential Christian religion in the West.) See how people and their image change. over time. Don’t judge people by their “cover”.

     

       

Terrorists Then

Respectability Now

USA terminology

Global perspective

Boston Tea. Colonist Attackers Viet Cong Algerian Rebellion Guerrillas IRA Rebellion Tamil Tigers East Timor Rebels 2002 Taliban Insurgents Biafra rebel secessionists PLO Hamas Pakistan Anti British rebels 19 Islamic terrorists 9/11 Mormon Rebellion 1857 Mujahedeen 1985 Guy Fawkes Uber-Arsonist

Tea Party USA. Candidates in 2010 Elections Government of Vietnam since 1974 1954 Independence Irish Statehood Now a Political Party in Sri Lanka Now a Country Future Political Party in Afghan elections Now Nigerian States Rivers. Enugu Mitosis into splint parties Future Government of Palestine Statehood 1947 for India and Pakistan Revered as martyrs in the Muslim world Statehood as Utah in 1890 Heroic freedom fighters. Taliban 2001 Annual bonfires celebrate him as a hero


Middle East Peace

Who appointed America as the Prince of Peace ??? 1.




Watching America orchestrating Peace between Palestine and Israel is like witnessing 3 repentant drunks plus their pet poodle staggering into an AA meeting (Alcoholics Anonymous) trying to get re-instated !! The two Mini- Drunks and their salivating poodle have just finished a second smack-down in 3 years; and America (the uber- drunk) still has 180,000 troops and another 30,000 private contract killers in 2 wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) and 80,000 troops on military bases in Asia. Did I mention the topic of the meeting is Peace ? America’s welcome has long expired, and their 0 for 12 peace record makes their contribution a failure waiting to happen. The drunks in this trilogy don’t even deserve Peace. Calm is what might be possible and even the veneer of Calm is so thin that only a 200 year grass roots “Kitchen” solution has any chance of success. One suggestion is Blueprint’s Kitchen Table Peace Process.



Middle East Peace Our Three State Solution




Blueprint refutes any claim by any party that peaceful coexistence is possible between Palestine and Israel. The marquee reads: Party of God vs. God’s Chosen People. Not a chance. Physical separation is the only solution. 60 years of frustration is enough for us. We have thrown in the towel on both of them. Enough is enough. Physical separation is the only viable solution to the Middle East Crisis. The 3 State Solution proposes a contracted State of Israel, Palestine East as a retirement community for 2-3 million senior Palestinians similar in concept to Sun City in Arizona; and Palestine West, a temporary 60 year colony State for some 4 million Palestinians between the ages of 10 and 45 now living in Palestine, Gaza, Israel, Lebanon and Syria. Men, women, and children. Where to re-locate them ? California here we come. !!! The exodus is on. 3 exile locations in America are feasible. 1. Camp Pendleton the home base of the United States Marine Corps. Pacific Ocean Beachfront from Oceanside CA north to San Juan Capistrano and east beyond I-15. USA donates and re-locates the base. 2. Victorville California north of San Bernardino towards Las Vegas on I-15. High plateau country in the warm fertile California desert. 3. Prim Nevada at the California boarder where I-15 and the railroad to Las Vegas parallel. The topography there has very unique features that I will explain later.


A New Export Industry for Asia: Peace Activism and Peace Institutes 

 

With our 65 year peace record, we ask China, Japan, Korea, ASEAN, and India to use economic stimulus funds to finance peace activism globally and to hire > 60,000 graduates. Example: www.PentagonDay.com Host Charity Peace Festivals in 400 cities in east Asia in 2010. Training. See the power point presentations in English and Chinese. Peace train program across Asia in 2014 to fund the building of Peace Institutes in 100 cities across Asia. Export this whole program to Europe, Africa, America, and South America in 2014-2020 teaching how peace, prosperity and harmony were attained in East Asia over 65 years. Make Peace a sustainable export industry with >200,000 Asians abroad constantly staffing Institutes, harmony centers, universities, VOP centers, teaching the new peace sign rituals, government agencies, research groups, etc.

Tibet : The Reality 

  

China is nation building. It is 30 years into creating a modern industrial state featuring freedom of movement, ideas, business opportunities, marriage, religion, language, culture, and traditions. All states especially Tibet have received Billions for infrastructure development. New schools, hospitals, power, rail, airports, sewer and water, etc. This has attracted experienced Han businessmen to Tibet and other western provinces. They prosper and the local minorities explode with envy. Envy happens to be one of the “deadly sins” on which the Dali Lama prays to eradicate every day. China is also 65 years (3 generations) into a 200 year 10 generation process to become a peaceful nation. Racial killings must bring a crackdown as Beijing tries to build a nation of 5 major historical tribes. Beijing remembers the mistakes in Yugoslavia where 500,000 people died in civil wars because no one was there to put their finger in the dike of racism. No hammer. Each day, 900,000,000 people in 8 countries get their water from the Tibetan plateau. Who wants this resource managed by some merry little band of Buddhist monks !!! Beijing has renovated the Potala palace in Lhasa ($45 million) and the Sagya Monastery housing classical Buddhist texts. ($14 million) Beijing pays a pension to 15,000 aging monks. Former beggars. There is freedom of religion in China and currently there are 17,000 new temples, churches, and mosques under construction.

A Role for the “3 Swisters” Switzerland, Sweden, and Swingapore 

The principle of self determination and self rule needs to be re-visited immediately. Today, there are individuals, groups, armies, and political parties, running governments that couldn’t organize a Sunday picnic. They lack a combination of things and posses a tribal DNA that nurtures corruption and nepotism on every level. That DNA takes 100 years to wean from a society. Running a country is very complicated and complex science today. Skills your son, uncle, or wife may not have. A few countries are extraordinary at “national master- plan management”. Why not hire them under contract for 5 years. Paid 50% by UN; and 50% with future resources. I urge the 3 Swisters to organize an international team of proven retired professionals in infrastructure integration, banking, organization, administration, taxation, education, transportation, resources, social programs, health care delivery, incentive investment, finance, currency, social control, public administration, infrastructure planning and construction, operation and maintenance, policing, and security; that can hire their services out to a Haiti, a Nepal, an East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, or Palestine. Modern governments (especially cities) hire a plethora of consultants to administer hundreds of components of successful public administrations. It’s time to take it to another level and hire fully responsible corporate teams to manage whole countries. We invite debate on this issue at the UN, ASEAN, SCO, Organization of American States (OAS), and the Arab League.

The Failure of “BIG” in America 

The current financial crisis and depression in America is traced to the failure of “BIG” Big banks. Big insurance. Big corporations. Big oil, Big under regulated markets. Big mining. Big steel. Big auto. Big chemical. Big drug. Big food. Big health. Big unions. Big military, and Big government. There is no competition. No real product markets. Only oligopolies and monopolies protected by regulation and entry barriers bred from a corrupt political structure and industry lobby culture. The disappointment is that in the 1980’s and 1990;s America’s best and brightest went to Wall Street and the Beltway and then went bottom fishing to destroy the poor and middle class in America and vacuum the resources and rising industrial capabilities in developing countries around the World. They almost succeeded and now these forces must be crushed or just left to die.

Respect our Neighbor’s Borders, Culture, Language, and Faith. Debate these wars and determine how these Principles were violated.     

            

1812 War Civil War USA Spanish American Opium War World War 1 World War 2 French Indochina Creation of Israel Korean War Vietnam War Afghanistan Invasion Israel – 6 day war Sri Lanka – Tamils Falklands War First Iraq Balkans war Afghanistan Invasion Iraq invasion

1812 1861 1890 1856 1914 1939 1946 1949 1950 1965 1979 1967 1983 1982 1992 1990 2001 2003

USA invades Canada (British territory at the time) Confederate South vs North USA and Mexico Britain invades China 1839-1860 Allied Europe vs Germany Europe / Allies vs Germany, Italy, and Japan French occupation of Vietnam UN Resolution creates Jewish State in Asia North vs South. USA vs Russia USA and South vs North Vietnam Russia vs Afghanistan Arab coalition vs Israel Civil war Britain vs Argentina USA vs Iraq Civil / Racist / Faith. USA/NATO bombing USA and NATO vs Taliban Afghanistan USA and Allies vs Iraq

Blueprint’s Pledge: There is a reward for your respect of boarders, culture, language and faith.

The Promise to all Asians

If, as a country, community, tribe, family, or individual you adhere to a foreign policy, lifestyle and conduct that reflects these principles; then: We guarantee that you can plan for the next 60 years with the expectation that your country will not be invaded and devastated, your homes and businesses will not be confiscated, your mosques, temples, churches and synagogues will not be destroyed; your women violated, nor your property pillaged.


Re-Think America

Is America reacting positively to Asia’s peace and prosperity ? No. Beware: America will resort to Nuclear War to salvage capitalism, default on their debt, and maintain the supremacy of the Dollar 1.






Blueprint continues to doubt America’s intentions in Asia and we ask all Asians to take a time-out and re-think their relationship with America at all levels … supply, sourcing, academic, technical, financial, cultural, political, and military. America practices “needle diplomacy” in Asia to keep tensions high and military sales brisk. After the Korean War, it was a “few pricks here” and a “few pricks there”. Now it has grown to millions of pricks. I won’t elaborate. Mentally re-evaluate the USA. What other nation demands that you personally visit their consulate offices to apply for a visa; charge you $100; reject 98% of the applications; keep the money; then demand you be finger-printed and have your eye retina and bodies scanned on arrival. Respect Americans but keep a distance. The historical balance between “guns or butter” is all out of whack in America. Military spending exceeds that of all Asian ands European countries combined !!! ……. because America just prints and borrows more dollars. It keeps raising their National Debt (now 16Trillion) and for 3 years has not published it’s M1, M2, or M3 money supply statistics. Is this sound financial governance ?? The leadership of these very powerful, very corrupt, and very selfish people is ending. This arrogant 240 year old neophyte nation called America has led the world for just 60 years and has taken us all to the brink of collapse. And now America wants us to help them salvage Capitalism and re-establish the status of the Dollar. Bullcrap. No. No. No. Let it all sink. What will emerge in 5 years will be more democratic, more peaceful, more equitable, more free, more harmonious, and a more prosperous America. Asia, get ready for your Inauguration. BlueprintAsia.com


USA Elections Promote A Peace Agenda in 2012 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6.

It is illegal for countries to finance or participate in the US political process. But BlueprintAsia is a private group. We can lead by working to consolidate all Asian-American interest groups in business, education, arts, and science. Encourage them to meet as a unified group at least twice a year. Tell Asian-American voters our agenda. Politely ask The President to reject militarism as the cornerstone of America’s foreign policy. Take your troops, tanks, aircraft, missiles, ships, and personnel out of Asia. Expel foreigners from your military academies and colleges. Stop teaching the world how to kill. Provide a plan on how you intend to re-pay your 14 Trillion dollar national debt. You owe us $3 Trillion dollars Dude.!!!! And the value of your Dollar is going to tank when the World realizes you have a hollow industrial base and a redundant service sector. “You do my laundry for $200 and I’ll cut your hair for $250 and we’ll continue to have the largest economy in the world. We’re Number #1. Yes.


Petition to the Obama Presidency 

Our petition to the Obama Presidency:

  

Reject militarism as the cornerstone of your Foreign Policy. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Close all American military bases in Asia and take all your troops, ships, planes, drones, bombers, missiles, nuclear, and chemical weapons out of Asia.  Expel all foreigners from your military academies and colleges in America. Stop training the World how to kill.  Join France and Great Britain in a joint Lock-Down and Joint Deployment policy for controlling your stockpile of nuclear weapons in the West.  Offer a credible plan showing how America intends to pay down it’s national debt. (currently $16 Trillion Dollars) 

Endorse the policy objectives of Blueprint Asia.

2 Plans to Revamp Government in the USA 

To avoid civil war in North America, the major parties must be un-coupled from the business and military establishment infesting the Beltway and Wall Street; disband and get a fresh Constitution

 Plan A. Organize a petition in every state, county, city, town and village in North America requesting: Names, addresses, signatures, contributions – a national referendum to permit all residents and tax payers to assess the competence of each level of government …. National, State (provincial), County, and City / Town and eliminate the least popular based on the collective national result in each country”

Plan B. Join a militia group and train and arm yourself for the day that a rogue US Army reserve unit storms the White House, puts the President and Cabinet under house arrest; dissolves Congress, and takes control of the national government.


America’s Seeds of Self Destruction 1. Debt and deficits will debased its currency 2. Most infrastructure is deteriorating. Highways, bridges, communication, levies, etc 3. A Spiritual decline in most regions. Family structure has disintegrated. 4. A sense of Entitlement especially among youth. Life is a party. 5. Illegal Drugs and prescription abuse by people from 8 to 88 in age. 6. Governance has lost credibility. Corporate, political, bank, credit, market. 7. Addiction is widespread. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, coffee, pills, steroids, violence. 8. About 43,000,000 Americans receive free food stamps each month. A barometer of poverty. 9. Seduction of sports. The society is sport crazy. 10. Intolerance. Race, religion, elderly, economic class gaps. 11. Over burdened tax laws, certification, rules, taxes, and regulations. 12. Entertainment industry exposing alternate lifestyles contrary to traditional values. 13. 2,150,000 people in prison. 4,000,000 more in release or rehab programs. 14. Greed is a virtue. Hatred is rampant in 10% of the population. Delusion is everywhere. 15, Militarism is still the cornerstone of it’s foreign policy. 16. Little respect for other cultures, languages, faiths, and borders. Vietnam. Iraq. Afghanistan, Mexico, Japan. 17. Liberal gun purchase and gun ownership laws in America. 18. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the best and brightest from the top universities and colleges in America went to Wall street and the Washington Beltway and then they went bottom fishing ….. Screwing the poor and gutting the middle class in America. We lament. 

America has the seeds of it’s own destruction simmering within it’s boarders. Just let it happen and then prepare to help America in it’s rehabilitation and re-invention. Another American Civil War on the horizon ? Perhaps a 20% chance of it happening within the next 10 years.

South Korea’s Dangerous Diplomacy 

The torpedo attack on the South Korean warship Cheonan in March

2010 killing 46 sailors led to an “international “ investigation that pointed the finger squarely at North Korea and lead to the brink of war in the summer of 2010 culminating with war game exercises with the USA naval armada in the Sea of Japan. How unfortunate this gamesmanship. This is theatre. Instead of running to suckle the nipple of America, Seoul should have confronted it’s immediate neighbors (Russia, China, Japan, and North Korea) to determine involvement in this act of war. Once all denied involvement, each neighbor should have been invited to participate as observers in the investigation. Why? All had a stake if: a) it was another sovereign state; b) it was an act of terror; c) it was a rogue cell within the military command of Seoul's 4 neighbors; d) it was a mutinous cell within the South Korea command. Torpedoes have aluminum casings and parts, all of which come from extrusion factories using billets from a smelter with a unique formula and combination of metals. Hence, each smelter batch in the world has a DNA. Follow the logic.

Human Rights from a new Perspective 

Asian governments are always under the snobbish eye of western critics questioning our dedication to Human Rights. They forget that many Asian countries are in a period on nation-building …. trying to restore peace and harmony after war, invasion, rebellion, famine, poverty; or installing reforms. Most are 65 years into a post war rehab period that may last another 100 years before real peace is declared. But what “developed” countries doing when they were nation building ?

Example: USA Nation Building (1800 to 1912) when 32 new States entered the American Union.

Ohio Mississippi Maine Michigan Iowa Minnesota West Virginia Colorado Montana Wyoming New Mexico

Canada (1860 to 1949) Western Provinces were structured and the national railway was built.

     

1803 1817 1820 1837 1846 1858 1863 1876 1889 1890 1912

Louisiana 1812 Illinois 1818 Missouri 1821 Florida 1845 Wisconsin 1848 Oregon 1859 Nevada 1864 N. Dakota 1889 Wash. 1889 Utah 1896 Arizona 1912

Indiana Alabama Arkansas Texas California Kansas Nebraska S. Dakota Idaho Oklahoma

1816 1819 1836 1845 1850 1861 1864 1889 1890 1907

Human Rights in North America During Nation Building Buckle your seat belts. This is not a pretty summary of what was happening in North America during their decades of Nation-Building: 18 million Blacks were in slavery. Neither Backs, Indians, nor women could vote. A 5 year civil war from 1861 to 1865 killed 620,000 Americans. America stole California, Arizona, New Mexico , and more from Mexico. Indians were displaced from their lands, many killed, and then most put on “reservations”: Hundreds of thousands were put into residential schools financed by governments or churches; forced to adopt Christianity; and forbidden to speak their language; eat native foods, or practice native customs. 400,000 Japanese including American and Canadian born Japanese had their land stolen and assets seized then forced inland to live in detention camps during World War II. Blacks, Indians and women were denied access to many shops and services; and others were mandated to access through separate entrances. Seating areas on public transportation vehicles were restricted to Whites.

2nd Amendment of the USA Constitution 

The Amendment documents an individuals right to bear arms and organize into militias for the purpose of: – – – –

deterring undemocratic government; suppressing insurrection; facilitating a natural right of self-defense; participating in law enforcement;

In parallel it documents every citizen’s responsibility to bear arms and form militias to overthrow the government when it suppresses, over-taxes, over-burdens, and neglects the needs of “We the People”. Presently only 32% of Americans approve of Congress but they sit on their butts and do nothing. Candyasses. “All hat” as they say in Texas. Some 350,000,000 private firearms ( from pistols to assault weapons) are in circulation in America.

Private Property and the Constitution We pose this question. Can the “right to private property and the right to transition property to others at the time of death” survive the 2007-2015 Great Depression in North America ?  We predict a confrontation of income classes in America fueled by controversies like the mosque construction project at ground zero in New York. There will be a surge in popular support to find a strategy to break the tri-party strangle-hold over the middle and poor classes ….. the collusion between Business / Government / and the Media.  Who will open the debate on the role of private property in any modern industrial society that needs new infrastructure like high speed rail, highway, optic cable, power line, and canal rights of way, and popular acceptance of nuclear power, solar and wind energy. Does the “right of private property” act like a glue or a lubricant in your development planning? 

Threats from Within 

Some individuals posing the biggest internal threats in Asia are Chinese, Indianans, Russians, Koreans, Arabs, and Japanese citizens. They are adult nationals, passport holders, fully integrated and highly positioned citizens doubling as agents or spies of the United States and British governments. All are now successfully embedded in the boardrooms, executive offices, ministerial offices, bureaucracies, classrooms, procurement offices, and policy groups throughout Asia. Foreign tentacles are everywhere and their influence on economic, trade, credit, banking, monetary, and military policy is immense.  All studied abroad and were approached on campus by “friends” and asked to aid America or Britain in anti-terrorism programs and to ferret out potential terrorists among fellow foreign students. The lure of hundreds of dollars deposited monthly in an offshore bank was too attractive. When they returned to Asia, new assignments followed and bigger money. They are trapped. No exit. Only continual subservience to a foreign power. Is my paranoia justified? Your opinion please.  We recommend interviews and lie detector tests for all British or American educated Asian policy makers in senior positions.

Beware of Foreign Intelligence Agents     

Blueprint believes there is merit in all Asians being informed about Western foreign intelligence threats and activities. Foreign presence and attempts to influence policy-making should be understood by Asians. Blueprint’s principal interest is to protect Asians against the efforts of foreign powers trying to interfere. Anyone can be a victim of foreign influence either through covert or peer pressure activities. These threats are not always a direct request but are a process over time to have an influence on our policy making in economic, trade, education, finance, banking, credit, space, defense, and military matters. Did I write this crap ?? Hell no. This is paraphrased official testimony from Richard McFadden the head of CSIS (Canada Security Intelligence Service) justifying Canadian action against foreign political interference in Canada. If this policy is good protection for Canadians; why isn’t it good for Asias as well ??

Intelligence Action Plan 

Blueprint seeks funding to survey all Asian student clubs on each college campus in North America and Britain to determine if there is evidence that there are Intelligence recruiters active on campus and if Asians are being targeted. All out-bound college students enroute to North American or British Colleges should be briefed on the dangers of “cooperating” in covert activities. The penalty: If there is evidence of recruitment, then the violating institution should have all exchange programs and university “satellite” activities in Asia terminated and foreigners associated with these institutions be deported immediately.

Canada’s Moral High Ground 

At the G-8 Conference in June 2010 in Toronto Canada, Prime Minister Harper took the moral high ground to initiate a global fund to finance a pregnant mother and child program. $1.5 Billion to fight maternal mortality and build clinics. I felt so proud. What a country !! Such high ideals!! Then I see black men emerging from private jets in Toronto. Turns out they are special G20 guests invited by Harper the host. Specifically the leaders of Columbia, Haiti, Jamaica, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.  OK, I ponder. These must be the countries with the highest maternal mortality rates and Harper seeks consultation. Right ? Wrong. According to WHO, UNICEF, and UNFPA, that title goes to: Sierra Leone (2,000 deaths per 100,000 births), Afghanistan (1,900), Malawi (1,800), Angola (1,700), Niger (1,600), Tanzania (1,500), Rwanda (1,400), Mali (1,200), Somalia, Zimbabwe, Chad, Central African Republic.  Afghanistan second on the list? OK, so by now, Canada (9 years in Afghanistan killing the Taliban) must have build some model clinics there. Wrong. Not one clinic. Just hollow promises. Afghanistan you are just pawns in NATO’s self-glorification. Asians call it hypocracy.

USA Global Military Presence The US naval armada has 13 gigantic aircraft carriers accompanied by 97 supply and escort ships. -- Kitty Hawk, Constellation, Enterprise, John F. Kennedy, Nimitz, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Carl Vinson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John C. Stennis, Harry S. Truman, and Ronald Reagan. 

The Air Mobility Command has 520 long-range C-17 Globemasters, C-5 Galaxies, C-141 Starlifters, KC-135 Stratotankers, KC-10 Extenders, and C-9 Nightingales that link and deliver troops to far-flung outposts from Greenland to Australia.

The Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 120 countries. 65 bases are in Asia. These Overseas bases contain some 253,288 uniformed personnel, plus 260,000 dependents and Department of Defence civilian officials; and employs an additional 44,446 locally hired foreigners. These bases contain 44,870 barracks, hangars, hospitals, and other buildings which it owns, and 4,844 more that are leased.

The US at War 



US Killed

Defending Armies including civilians killed

    

   

  

US Revolution War of 1812 Mexican War US Civil War Spanish-American First World War Second World War Korean War Vietnam War Gulf War Iraq War Afghanistan War

1775-1781 1812-1815 1846-1848 1861-1865 1898 1917-1918 1941-1945 1950-1953 1964-1973 1990-1991 2003-2012 2001- ???

4,435 2,260 13,283 494,321 2,246 116,515 405,399 36,574 58,220 383 4,436 1467

6,700 3860 Canadians * 65,800 38,000 civilians 5,570 26,800,000 52,750,000 3,250,000 2,970,000 2680 350,000-600,000 130,000-400,000

Photos courtesy Wikipedia

Diego Garcia BlueprintAsia.com




1600 km south of India lies a 400 sq.km military base home to B-52 bombers, nuclear missiles, fighter jets, cargo planes; as well as supply, tank, and munitions ships that have just 1 purpose ….. To kill Asians. Used for both the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, Diego Garcia is a US / UK military base “obtained” in 1966 and then “de-populated” of it’s 2000 black and Indian ex-slave inhabitants. The base is supplied monthly by a 240 container vessel from Singapore.!! Is this what Asia does? Provide port facilities for America to trans-ship supplies to military bases designed to kill Asians? Hello Hong Kong. Hello Manila. Diego Garcia is exactly why Asia needs an Ambassador at the UN. China claims South China Sea islands. Japan and Korea claim Pacific islands. Indonesia claims off-shore islands. How can we ignore the Diego Garcia refugees who now want their islands back? Do we unite or divide on these issues??

Private defense and nuclear deterrent policy for Asia   

To deter armed invasion, standing armies are the best defense and Asia is well equipped to defend. To deter against nuclear annihilation, a small private singlemission special forces unit is recommended. Each major government in Asia should contribute about RMB 20 billion to organize a private military “Counter Strike-Force” team consisting of personnel from at least 10 countries to develop a counter attack force in case Asia is ever threatened with nuclear attack from a foreign power. This sole mission requires a commitment to effectively destroy and vaporize 60% of the attackers global naval armada, and strategic air and troop bases around the world in under 6 hours; including 100% of those located in Asia and Europe. Simple as that folks.

F-35 Jet Fighter: NATO Joint Strike Force   

Can any military specialist please explain the defensive message in the bravado title of this NATO program …… Joint Strike Force ? This USA inspired “Generation 5, single-seat, single-engine stealth multi-role fighter ” will be also used by 8 NATO allies. Until Asia has a Continental defense strategy, the 10 top Asian economies might collectively finance and staff a 6,000 man multidiscipline team with a psychological bias toward suicide. This Joint Counter-Strike Force would develop, build, operate, and maintain a system to execute just one mission …. to counter a nuclear threat or attack from a foreign power and vaporize 60% of an attackers global military capability in 4 hours. And 2 days later destroy 50% of domestic military installations; and 2 days after that, annihilate 30% of the attackers population. This could be done with an annual budget of less than $ 3 Billion.

Challenge to the F-35 Program 

Blueprint, as peace activists, confront and challenge NATO to a war game showdown to test the defensive capabilities of the F-35 strike force jet to defend NATO air bases, naval assets, and the general population from nuclear attack. Select either USA, Canada, or Britain to host the game. The bet is $120 million …. The cost of 1 new F-35. If we loose, we loose our time and investment in the attack hardware, prototypes, and war game software. If we win, NATO cancels the whole F-35 contract and all aircraft carrier contracts for 10 years; and pays us $240 million to cover our costs and reward our investors with a ROI of 50%. The yardstick: Vaporize an aircraft carrier or a naval base in 30 minutes; penetrate boarders and install explosives at key infrastructure sites; and demolish the entire CBD of a metro city in 2 hours. You must defend a mock surprise attack. The challenge may take several forms: a) a computer simulation; b) a full offensive attack but neither side uses live ammunition; or c) Full combat drill with NATO using live ammunition / equipment, and we use 5 kg bags of sugar in lieu of nano-nuclear warheads.

High Speed Just a simple matter of national priorities 

In the USA, 1 person driving in 1 high performance off-road car can go 500 miles in 2 hours and 40 minutes. (The Indy 500 track record for 200 laps for a total of 500 miles on May 27, 1990 was 300 km/hr) (Conditions. Cramped into 20 cubic feet with a fireproof mask, leather suit, locked doors, seat belts, and a double wall helmet) In China, 600 people riding in 1 high speed public train can go 500 miles in 1 hour and 55 minutes. (Beijing to Shanghai route. World train speed record December 3, 2010. 486 km/hr)

(Conditions. Shirt sleeves in air conditioned comfort; on retractable leather seats; no vibration; with a bar and restaurant car; and freedom to walk the entire length of the train)

Is the path to peace in a F 35 military jet or a high speed train? China will joint-venture to build high speed train networks in 30 countries with 30 State Railway Companies over the next 15 years.

Is Cuba about to adopt the Chinese development model ? The announcement from Cuba that a 180 degree policy C-change will transform the economy into a market directed central overview economy similar to China’s 30 year vanguard approach will present an incredible opportunity for East Asia to build a subsidiary in the heart of Central America. China, ASEAN, Japan, India, Russia, and Korea have the financial capability to invest up to 400 billion Euro in the next 10 years and the expertise to build extensive infrastructure and a 21st Century economic base. Blueprint strongly encourages East Asia to proceed ASAP. Cuba needs 3 deep ocean ports, 15 new airports and train stations, 4,000 km of high speed rail, 5000km of expressways, 40,000 km of fiber optic cable, 15 new mega industrial parks , 20 water and sewage treatment plants, 2 nuclear power plants, 5 coal plants, and 10,000 km of electrical transmission; 2000 new factories, 500 high-rise office, shopping, residential ,and service complexes, 10 new colleges and universities, 20 clinics, and 5 new resort complexes. The key will be attracting Cuban expatriates to return with their money and entrepreneurial skills. Even Americans who revoke their US citizenship should be welcomed and even given a housing or industrial plot as an incentive. But do not allow US immigration, direct investment, or visas for 40 years. (same period that US imposed sanctions against Cuba). Make them fly through Canada or Mexico as they do today.

Climate Change Reality

The band between 20 and 50 degrees North latitude is now home to 95% of the 5,500,000,000 people added to our planetary population since 1800. 84

April 8, 2015

Climate Change? Relax and Enjoy it. In the last 200 years, 5.25 billion people and 1,260 billion tons of “support stuff” has been added to planet Earth’s weight. 95% positioned in a narrow band between 20-50 degrees north latitude. Plus 3,500 billion tons of water is held back by dams, reservoirs, irrigation ditches, and swimming pools. Its like adding an 8 ounce rim weight to your front wheel. As your car decelerates there is a point of violent shaking. Will the same phenomenon happen to our plant and will 2 billion people be rocketed into space in 5 minutes. And you think you can “fight global climate change” Where do I apply for my $20 million research grant.




Our thirst for water  

“Dam nation”: A geographic census of American dams. Author: William L. Graf of Tempe Arizona. (Beautiful title isn’t it) Department of Geography, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ Abstract: A total of 75,000 dams in the continental United States store a volume of water equaling 5000 m3 (4 acre-feet) of water per person. What?? Since 1 m3 of water weights 1 ton, that’s 5000 tons per person. (Canada has 95 major dams that equal these numbers)

 

I earlier estimated the weight of the “support stuff” needed to sustain one person is around 400 tons. I had no idea of the volume of water that is stored in reservoirs and dams that “rob” the free flow of nature’s hydraulic and ecological system that existed 200 years ago. These 75,000 dams are all man made structures. Add the dams in Europe and Asia and you see how interesting my crack-pot “rim weight” theory becomes.

Who will be the first eco-politician to introduce a Bill in Congress to blow the top 10 dams in America. Interesting

The Global Diplomatic Industry 

Think of diplomacy as an industry that employs millions of people worldwide in foreign affairs departments, protocol offices, spy and intelligence units, government agencies, universities, foundations, private security firms, research institutes, and needle factories. The top ranks are filled with political, social, and academic elites in each country. Old boys clubs; and glass ceiling plungers all with one mission …. To keep busy so the good times can keep rolling. The parties, receptions, first class travel, affairs, the reading, awards, perks, camaraderie, revolving door to executive positions in the private sector, and retirement pensions. All good stuff. No hard hats or helmets here; just hand-shakes. Their loud-speaker is the media. Slow times? Just fabricate stories of conflict, dissention, missile deployment, spy expulsion, territorial disputes, underwater oil and gas, gold and silver deposits. The needle diplomacy and the charade goes on. Most of these people are shitdisturbers. Fortunately the top leadership in Asia knows the game. The All Asia Accord that was proposed earlier? It’s secretly been signed by every country that understands this 60 year plan. War is not an option.

Everybody in Asia Knows 

Every political leader in Asia, at every level, knows that the only thing that can stop the ascendancy of Asia as this planets leading economic, social, and cultural community would be a war. The same political elite know that the only circumstance that can rescue capitalism and the American economy is war. Check out the US economy. Military hardware, IT, government, the Ponzi, and a huge expensive service industry. “You do my laundry and I’ll cut your hair” (until the scissors break and the washing machine quits) ….. and our democratically elected legislator will regulate and tax the whole thing.” !!! To pre-empt America’s temptation to war, Asia needs a defensive strategy that can trump America's military dominance fueled by it’s 800 billion annual military budget …. more than the total military budgets of all of Europe and Asia combined. Do the math. The Mongolian horseman told me that 5 simple words might define that strategy: kamikaze, nuclear, embed, isolate, and nano.


8 Alcove Harmony Kiosks Branding a new Image for Asia 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Our Motto “Always give Tolerance an opportunity to surface” We want to place Harmony (prayer) kiosks in all international airports, train stations, universities, hospitals, and major shopping malls. Choose 8 from a basket of 16 major belief systems including Atheism. No services or promotion. Only a 5-30 second stop to say thanks. This is a powerful communication tool and PR vehicle. It tells visitors: Your citizens enjoy religious freedom; and Your People are very tolerant of all religions; and our Leaders encourage people to develop a spiritual dimension. Expressing gratitude is a key element in every successful society.


A Message to All Asians 

Asians: Look at my face. Listen to my words. Read my lips.

For this Century to be our Century….. Asia’s Century; we must wean off the nipple of America. We must have the confidence to survive without their trade, technology, culture, currency, values, and institutions. Breast feeding time is over boys. We must pull together and grow up….. and grow up fast.

This Blueprint has mapped out a 60 year plan for the future of Asia. It is only one plan and we invite competing ideas from campus classrooms, business boardrooms, government ministries, policy institutes, political conventions, and coffee shops. Try to leave College with a degree, a spouse, and a 60 year plan for your own future. Good luck. Become a “Blueprint Advocate” But collectively, we must start today to develop a common defense and common security pact. A common currency. Common banking and securities law. Common commercial law and free trade rules. A common control of our nuclear capability. Joint Lock-Down and Joint Deployment. A trans-national investment strategy; a Counter Strike force; and an integrated infrastructure.

Fast Track to Asian Unity 

An All Asia 4 month Visa policy Free trade expansion Immigration opening Common currency UN Security Council (Permanent Seat exchange) Russia and China to jointly relinquish to India and Japan for 5 years. Everyone wins. Nuclear weapons JLJD. (Joint Lockdown; Joint Deployment) All Asia security pact and ODCN. Dollar Creditor Union.

Private defensive “ Counter Strike-Force”

   


Thanks for your time © Denis Braun 2008. Publish parts only with credits Denis Braun Founder

BlueprintAsia Liaison C/O Prisma Armada 釋 迦 集 团 有 限 公 司 No. 1 C, Wisma Jalan Kancil off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 55100 Tel : 603–2144 7628. or 603-2145 7628


2. 3. 4.


I am available to speak at Conferences, Universities. Cabinet meetings. Policy Planning sessions, Seminars, Service clubs, and Trade shows anywhere in the World. Our task is simple. “Keep the wheels on the bus and the train on the tracks”. Contribute and become a spokesperson for us. 2014 Promotion Agenda: Peace Train tour across Asia. Tokyo to Tehran and later in 2016 from Tianjin to Turkey. Contact: [email protected] Skype Name : Megazebo In China: 0086-135 2478-7658 In Kuala Lumpur: 603 2144-7628

Appendix: Added October 2011 Recommendations to the Global Wall Street Movement: Press Release 

Based on our experience at BlueprintAsia, we recommend the following actions.

Set a goal to document your “Occupy” experiences, policies, and reforms into a 60 year Blueprint for the future of your country or continent. Don’t just trash, belittle, and mock the 1%. Instead, promote our plan to rehabilitate them by seeking a commitment to a Vow of Poverty lifestyle for 6-12 months. VOP can cure greed, excess consumption, and materialism. (Page 43) Debate a plan to cut America’s National Debt by 50-60% with a sting on American multi-national corporations and the tens of thousands of super wealthy Americans now surrendering their passports and citizenship to live tax free and debt free abroad. Write or adopt a “fight” song. We use “Rivers of Babylon”. Rivers running near your “Occupation” sites that also hosted G-20 meetings. The Hudson, Potomac, Thames. Humber, and Seine (Paris next month). Our song is on the Blueprint site. Just click the Wall Street Bull video. Become ambassadors to promote our Kitchen Table Peace Process: a 200 year 10 generation struggle that will lead to true WORLD PEACE. (Page 51).

Strategy to reduce America's National Debt of $15,000,000,000,000 by 1/2 

  

Per capita, the debt is $48,000; or $150,000 per family. Interest alone eats nearly $10,000 per family. Reducing the debt by 50% frees up $5000 per family for more services, or less taxes. 15% jobless as corporations dumped America for off shore jobs and higher profits. The strategy is to get America’s corporate welfare bums to eat half the debt. These bums are American multinational firms with factories and assets abroad on which they pay little or no taxes to the US Treasury. They employ 999.9% foreign labor and less than 4000 Americans abroad. Here’s how to do it. 1. Encourage all 30 nations and 20 foreign banks that hold 8 Trillion of this National Debt to organize into a ODCN (Organization of Dollar Creditor Nations). A creditors union. 2. Create an Asian NATO for mutual defense and joint deployment of nuclear weapons if necessary. Once in place and confident, they act. 3. Sell all their American T-bills, bonds, and stocks and put America into technical bankruptcy. Then they seize large US assets and compensate these multi-nationals based on book value or auction recovery. Collectively these factories, oil concessions, mines, banks, malls, housing complexes, hotels, refineries and petro chemical plants, corporate farms and timber tracts can easily cover the 8 Trillion that the top 30 countries and 20 foreign banks hold. Send in the gun-boats or swallow? Absolutely no impact on the common American taxpayer. The 1% bums pay and repent. Treasury calls it a collection of back taxes !!!!. American national debt holders are losers but are the rich 1% and their equity funds, security brokers, and domestic banks,

ODCN China Japan UK OPEC Brazil Taiwan Caribbean States Hong Kong Switzerland Russia Canada Thailand Singapore Luxemburg Germany Turkey India Ireland Belgium Korea Poland Mexico Philippines +20 others


Factories, mines and oil concessions, hotels and resorts, housing complexes, refineries and petro chemical, shopping malls, corporate farms and timber tracts, pipelines, banks and financial services.

What you see is what you pay 

One of the daily pleasures living in China and many other Asian nations is that almost everything is priced and advertised as: What you see is what you pay. The Hotel is advertised at 200 RMB per night. That’s exactly what you pay next morning. That’s it. No provincial tax, state tax, federal tax, tourism surcharge, VAT, service charge, renovation fee, or “harmonized” tax etc. This is the honest way of doing business. No disguise. No deceit. No trickery. It’s the same at the supermarket, car dealership, department store, laundry, movie theatre, fast food outlet, or appliance store. Message to Asian business. Pride yourself in this custom. Consumers really like this honesty. Business in the West has lost any chance of redemption from this seductive business culture that pervades. Everything including gas is $2.99.3, $699.99, $17, 999. And we are so stupid we feel it’s a deal.

Service Tipping 

Also, there is no tipping in this culture and to preserve the service industry to this standard, we must be gracious to servers and service providers. When leaving a restaurant, hotel, bus, aircraft, store, bar, message parlor, laundry, or car park always say:  Thank you for the nice service. or I hope I have the opportunity to return the good service (or favor).  Clap your hands and applaud the kitchen staff, air crew, bus driver, bar hostesses, and front desk staff. I promise they will never forget you !!!!  Petition the movie theatres in your city or town to have a late showing of popular films especially for the service industry that normally finish their jobs about 11:00 or 12:00. Buy booklets of tickets (passes) at discount prices and hand them out when you get special service.

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