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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Social Justice
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Sheffield Fair City Campaign Sheffield Executive Board 12 November 2014

Alan Walker, Chair, Fairness Commission Amanda Pearce, Director, Diva Sharon Squires, Director, Sheffield First 1

Communications about welfare reform

Support to victims Activity Citywide Digital Police and Crime

Explicit commitment to tackle the wider determinants of health

Inclusion grants strategy Commissioner being developed Analysis and distribution of health Domestic Abuse spend on JSNA work Strategic Review Second Food programme implemented Strategy for the city Council looking at being developed how it can increase CCG Equalities Sheffield number of new Continued Action Plan Employability council homes implementation of Programme Worklimits on effective use 20mph Physical health of people of the pupil premium with mental health Fair City Campaign problems and with Progressing Sheffield City Wide Learning Body Group learning disability priority Housing Company priority to improve in CCGBus plans 2014-16 Voluntary communication, Skills Made Easy engagement, andhidden Partnership more Identifying (apprenticeships) of parents carers – strand of equitable distribution elements of the City involvement of bus resources Carers Strategy 2 Deal Restorative Justice Outcomes College commitment that 2.5% of their Work on community employees will be resilience apprentices

What do people know about Inequalities in Sheffield? “Oh my goodness. That’s terrifying.” asked the question:

“That’s crazy, isn’t it?” “On average, a girl born in Ecclesall will live around ten years longer than one born in “YouBurngreave. see that kindWere of thing youbetween aware ofcountries. this? You wouldn’t expect to see that between two different cities or in the same city.” 3

Index of: • Life expectancy • Math & Literacy • Infant mortality • Homicides • Imprisonment • Teenage births • Trust • Obesity • Mental illness – incl. drug & alcohol addiction • Social mobility

Index of health and social problems

Health and social problems are worse in more unequal countries

4 Wilkinson & Pickett, The Spirit Level

37% the public believefraud “most Job of Seekers Allowance peoplewas on 2.6% the dole are ‘fiddling’” in 2013/14



Pensions make up more than third of social security spend

97% of families with one parent out of work and claiming child benefit have 4 or 7 less children

Fairness Commission Recommended A campaign in the city about fairness which has the following aspects: • Inform people • Promote the case for greater fairness • A call to action • Communicate what is being done to change things for the better 8

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