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The upgrading of Gangxia Urban Village RONG Liu CHINA 2013-2-12

Brief description The Location of Shenzhen

• Gangxia urban village located in the centre of the city. It is one of part of CBD.

There are two kinds of people. They are local villagers and migrant workers. Local villagers are 1153. Migrant workers are 67000. • The total floor area is 22 hectares. The total building is 520,000 square kilometers.

About SWOT of gangxia urban village • Strengths: it is located in the center of the city, and is one of part of CBD. Commuting is convenient from here to other working place. • Weakness: it is crowding, messy. Government and public view it as a dangerous and messy place. • Opportunities: since 2004, the government accelerates urban renewal. Gangxia was taken as one of important renewal projects. • Threats: it is difficult to reach an agreement with the local villagers about compensation.

objective • This project is government- oriented. including municipal government and district government. Meanwhile, the real estate developer is one of the important participants. • The general is promoting the function of this area, • The specific objective :providing more office buildings for the CBD, adding the market supply of housing

Activities • To negotiate with the local villager. If the local villagers do not satisfy the compensation, they would not agree to demolish their buildings. District government spent much time on negotiating with the local villagers. • To formulate the urban village renewal planning. It is unexpected that we modified the plan 3 times with the changing of economic and social environment • To look for suitable developer. They can provide enough money for the compensation. On the other hand, they must reach the government's development objective.

Current situation • Nowadays, most of the villagers have accepted the compensation. The old urban village had been demolished in 2012. • The real estate developer has started to implement the urban renewal plan.

Key factors to success • The first is to insist on government-oriented. • The second one is taking the urban village renewal planning as the leading role. • The third one is to bring in market mechanism.

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