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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Labor Law
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Child Labor In Bangladesh

A Little Bit About Bangladesh

Bangladesh Flag

Bangladesh is located in South Asia, surrounding countries are India and Myanmar. The capital is Dhaka.

Abdul Hamid


Child Labor In Bangladesh

From Age 5-14 4.7 million children workers From Age15-17 2.7 million. Age 5-17 7.4 million total Children Workers. All these children work because they need to support their family to survive. Because children need to support their families Child Labour is common in Bangladesh.

Comparing Child Labor In 1800 To Today It was very common to see children in the 1800 working. Bangladesh is also like this today. It is common today they work long hours for little pay out

A recent tragedy in Bangladesh highlights how not much has changed for the factory workers. The building that collapsed in Bangladesh was built without permits. this caused more awareness that retailers should be more aware about there suppliers work conductions Bangladesh is the second largest clothing exporter after china.

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