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January 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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Training & Certification of the Federal Grants Workforce Overview of the Government-wide Efforts of the Grants Policy Committee’s Training & Certification Work Group

National Grants Partnership Webcast Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Training & Certification of the Federal Grants Workforce  Grants Policy Committee (GPC)  Background of the Training & Certification Work Group (T&CWG) Efforts  Coordination with OPM  Ensuring a well trained Grants Management workforce

 Current Focus & Future Plans

GPC Training & Certification Work Group  GPC established the T&CWG to address government-wide issues concerning the Grants Management workforce

 Karen Tiplady, Chair (NSF – since 2009)  Work Group representation: HHS, NIH, HUD, State, DOD, Education, DHS, FEMA, VA, EPA, DOT, NEA, CNS & NSF

Coordination with OPM  Assisted OPM development efforts in two areas: • Competency Model for Grants Management (released September 2009) • Proposed issuance of a new classification series (1109) for the Grants Management workforce − Flysheet drafted / agency comment period closed at the end of June, 2010 − OPM currently drafting responses to comments received as it moves toward finalizing series flysheet for agency implementation

 Continued coordination with OPM on work group’s training and certification efforts

Ensuring a Well-Trained Grants Management Workforce Federal grants management workforce has been characterized by a lack of a standardized structure across the government with insufficient certification and continuous learning requirements, which has led to: • Inconsistent application of government-wide requirements across Federal agencies • Barriers to communication and collaboration between agency grants management professionals • Lack of professional recognition for a highly skilled workforce • Unclear career path for grants management professionals within the Federal government

Current Focus & Future Plans  Current Focus: Preparing a business case that captures the reasoning and benefits of establishing government-wide training and certification  Future Plans: • Refining competencies • Defining career paths • Developing curricula • Delineating the certification process • Coordinating and conducting communications and outreach

Karen Tiplady, Chair Training and Certification Work Group Grants Policy Committee and Director, Division of Grants and Agreements Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management National Science Foundation phone: (703) 292-8210

email: [email protected]

Lori Wiley, Executive Secretary GPC Training & Certification Work Group and Staff Associate, NSF Division of Grants &Agreements phone: (703) 292-8804 email: [email protected]

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