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Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership

Immunization Toronto Public Health November 2013


1. Importance of Immunization 2. Immunization of School Pupils Act 3. Toronto Public Health Services 2

Immunization Immunization has saved more lives than any other health action in the last 50 years. Before vaccines were introduced, smallpox killed millions, nearly 20,000 were paralyzed by polio, and rubella (German measles) caused serious birth defects in about 20,000 newborns.


How vaccines work Vaccines boost your body’s own natural immune system to protect against infection or disease


Importance of Immunization Immunization builds a circle of protection for the community and protects those who are vulnerable.


Importance of Immunization Babies are at greater risk for diseases and complications within the first two years. It is important to protect your baby as soon as possible. 6

Vaccine Safety • Vaccine safety is a top priority world-wide • Immunization is safe • Public Health Units work with the Public Health Agency of Canada to monitor the safety of all vaccines

• Part of our role include monitoring of adverse events (side effects) following immunization 7

Importance of Immunization If we stop immunizing, the diseases will come back. In some cases, these diseases are just a plane ride away.


What is different? Immunization for your child may look very different from when we were vaccinated


Ontario Immunization Schedule


There is an app • Free smart phone app • Records vaccination history • Built-in Ontario immunization schedule • Provides reminders & outbreak notifications • http://www.immunizeontario. ca/ 11

Immunization of School Pupils Act

In Ontario, parents need to show proof of student immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella or valid exemption before attending school 12

New changes coming…. • Effective July 2014, Immunization of School Pupils Act will also include vaccination against: Meningococcal pertussis (whooping cough) varicella (chickenpox)


Immunization Student Assessment • every year, Toronto Public Health assesses over 350,000 students enrolled in 850 schools. • 70,000 students are sent a letter of notice from TPH and about 5,000 students are suspended. • majority of these suspensions last less than five days. 14

Did you get one of these?

Doctors do not report student immunization to us!

Student Assessment Process • TPH sends 3 notices (at 3 week intervals) to parents of students whose immunization records are incomplete • A flyer is enclosed with each mailing, in 26 languages, that reads: “This is an important health message. Take the attached form to someone who can read and write English” • Translations services are available for persons who call our immunization line 16

Notice of suspension • If vaccination information or a valid exemption has not been received by the date on the second notice, a suspension order is mailed to the student’s parent/ guardian • There is an additional three-week period from the mailing of the suspension order to the first day of suspension 17

Additional support • TPH staff calls the families of students who remain non-compliant • Nurses continue to provide support on the first day of suspension, attending each school where ten or more students face suspension • Most students provide the required information by the first day of suspension • A suspension order can last up to 20 days but is rescinded when TPH receives the required information or an exemption has been filed 18

Report vaccination to TPH Parents need to report their school age child’s immunization to us:

• online • by fax • or mail us a photocopy


Report your child’s vaccines

Students who are not up-to-date on their immunizations can be suspended

To Avoid Suspension Toronto Public Health offers: • free immunization clinics* • *need to book an appointment online or call us (interpreters available) • translation of foreign immunization records • translated immunization resources


School Immunization for grade 7

Toronto Public Health offers free hepatitis B (2 doses) and meningococcal* vaccines to Grade 7 students through the schools.

HPV vaccine for girls HPV vaccine prevents some cervical cancers and genital warts. It is free to grade 8 and high school girls (3 doses)


Immunizations for Grade 7 students

Parents of grade 7 & 8 students: • stay informed • sign the consent forms • call us or visit our website for more information • keep a record 24

Immunization records Record is needed for: • day nursery, kindergarten or camp • transferring school to another area • enrolling in college/university programs or work related health field • for emergency health care • travelling to other countries 25


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