Progressive Muscle Relaxation Review Worksheet

March 3, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, European History, Renaissance (1330-1550), Feudalism
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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Name _______________________________________ Mrs. King Period____________ Directions: Write a personal reaction about a progressive muscle relaxation YouTube. Do not use the same one we used in class. Google: progressive muscle relaxation. Make sure the video is about 10 min long or longer. When you find one you like, listen to it. Do not watch the screen. You may start with one, but decide it’s not for you and switch to another one. Find one you like. Then answer the questions below. What was the name of the YouTube Video you listened to at home? _________________________________________________________________________________ What was the url for your web site? ____________________________________________ 1. Have you ever used a muscle relaxation video/ YouTube to calm you down (besides the ones assigned at school)?



2. Did the progressive muscle YouTube help to relieve your stress?


3. Why or why not? ______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Explain why you might not use this technique to help reduce your stress? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Explain why you might use this technique to help reduce your stress? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. What did you like about the audio portion of the YouTube? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What did you dislike about the audio portion of the YouTube? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Keep going…more questions on the back


8. How did you feel after going through the exercise? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Would you use this type of exercise in the future?


10. Why or why not? _________________________________________________________________________________________________

11. How many videos did you listen to before selecting the one you ended up relaxing to?


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