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January 25, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Government
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PR Team:

Heather Goss, Elissa Meisenheimer, Joe McSweeney, Kamillah Hill

Problem   

 

India pesticide gas leak Wafermaker fire Dangerous chemicals used on-site Plant located next to Elementary School Parents and community fearful

Situation Analysis   

 

Good standing in community Silicon wafer manufacturer Company follows safety protocols Many employees live in Oakleaf Excessive media coverage  -Wafermaker

Fire  -India gas leak


For Wafermaker to be perceived as a safely operating plant.

Primary Focus   

  

Parks Elementary School PTO / Parents of Parks’ students Community Employees Media Government Agencies Stockholders / Investors

Objective 1: Parks Elementary School 

To communicate effectively and efficiently with the Parks Elementary school so they are equipped with accurate information regarding the Wafermaker plant's safety procedures.

Objective 1: Strategies 

Strategy 1: Private School Meeting

Strategy 2: Public School Meeting

Strategy 3: Chip’s Video

Strategy 4: Chip’s Art Contest

Objective 2: PTO / Parks Elementary Parents 

To diffuse negative emotion about Wafermaker’s use of chemicals to the parents so they believe Wafermaker is a safely operating plant. Strategy: Luncheon with speech

Objective 3: Community 

To demonstrate safety procedures to the community to alleviate concerns about the plant's impact on Oakleaf. Strategy: Open plant tours

Objective 4: Employees 

  

To inform employees about the consequences of the fire so they support Wafermaker's image of being a safely operating plant. Strategies: Company meetings Complaint avenues

Objective 5: Media 

  

To provide complete information to the media so they accurately report the facts regarding the Wafermaker plant. Strategies: Press Conference Media kit

Objective 6: Government Agencies 

 

To address the plant's use of chemicals to the various government agencies so they reduce anxiety related to the procedures used at Wafermaker. Strategies: City Hall Meeting Media Kit

Objective 7: Stockholders/ Investors 

 

To communicate that Wafermaker is not a high-risk investment to the company's stockholders so that they will maintain their current stock portfolio with the company.

Strategy: Information packet

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